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    shan posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 8 months ago

    hello i need a princess a witch a man who can morph into a crow and 3henchmens on my chapter 2

        shan replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        next week i will write it

          shan replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          And 2everboys also

        flaw replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        Well, I personally don’t know what my character is but you can definitely use her 😉
        Name ~ Mist
        Age ~ 13
        Parent ~ Jafar
        School ~ Evil but she is actually Good
        Gender ~ Girl
        Appearance ~ Wears a dark red leather vest, a black shirt threaded with gold, ripped black pants with a gold stripe on the side that looks like a snake, black leather combat boots that lace up to her knees, a gold necklace with a lamp pendant, gold bracelets up and down her arms, double pierced ears, almond shaped grey eyes, long black hair with red streaks in a tight braid (like Lady Lesso), a scar on her left cheek that, oddly enough, makes her kind of pretty, tall, and tan Arabian skin tinted red
        Personality ~ Doesn’t want to be Evil, kind, smart, creative, brave, keeps to herself, doesn’t like to be noticed, hates social activities, doesn’t care about consequences, hates to use her talent or dark magic, bluntly honest, sarcastic, strong both physically and mentally, seems to be sad but hides it, sees the world as it is without being naive, quick to violence, when faced with a life-or-death situation she is usually level headed, sticks to reason, can take care of herself, and at the end of everything, she just wants to make her dad proud
        Fingerglow ~ Blood red
        Talent ~ Has the ability to manipulate shadows, conjure illusions, and give the illusion of pain. She also possess a few magical abilities from her father
        Flaw ~ If someone calls her a coward or failure, she will do anything to prove them wrong, no matter what
        Weapons ~ A gold bow staff that magically shrinks into a ring, two small daggers hidden in her vest, and a slightly larger dagger in her boot
        Backstory ~ Doesn’t want to revisit old punishments from Jafar
        Hobbies ~ Training with her bow staff and knives, reading, daydreaming, and being alone
        Pet ~ A black wolf that stands to about her shoulders has a red streak on its head. Fiercely loyal to Mist

          shan replied 3 years, 8 months ago


        iceflower322 replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        You can use one of my bios if you want. I have an Evergirl and a Nevergirl. I could paste one here or you can read them @iceflower322 (but you might have to scroll down a bit.)

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        Hmmm…. sounds like you are doing something related to Maleficent! Well, I have three characters that are her children, you can have one of their bios.

        Moonshine’s bio

        Name: Moonshine of the Enchanted Isles
        Age: 12
        Gender: female
        School: Good
        Fairytale Parents/ Reader: she used to think she was a Reader, but later found out she was one of Malificent’s daughters
        Personality: shy, smart, keeps to herself, defending of her few friends and siblings, definitely not a princessy girl
        Appearance: medium-long purple-gray hair, crystal blue eyes, pale, pale, light skin, no freckles, large raven-like wings that only her brother and sister know about, black horns when in the presence of Evil
        Clothes: when not wearing a uniform, a dark colored dress, and dark violet hooded cloak to cover her wings, and occasionally, horns, and a necklace with a silver crescent moon
        Talent: seeing the future
        Flaws: her talent currently is very hard to understand, and she runs away from the chance of making friends, afraid they will betray her (I got the last flaw from the movie Malificent, when, SPOLIER ALERT, King Stephan betrays Malificent)
        Backstory: she thought she was raised as a single child, in a non-enchanted village. (no, not Gavldon) She grew up only with her adopted mother and father, she didn’t even have friends. She tried to go to school once for kindergarten, but no one was nice to her, not even the teachers. So she was homeschooled. Her village never had anyone kidnapped, but I guess Moonshine was an exception……
        Other: she, her brother, and her sister were born as triplets and she is two seconds older than them. Also, although she is “of the Enchanted Isles, that is not the name of her village, but the name of where she was born

        espilce replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        Here is one
        Name – Romain
        Gender – boys
        Age – 14
        School – Evil
        Fairy tale lineage – Aimée from Aurore and Aimée
        Personality – is a bit cruel and impulsive. He is told he is smart, but can’t think fast. He attacks fast and can’t control his anger. Although he does well in school he knows he won’t be the best and probably be a henchman, but still try to really well in school.
        Finger glow – emerald green
        Talent – he can munipulate other people’s speed by making them eather faster or slower.

        dragonfly replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        I’m new so I might not be as good as the others but if you want you can use this bio for your 3 henchmen, they are brothers and sisters

        Reveka’s bio

        Name: Reveka
        Gender: Girl
        Age: 16
        Wears: Black and white striped shirt, jeans and tennis shoes
        External traits: Brown hair in a bob, pink lips, and green eyes
        pets: none
        parents: unknown
        History: Parents died in war when she was very young. She was always accused of lying at the orphanage she was put in.Sold to evil mastermind

        Victora’s bio

        Name: Victora
        Gender: girl
        Age: 15
        Pets: None
        External traits: Blonde hair,brown eyes, and purple lips
        Wears: Purple boots,purple skirt and button up top
        History: parents died in war, lived with her sister and brother until the orphanage found them. Sold to evil master who needed slaves
        Crush: Duke Jennings

        Jonas’s bio

        Name: Jonas
        Age: 15
        Pets: None
        Wears: Black pants and black shirt, tennis shoes
        History: Parents died in war. Lived in orphanage most of life until sold to evil master

        Hope you liked it *wink*

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