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    sharpwitch posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Lost this a while ago
    So I did it again
    Name. Thorn
    Age. 14
    School. Evil
    Personality. Evil very evil
    Appearance. Medium length hair that waves at the front. Tan skin. Dark green eyes.
    Magic colour. Green
    Clothes. Never girl uniform (she finds it highly itchy)
    Weapons. Spears and dark magic
    Parents. Mother: witch of the woods (no father)
    Life before SGE. She was the weird type that had no friends she liked to torture people, she was moved to the orphanage until she ran away into the woods until she found a black cottage that was marked the witch of the woods
    Talent. Can erase memories and is good at breaking hearts
    Hates. Animals (mostly birds) and boys
    Pet. No way
    House. Cottage made of Candy

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