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    sharpwitch posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 11 months ago

    Chapter 4
    Savannah’s POV
    I decided to take a walk before the welcoming to take a look around. My mother, Anadil had showed and told me so much about the school and when she went, but so much had changed when Anadil was at school, when Sophie became dean she changed the school to a good version of evil and my mother hated it. I swung my head up, I was about to run into Dean Sophie’s statue. I was so stuck on thinking about my mother I hadn’t been looking where I was going. I walked down the stairs and into a small room. The room had a horrible stench in the air but I didn’t seem to mind since it smelled like home. My boots clacked on the marble floor, light peeked through gaps in the wall. I looked up at the wall.
    “The old way to halfway bridge, hey” I whispered.
    The wall was boarded up with wooden planks by Dean Sophie’s orders but I looked closely and I saw the old writing “NO STUDENTS”.
    I heard a screech echo in the room, I turned my head and saw a fully grown stymph start walking torwards me, lifting its wings with anger.
    “Oh no” I gasp.
    Stymphs hated villains and would tear one to shreds if they could. But this stymph looked weak but it could still rip me in half.
    “Good stymph, Good stymph” I cooed. The stymph started walking faster as I started backing up faster.
    I heard feet on the marble floor and I turned.
    “There you are Savannah, we’ve been looking……..”Thorn stopped short staring at the beast in front of me.
    “Thorn you shouldn’t be here” I whispered to her.
    “Savannah come to me slowly” she shuddered.
    Too late the stymph grabbed us both by the collars and up into the air. The collar of my dress dug into my neck and I struggled to breath. Beside me I heard Thorn gasp for air.
    The stymph dove through the “NO STUDENTS” wall missing the wooden planks. We came to halfway bridge, I felt dizzy looking down below. The stymph’s tail burst in flames and it roared with agony. Me and Thorn turned our heads to see three large gargoyles chasing us. We looked at each other, panicked looks on our faces. Now the wave that keeps Nevers from good started rising out of goods moat. The stymph was almost covered in fire now and the fire had run down to our robes and was starting to burn our skin. Me and Thorn started screaming in ultimate pain, the flames catching on our hair. By now the gargoyles had turned the burning stymph in the direction of the school for good, the wave catching up to us. I turned to Thorn, her shoulders, neck and chest scorched and her chestnut, medium length hair burnt to a bob. Her head hung on her shoulder, her eyes closed tight. I screamed so loud the whole earth probably heard me.
    “NO THORN PLEASE” I struggled to scream with my burnt cheeks. THORN PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD.
    My best friend was probably dead and I was about to die and it was all my fault…..

        espilce replied 4 years, 11 months ago


        mel399 replied 4 years, 11 months ago

        3 words: deep, dramatic, and awesome!

        sharpwitch replied 4 years, 11 months ago

        OMG THX GUYS @mel399 @espilce

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 11 months ago


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