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    Blood For Blood Bios
    Name: Kristian Nikolai Dragomir, named after his great, great, great-grandfather, who was another great vampire-slayer from generations before, and an inspirational icon for young vampire hunters everywhere.
    Nickname: Kristian has had lots of nicknames throughout his life, most of which have not been so complementary. But with close friends, he sometimes uses the shortened version of his name, which is, ‘Kris’.
    Gender: Kristian is a male human, with mixed blood. His father, Theodor, was a vampire hunter, while his mother, Andrea, is a regular, American woman. She was aware of her husband’s occupation before his death, and wants to prepare Kristian for his own future as a vampire-slayer by sending him to the Bloodwood Academy of Vampire Hunting. Also, the Dragomir’s have a reputation for only having sons, meaning that their family name has been carried down for generations, and Kristian is proud to bear it. Despite only finding out about his heritage only a few months ago…
    Age: He is already seventeen years old, but Kristian can sometimes act like a child due to his mischievous nature and love for the wild side.
    Birthday: Kris’ birthday is on the 6th of November, and turned seventeen before his first year at the academy. All students have to have come of age prior to their attendance, and will continue for two years, until they are nineteen.
    School: He previously attended the Ark Crescent High in North America, but with the discovery of his vampire-slayer heritage, he was invited to attend the Bloodwood Academy of Vampire Hunting.
    Blood Ancestor: His blood ancestor is Nikolai Dragomir, a lesser known vampire hunter amongst ‘normals’. However, that doesn’t mean that he was any less dangerous. The original Dragomir was a master of stealth, slaying vampires before they even knew he was there.
    Blood Type: Kristian has a relatively common blood type: A-positive. His father carried the same blood type, and while it was not incredibly rare, it still saw his demise. A vampire tried to turn Kris’ dad, but the bloodsucker was inexperienced, and only managed to drain his victim of blood. Kristian’s mother, on the other hand, has O-positive, the most common type. She is at no risk of being turned, but she can still be seen as a tasty snack for vampires.
    Ethnicity: His father was born in Barcelona, but upon his coming of age, went to the academy in Romania. After that, he lived there until he was twenty-five, before moving to North America. Andrea was brought up in Orlando, and was American all the way. They met in New York, before settling down in Ark Crescent, a small town near the Canadian border. From this, Kristian considers himself to be mainly American, but also Romanian and Spanish.
    Appearance: Kristian has skin that is a slightly tanned, wheat-like colour. It is like a very, very light brown, but it isn’t too pale either. The colour comes from the mix of his mother’s fallow skin and his father’s creamy tones. His parents aren’t mixed race, and are both Caucasian, but Kristian’s skin is a lovely fawn colour. This is because he spends a lot of time outside, and goes to the gym weekly, giving his skin a healthy sheen. He is rather tall, though not too much so, and is around 5’9”. He is thin and athletic, with a muscular upper body and torso. His muscles can be seen through his clothing, but are not too apparent. He trained at the local gym for all of the sport events at his previous high school, and also goes for regular jogs up the hill at the end of his street. His physical strength should never be underrated, and he can quite easily incapacitate someone if needed. His ****** bone structure is nearly perfect, and he has a lean and angular jawline. His cheekbones are well defined, giving his face are rather dashing shape. Kristian has a Roman nose, with a medium profile and aquiline shape. He previously had a nose piercing, that he now regrets, which left behind a faint scar on his left nasal wing-tip from when the hole closed up. His eyebrows, while they’ve never been trimmed or threaded, are a good shape and a darkish colour. They frame his face quite nicely, and make his eyes stand out. They are evenly separated, with soft lines that have been indented into his skin from constantly smiling. Kris’ irises are a soft, cheerful, mahogany brown. They’re prone to sparkling when he grins, something that makes people can’t help but love him. As for his lips, the upper is spare while the bottom is full. They’re a colour that seems to blend a light blush with fawn, and are always pulled apart into his trademark smirk. He has a tiny mole just to the left of his philtrum, that is shaped like a miniature asterisk. It isn’t very noticeable, but the fact that it’s there individualises him from his father, who had a very similar face. Kristian’s hair is a very dark brown, verging on black. It’s quite like umber, with metallic undertones. He has it cropped shortly, with it shaved on the left and longer on the right. (If you guys use Episode, it looks like the Messy Faux Hawk on the male avatar.) He occasionally likes to run his hand through it, giving his locks a ‘stylishly unstyled’ look. Kristian is very good looking, but prefers to draw attention to himself through other means, like his humour and charm.
    Personality: Kristian is very sarcastic and uses humour as a way of getting through tough times. He has a very positive attitude to life in general, and is always up for anything. Even when he has no idea about what he’s doing, Kris will give it his best shot. Jokes are his way of making friends, but he also likes to tease these newfound friends and make smart comments. When you’re feeling sad, Kristian is the boy to go to. He is very loyal, and will do whatever it takes to make a friend feel better. His heart is very pure, and he’ll always try to work towards the greater good. His charm also makes his very popular amongst both girls and boys, but he has his reserved for a very special girl with a fiery soul.
    Talents/Skills: His smooth voice has aided him throughout his life, both normal and vampire-slayer. Back in junior, middle and senior school, he was very good at public speaking and making speeches. He was an excellent mediator of arguments, too, and could persuade people to make amends. His skill at speaking can make anyone do anything, but he never takes advantage of people using it. Kris is also very avid boxer, and while he isn’t a heavyweight, he can certainly pack a punch. His upper body strength has developed immensely from his practice, and has also made him a very deadly opponent in hand to hand combat.
    Weapon of Choice: While Kristian is excellent when it comes to boxing or hand to hand combat, he is also skilled at using several different types of weapons due to the variety of training styles at the Bloodwood Academy for Vampire Hunters. Nevertheless, he does have a favourite weapon, which is also his best; a Harpe, an ancient sword from Greek Mythology. While the tip of the sword acts like a normal weapon, it can also be used as a dangerous stake, bringing a fully grown vampire to its knees. The small hook along the side is also incredible useful in the profession of vampire-slaying, as it makes killing a vampire much, much easier. You see, to kill a vampire…(WARNING! GORY STUFF AHEAD!)…You have to cut out its heart. That way, the fortified blood of the victim is no longer pumped in its body, and loses strength. The hook of Kris’ Harpe means that when he stabs the vampire through its heart, when he pulls out his sword, the heart will come out too, instantly slaying the bloodsucker. Kristian may act like a joker with his friends, but when it comes to vampire hunting, it’s hard to find someone more deadly than him, as well as someone with a better reason for slaying vampires.
    Clothing: The male uniform for students at the Bloodwood Academy of Vampire Hunting consists of a white, short sleeved, mesh panelled top, a pair of black, fleece, slim-fit jogging pants, a grey, camouflage, hooded running jacket, an obsidian, French terry, graphic training hoodie (when required), a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce Mid Premium in black and grey, and a black, cotton, adjustable school cap. Kristian can be regularly found in this attire, and rather likes the school uniform as it accents his athletic physique. However, out of training/school hours, Kris usually wears something along the lines of a white, curved, longline t-shirt, a pair of black, ripped-at-the-knee skinny, denim jeans, a salmon pink, drop top, pullover hoodie, and a pair of Adidas Black Mesh Tubular Radial Shoes.
    Flaw/s: Kristian may seem like the perfect guy on the outside, but inside, he is harbouring many different fears. He is scared of being judged and laughed at over his inexperience in the vampire hunter world, and tries his very hardest to fit in and laugh at his mistakes. But he’s also afraid of confrontation, and while he wants to prove himself, he’s afraid of what he’ll have to turn into in order to have the courage to face, and kill, a vampire. As a way to hide his insecurities, Kristian is also a massive flirt, but only with the people who have caught his attention. Though, it does take a lot for a girl to impress him, as Kris’ always compares girls to his mother who is the strongest woman he’s ever know. But when he does like someone, Kristian flirts like there’s no tomorrow, just hoping that they might love him back.
    Backstory: A little over thirteen years ago, Theodor Dragomir traveled to New York for a change of scenery. The big city appealed to him, but little did he know that he’d find so much more than just skyscrapers. Andrea Williams, a twenty-three year old with big dreams, arrived at the same hotel Theodor was staying at, ready for the adventure that she met in the mysterious man the room across from her. After spending just two weeks together, the pair knew that they were very much in love. After working in the Big Apple for a couple more years, they bought a house in Ark Crescent, and settled down to raise their family. But Andrea didn’t know that her husband lived in an entirely different world, full of danger and vampires. After giving birth to her first son, Kristian, she could see the way Theodor treated him, almost as if training him. When her next child, another boy, Rylen, was born, she again saw the training and rewarding from her husband. But just when she was at her most curious, her husband left for a ‘business trip’, telling his wife he’d be back as soon as possible. But he never came back, his body drained of blood and left by a roadside. The result of a failed changing. Yet Theodor had prepared for his own death, and left a detailed note for Andrea, who was shocked to find out about her husband’s past. She raised her children just as he had instructed, giving them love and care as they grew. And while she hadn’t told them about their father’s heritage, she always made sure that when they came of age, they would be ready. Kristian, who grew up to be a strong-willed, handsome young man, was the first to reach seventeen. Only then, his mother was able to tell him everything; who his father had been, what happened to him…but mainly, who Kristian himself was. Shocked, Kris started to worry about what was now expected of him, but still wanted to prove himself. He acted confident and full of swagger, accepting the letter that came from the Bloodwood Academy of Vampire Hunting. He was strong, and wanted to do well. He would do well. So Kris worked his way to the top, determined to live up to his great, great, great-grandfather’s name, as well as his father’s. He is a Dragomir, and while an inexperienced one, he’s still a very dangerous person to mess with. But on the inside, Kristian cares deeply about the people around him, and would never do anything to hurt them, even if it means missing his own opportunities. Kind but a force to be reckoned with, Kristian is prepared for what he might face, and especially who he must face.
    Hi guys! Here’s the second bio for my new story Blood for Blood. I’ve returned from my holiday, and am currently suffering from a terrible case of jet lag…I woke up at one o’clock in the afternoon here! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, and the prologue for this story and the next chapter of Life’s Symphony will be coming your way soon. Peace out!

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        He’s interesting. Can’t wait for the story to starts.

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          Love it!!!

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