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    shawnmendesfan posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 5 months ago

    Life’s Symphony
    Chapter Eight:
    My hands were clasped tightly together as I walked back towards the beach, bare feet sinking into the soft sand. A soft breeze was starting up, chilling my skin and whipping my hair. Lils strolled next to me, dressed in a deep blue bikini that she had bought on a shopping trip with me about a year ago. Her slim frame made her look tall and majestic, the swimsuit working on all angles. I was a little self-conscious of my bare back and low cut front, but Lilly had assured me that I looked, “Hotter than h*ll”, as she’d so politely put it. She’d also helped me fix my loose hair into a low ponytail, with a few strands falling on either side of my face. As I’d looked into the foggy mirror in the change rooms, I’d thought I had looked different.
    Stronger, more sure of myself.
    It had been surprising, but not badly so. My eyes were cloudy, swirling with that strange mix of colours I’d gotten from my dad. But they were sharp, staring at the person I had become. As we walked back from the change rooms, Lilly was constantly shifting her eyes from me to the ocean. Her lips were lopsided, pulled apart in a knowing smile. She was my best friend, my other half, and she must have known what I was thinking. The rest of our group were splashing around in the waves, water spraying. I smiled, recognising the faint outline of Jake in the sunset. He waved, droplets falling as he shook his russet hair. My heart did a strange double-thump, something that I’d come to associate with him. He grinned, wading towards Lils and I. We were nearing the shore, soft waves lapping at our feet. I’d left my backpack at the picnic bench, my clothes and boots folded neatly inside. But I’d left something else back there too, releasing myself from the bonds of fear;
    My inhibitions.
    The water was slightly warm, swirling around me as I waded into it. My toes brushed against the sand beneath me, and I could feel it gradually getting deeper. By now, the sun was nearly set, casting an array of pinks, reds and yellows across the open, cloudless sky. The majority of the band/group were gathered a little way out, so Lils, Jake and I had to walk, and then later, swim, to reach them. From where we were, it looked like they were playing with a beach ball, as we could see a flying, colourful object sailing from member to member. “The guys are playing some game Tyler came up with.” Jake nodded towards the group. Now, I could see some kind of pattern forming between passes, but I still couldn’t entirely tell what was going on. Lilly was on my right, smiling as always. “Looks like a mad house over there!” She said, smirking. Jake looked at her and I, shrugging but smiling, “Like I said, Tyler was the one who started it.”
    “Gee, what kind of throw was that?”
    “Says you!” I laughed, looking at Lilly. She had never enjoyed a ball sport a day in her life. For Lils, the only important sports where martial arts and dancing, the latter of which is arguably a sport at all. Lilly snickered back, though soon, her laugh grew different. Softer, more sweet, if possible. I could tell the subject of her amusement had changed.
    And I knew exactly what it now was.
    As soon as we’d reached Jake, he had taken my hand. Even now, just beneath the water, our hands were still entwined. His grip seemed strong, yet soft, at the same time. Protective. I smiled at him, looking at him right in his blue eyes. They were a little darker than usual, more like Egyptian blue than azure. I could see the reflection of the waves lapping in his eyes, the dark red of the setting sun above them. He smiled back, shifting so that he was a just little bit closer to me. I heard Lilly cough not very subtly, and whipped my head around to roll my eyes at her. “Come on, Lils.” Jake laughed, shaking his head, “What’s the problem?” He moved even closer so that his forearm was against mine, strong and muscular. “See! This ‘touching’ thing you guys are doing…I can’t help it! It’s so cute!” Lils guffawed, bending over with laughter. I blushed, but didn’t move. Neither did Jake. In fact, he took his hand from mine and wrapped it around my shoulder, pulling me into his chest. My face was just below his, my arms tightly around his waist. I gasped, he’d gotten close so quickly. And I didn’t mind. Bringing my fingers to his cheekbones, I tilted my head towards his face. Lilly stopped laughing, yet it wasn’t because she was disgusted, or unnerved. It was something else, and as I finally brought my lips to his right in front of her, I realised that it was pride.
    Long after the sun had set, and the intriguing game of “Beach Ball Balance” had ended, Jake and I stood waist-deep in the water, the first stars appearing above us. Unlike other children, I’d always loved the night. I had never been afraid of the dark, and instead welcomed it and enjoyed it. Jake’s arms were around my waist, holding me to him. His eyes were set on mine, his face kind and sincere. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, giving me that small smile of his. I bit my lip, a little shy. He’d called me that before, but once again, it felt different. Everything did tonight. Something had changed, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Jake moved one of his hands to the side of my face, cradling it in his palm. “Harper, is this – are we…” He stuttered, but there was hope in his voice. Smiling, I hung my arms around his neck, bringing my face closer to his. My lips brushed the side of his jaw, my eyes closed against his warm skin. “Yes, Jake. We are.” But just as I was about to kiss him, a familiar voice rang out through the night, calling my name.
    And ever so slowly, the hands I’d curled into Jake’s hair turned into fists.
    Heya guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself…I’m just a sucker for romance! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, hopefully I can bust out some more writing soon, but I’m not sure…school’s been a little crazy recently. But for now, happy writing and peace out!❤️

        itsmejazzy replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Amazing chapter!! 🙂

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Very well written, I love it!

        emmal replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tag me! I’m a sucker for romance too. *dreamy sigh*

          schuyleringrids replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          AHHHHHHHH! Its so gooooooood!

        smartcleverbunny560 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        I love romance!! You write it really great!! I feel like the voice who called out was either two people.. I’m just going to put the first letter of what Harper calls them by. T or D.. I don’t know which one… I love it!! Great job!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

        fsa161 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        That was amazing!!! Great job! 🙂

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