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    sharpwitch posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Hi guys I have part 2 up and I will be tagging anyone that has their characters in my story and If you ask of course, @hannah2505 and if you haven’t read my other parts you can read them if you want to @sharpwitch
    Chapter 3 Part 2
    Pearls POV
    The castle had a warm feeling about it, statues of a true loves kiss or princes and princesses getting married and cupids shooting arrows. The only negative thing about it was that everyone stared at you and judged the way you look. But this wasn’t a problem for Pearl since she was one of the prettiest girls in the castle, most of the other girls though admired her like she was a plastic doll, but jealousy would get the best of them once the princes arrived.
    I pranced down the hall looking at paintings of ever after and true love. I spun too see fairies flying towards me. They dropped something in my arms, my arms sunk under the weight of a dozen school books. I placed the books down to look what was underneath them, a frilled pink dress slid beneath my fingers, soft as a cloud. The dress had matching glass heels, with the heels about 6 inch tall. I had to find a place to put this on. That’s when I noticed the giant statue of a princess come queen surrounded by flowers and plants. I ducked behind and shoved on the pink mess, including the heels. They fitted perfectly. I picked up a piece of paper on the books and read it PEARL OF CRYSTAL BEACH underneath that had my schedule and just underneath it had PURITY 51 and that was that her new room was set. I strutted down the hall like a fashionista, my bag hung of my right shoulder and my hair rested on the left. I walked down the hall like a boss, most girls stared at me in astonishment. I just smiled and kept on walking. I found my room in purity tower and swung open the door, two girls were already in there, chatting away. They both stopped and stared at me, now I could see their faces. One had dark medium length brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes and a small nose. The other had long blonde hair, green eyes, slightly tan skin and a button nose. They both started giggling.
    “Hi I’m Lexie” said the blonde, and this is Mia, pointing to the brown haired girl.
    “Well I’m Pearl” I commented. Nice to meet you.
    I sat down on one of the beds and started humming. My glowed gold and I stopped. The girls were staring at me in amazement. I giggled.
    “Its nothing, I can do a lot more” I smiled.
    I felt that this year was going to be great.

        espilce replied 5 years ago

        I liked how you wrote your story

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