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    Past the Woods Beyond
    Chapter 8: Fingerglow Unlocked
    Colin admitted that he was indeed cowering in fear. He was glad Neptune wasn’t here to see it, but he hid behind a giant rock that Gael had made to protect the injured people. He watched the fight from far away and saw Wesly taking charge as usual. Wesly’s talent was petrifying people. He could turn them into stone with just the touch of their skin. But for some odd reason, it wasn’t working with the beast. Still, with his immaculate fighting skills, he could fend off the beast. But there was something that bothered Colin as he watched the fight. The beast wasn’t trying to hurt the students. It — or rather, she — was only trying to defend herself. How could Colin tell it was a girl? He had no idea. All he knew was that he needed to tell Wesly, and whoever was in charge of the mess of the Nevers, to stop all this. This was all too chaotic. He needed to somehow stop this battle and calm the beast down. But how?
    Colin glanced at the crystal pond and suddenly remembered. The Questing Beast. It was all there in that book he read — Le Morte d’Arthur. Palomides had defeated the beast by wounding it with a lance, then the beast had vanished into a lake which began to boil. Or something along the lines of that. But he didn’t want to kill the beast; he only wanted to tame it. He checked the fight once more. Everyone still seemed to be into the battle. A lot of people were getting wounded, including Wesly, who had risked his life protecting the others. Other than the healers, the only person Colin spotted that wasn’t fighting was the boy in his dreams.
    “What are you doing?” Colin asked, running towards him. The boy looked deep in thought until he glanced up at Colin.
    “I could ask the same of you,” he replied.
    “Well, whatever your name is, I, in fact, know exactly how to defeat this beast,” Colin explained. He was aware that he sounded a bit overconfident, but with these types of people, you didn’t really want them to think badly of you.
    “My name is Andric. And I know how to tame this beast.”
    So the boy in his dream called Andric was already one step ahead of Colin. He already knew how to tame the beast.
    “Wonderful,” Colin muttered under his breath.
    Andric waved his thin arms over the woods and everyone except for him, the beast and Colin, froze suddenly.
    Andric knew that this would calm the beast down. It had required quite a bit of his energy, but once everyone had stopped fighting it, the beast was much easier to control.
    “What the- You can’t just do that!” Colin yelled.
    Andric scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I just did. Now liste-” but apparently, Colin had thought wrong. The beast did want to hurt someone. And that someone was Andric. Colin screamed, his voice cracking every second, as the beast grabbed Andric and hurled him at the trees. Its sharp talons were about to pierce Andric’s thin body, but Colin jumped in front of the boy and bellowed, “Why does it have to be like this, man? Why can’t you just leave us alone? We did nothing to you!” Colin yelled at the top of his lungs.
    The beast stopped and eyed Colin thoughtfully. It left Andric alone, as Colin asked, and for the first time in centuries, there was fear in Andric’s face. He looked like that same innocent boy, scared that his papa would leave him. Scared that everything would be lost. Scared when he was left alone with no one.
    Colin had saved his life, and Andric didn’t even know how. He noticed that Colin’s finger was glowing gold. Like Queen Agatha and King Tedros, he thought.
    Colin pointed his finger at the beast and something unexpected happened. It twisted and turned, shrinking and shifting, until an innocent girl with shoulder-length blonde hair who was crying, both angry and sad tears, went and hugged Colin.
    “Abigail?” Colin had asked. “What happened to you?” His face was flushed, cheeks turning pink as Abigail let go of him, keeping her hands on his shoulder.
    “I-I was trying to find the forest group leaders and a-a S-Soul-eater,” Abigail stammered, falling to her knees. Colin bent down with her. Andric was still behind them, watching everything that happened with cool, calculating eyes.
    “A Soul-eater? Tell me,” he said gently.
    “She attacked me. And she tried to take my soul. When I didn’t let her, she turned me into a beast,” Abigail explained, voice trembling.
    Colin asked, “How-” but Andric interrupted.
    “The Soul-eater. She wants to kill me. She turned you into a beast because she was after me,” Andric explained.
    Abigail widened her eyes in shock. “Did I try to kill you? I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” she ran over to Andric checking to see if he was all right, but he put his hand out and shook his head. “It wasn’t you. The Soul-eater was controlling you. You probably weren’t conscious. But how did you manage to stop it from eating your soul?”
    Abigail shrugged. “If I’m being honest, I don’t entirely remember.”
    “Hey, give the girl some credit. She’s pretty strong. She probably resisted the soul-eating stuff,” Colin added. “Oh, and um, Andric? I think you forgot to undo your freezing spell.”
    Andric checked the students behind him in mid-scream, some frozen in mid-air. “Forgot? Or just left them there on purpose.” He waved his arms again and a wave of screams blasted in their ears until the students found that nothing was there.
    “Er, what just happened?” Mel asked, clearly confused.
    “Did the creature just poof away?” Lola added.
    “Hmm, appears so,” said Lauren, sitting down. “My guess is that this was a test from the teachers to see how well we worked together.”
    “A test where people got injured?” Mel asked.
    Lauren nodded. “Well, not the Good professors. I bet it was Dean Moreau’s idea. She loves these sorts of tests.”
    Tash nodded in agreement, saying, “Dean Moreau will always be my favourite.”
    Andric, Colin and Abigail glanced at each other, knowing fully in detail what had actually happened. But there was also someone else who saw it all. The person glanced down at everything happening from their tower. They chuckled, smiling behind their mask. It was the School Master…
    I finally found good days to post this – Tuesdays and Thursdays (maybe some time on Saturday or Sunday)
    Sorry if you wanted me to post every day. I’m very busy right now. Again, I apologize.
    Tag list:
    @LAUREN813 – Creator of Lauren
    @DAVYSMAVY – Creator of David
    @CATTYROSE – Creator of Tash
    @YAY5681 – Creator of Melody
    @2IYCRB2QAWUTOB – Creator of Abigail and Kaiden
    @EMERSONCOLIN – Creator of Darcia and Gally
    @LUNALOVEGOODFAN – Creator of Claire
    @LSOLIVEN – Creator of Alyvia-Laurell
    @MRFORKLE4-0 – Creator of Wesly
    @RARIPLAYZ – Creator of Angie
    @ZEE110 – Creator of Evanna
    @BLAZE5681 – Creator of Conan
    @LYNXDRAGON67 – Creator of Myrtle
    @CHLOELK – Creator of Gypsy
    @EVERNEVERACADEMY – Creator of Gael
    @STELLAAAZ – Creator of Lola
    @JAFARISTHEBEST – Creator of May
    @LALAGIZA – Creator of Narcissa
    (Sorry, I am not accepting any more bios, unless it’s for a small side character for the later chapters)

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