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    shawnmendesfan posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Heya everyone! Not sure how many of you are fans of Star Wars, but after watching the epic new movie and playing lots of SWtOR, I came up with these two bios for a pair of characters from the Old Republic. Hope you like them, and I promise that there’ll be a chapter of Blood for Blood out soon! Xx
    Bio #1
    – Name: Tanaris Hailyn Keikodi
    – Gender: Female
    – Age: Seventeen
    – Era: The Old Republic
    – Occupation: Courier/Smuggler
    – Species: Zeltron, a near-Human species, made physically distinctive by their skin which comes in different shades of red, ranging from light pink to maroon, and hair which can be either red or blue.
    – Allegiance: Republic, but Tanaris likes to think that she answers to no one. It just so happens to be that her ideals usually align with the Republic’s.
    – Birthplace: Tanaris was born on Corellia, a planet located in the galaxy’s Core Worlds, known for its ace pilots and large starships. A founding member of the Galactic Republic, Corellia is one of the most vibrant business centers in the galaxy, and of the highest strategic importance. Besides being the hub for galactic corporate enterprise and maintaining a vocal presence in the Senate, Corellia is also the birthplace of many Republic economic, political, and military leaders. While Coruscant is a symbol of Republic power and tradition, Corellia is a testament to the Republic’s resourcefulness and respect for personal and economic freedom. Corellia’s capital, Coronet City, where Tanaris was raised, is a model of efficient industry blended with environmental aesthetics. Determined to maintain their world’s beauty and individuality, Corellians protected large swaths of parkland in the city’s heart. Underneath this sophisticated façade though, an atmosphere of corruption lies just beneath the surface. Corporate influence has always driven Corellian political policy, and most Corellians accept this as fair bargain for the freedoms and economic prosperity it affords. Despite their appreciation for a lax legal system, Corellians are also known to be staunchly loyal to the Republic. Tanaris shares this belief, and while her main interest is in making the most credits, she still has a soft spot for the Republic.
    – Appearance: Tanaris, as a Zeltron, has skin that is a fair, rose pink, an alluring colour. It’s virtually perfect, with no scars or wounds – unusual, considering the trouble she constantly seems to find herself in. However, she does have several small, darker pink freckles spread across her cheeks and forearms, but those distinguish her easily amongst Zeltrons, making her even more unforgettable. Tanaris is fairly tall, around 5’7″, and is muscular without being too stocky. She is slim, with a tight waist and visible curves. Her body allows her to get her way most of the time, but when that fails, her strength and athleticism always get the job done. She has a strong upper body and firm grip, good for handling a blaster, though her fingers can relax when she wants them to. Tanaris’ face is an oval, almost heart shape. She has strong cheekbones and a regal face, held to the side in a cheeky manner. Her nose is defined and perky with a small profile, turning the slightest bit upwards at the end. With pouty, full lips turned upwards in her trademark simper, Tanaris has the ability to turn heads with a simple smile. Her eyes are framed by naturally long, luscious eyelashes that tickle her cheeks. They border eyes that are both intense and irresistible, with irises that are a deep, earthy green. They may seem to change colours like a kaleidoscope depending on her mood, shifting from green to brown to black. But they’re really green, though only visible when she’s truly happy. Tanaris has hair that is a dark, shimmering midnight blue, rippling and cascading down to her waist. She usually wears it in a single, long braid that falls behind her, though on special occasions, she wears it in elaborate hairstyles, with twists, braids and intricate headdresses. Everything about Tanaris draws people in, including the potent pheromones her skin produces, similar to the Falleen species, which further enhances her attractiveness and likeability. Though, in truth, it’s not like she exactly needs them, and prefers not to use chemicals to attract others. She’s incredibly beautiful, but there’s more to Tanaris than meets the eye.
    – Personality: Headstrong and courageous, Tanaris has a bubbly and positive personality. She’s inviting, open and friendly, naturally drawing people in. With a keen smile, she works hard to achieve her goals, no matter how long that may take. She isn’t concerned about timelines or things that may potentially go wrong, preferring to focus on the positive things. Tanaris is affectionate, imaginative and cooperative, being able to work well with others and be aware of their needs. She’s a little prone to self-sacrificing and feeling the need to be a martyr, even when it’s not required. She just wants to help others, even if she can be a little dysfunctional. Bold and inquisitive, she desires to live life to the fullest and experience everything, no matter what the consequences may be. She longs for a life of adventure, and will risk everything to achieve that.
    – Flaws: Tanaris may be brave, but she certainly isn’t without fault. She’s audacious; recklessly bold and defiant. She hates having to follow rules and listen to others, preferring to make the rules. Tanaris can also be disobedient and cheeky, making snide comments and always talking back. She will always have the last word, and has to put in her two credits. She’s also jealous and envious of others, and always wants to be the centre of attention. Tanaris is also a massive flirt, both down to her time as a dancer and her personality. She’s quite the tease, and can be a bit of a minx. Despite all her flaws, Tanaris tried her hardest to be a good, honourable person. But everyone has their quirks, and Tanaris always expects those around her to be imperfect.
    – Force-Sensitivity: She is not force-sensitive, and prefers a good old fashioned blaster to Force powers. However, Tanaris does display several abilities that can be seen in Force-sensitive youths – she is able to convince those around her, enemy or not, into doing almost anything. Using her charm, guile and wit, she can influence an outsider’s decision, almost up to the point where she can completely control them. Tanaris also has incredibly fast reflexes, being able to move considerably faster than the average mercenary. Another Force-sensitive trait she displays is increased empathy, and she is able to tell how those around her are feeling and how to help them. These abilities are very rarely shown in someone who is not Force-sensitive, but Tanaris is very unique, in more ways than one.
    – Outfit: As like most Zeltrons, the clothes Tanaris wears are usually close-fitting, and at times, a little revealing. But all of her outfits allow for lots of movement, and she can easily manoeuvre around in them. Her most common outfit includes a shimmersilk, tight-fitting, cropped blouse, a pair of high-waisted, burnt yellow, airy, flowing pants, a Corellian spacer black vest, inside pockets concealing hidden weapons, a pair of stylish, synthetic nerf leather boots, a utility belt fitted with dual rycrit hide holsters, as well as several pieces of brass jewellery, including earrings, a choker and a nose piercing. Tanaris’ clothing would be considered ‘fashionable’ galaxy-wide, though her outfit hides some nasty weapons. All for self defence, of course…
    – Weapon/s: Tanaris carries a pair of R-311 Rampage-X Blaster Pistols on her at all times. They’re situated on seperate holsters on her upper thighs. However, she also has some other concealed weapons hidden on her: a Vibroblade on the left inside pocket of her vest, a Cortosis Blade strapped to her back, as well as a Vibroknuckler fitted discreetly over her right hand. Tanaris prefers not to use these weapons, but if she needs to, she can certainly pack a punch, or more.
    Bio #2
    – Name: Bastien Vandyr Ceros
    – Gender: Male
    – Age: Eighteen
    – Era: The Old Republic
    – Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    – Species: Nagai, another Near-Human species, characterised by their pale skin, jet-black hair, gray eyes, and angular features. They’re fairly uncommon in the galaxy, but are usually well-remembered when they are.
    – Allegiance: Neutral, as Bastien believes that what the Republic stands for is good, for the most part, yet they lack the authority and power held by the Sith Empire.
    – Birthplace: Bastien was born on Nar Shaddaa, one of the most vibrant and dangerous places in the galaxy. Nar Shaddaa is a sprawling cityscape where nothing comes without a price. Dominated by a black market that caters to every indulgence, the moon has become the ultimate symbol of corruption. The upper levels present an endless parade of glittering neon towers and floating pleasure palaces; no greater concentration of wealth exists across the galaxy. Behind these flashy facades, crime bosses and secret political emissaries make backroom deals that decide the fates of worlds, and as much as both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire might like to change it, the Hutt Cartel calls the shots. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smugglers’ Moon and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is similar to Coruscant in that its surface is entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant – which is only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city – Nar Shaddaa is filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere. Nevertheless, Nar Shaddaa remains the most important financial and trading center of Hutt Space.
    – Appearance: As Bastien is a Nagai, his skin is quite pale in comparison to most humans. However, it is neither grey or white – the usual skin tone of a Nagai – and is more of a light, cream colour. He doesn’t have too many markings or scars, but there is a long, faint pink stripe running across his back, and a small, star shaped scar along the left side of his jaw. He’s never told anyone what those scars were caused by, but it’s obvious that they must have hurt. He also has a few patterns marked on his skin, tattoos he received a few years back – a dark ring around his right bicep, the outline of a Tehk’la Blade in the centre of his chest, a Blazing Claw, the symbol of a pirate, across his left forearm, as well as a series of lines encasing his right calf. The tattoos are a combination of his Nagai heritage and his line of work as a Bounty Hunter. But just because you mark yourself as something, doesn’t mean you embody all of their values…Bastien is rather tall, reaching 6’1″ at his full height. He’s very strong, with peak upper body and core strength. His muscles are visible through his clothing and armour, making him look like a formidable opponent, which he is, of course. He isn’t too stocky, though, and is proportionate with his bulk. He’s able to move swiftly with agility and grace, but can certainly pack a punch when needed. His face is an inverted triangle shape, with strong cheekbones and a sharp jawline. He has well-defined eyebrows, which are thick but shapely, and frame his eyes well. Bastien’s nose is strong and refined with a tall profile. As for his eyes, they are almond shaped and an average size. His irises are a light grey, verging on silver. It’s as if they almost have rings, growing more metallic the farther out. Bastien’s eyes are quite mesmerising, but with anger and hatred, may grow hard and cold. As for his lips, they’re an ashy-pink, with a defined Cupid’s bow and a heavy lower lip. Bastien’s mouth is often pulled into a grim line, but on rare occasions, he displays a charming, handsome smile. Bastien’s hair is a little wavy and dark, shaved on one side with the other a little longer and loose, tousled to the left. Bastien may look intimidating and dangerous to some, but he does have true beauty; in both appearance and spirit.
    – Personality: Bastien, armed and dangerous, is a serious, unfeeling man. He’s a formidable enemy; with a mix of incredible intuition and inherited analytical reasoning, he knows how to get the job done. Proud, sarcastic and stubborn, he lets his reputation speak for him, rather than letting most people get to know him better. In reality, Bastien hides a caring and kind spirit behind a boastful façade, burying his more intense emotions. Often moody, he doesn’t open up to those around him, and retreats into himself often. However, Bastien isn’t always so unfeeling. Showing humour and spark on rare occasions, glimpses of the true Bastien can be seen, if only by a few people. A life as a bounty hunter is not exactly what he wants, even if it is what he’s good at. Always looking for opportunities to find a new purpose and meaning, Bastien hopes to find peace in the galaxy, as well as an adventure or two on the side.
    – Flaws: Arrogant, blunt and stubborn, Bastien is not without his flaws. He can be rather fervid, showing extreme intensity in his ideas and convictions, as well as being inclined to react violently. He believes that his way of doing things is the right way, no matter what others may tell him. Always saying things how they are, he has trouble with subtlety and care, and sometimes forgets the beliefs of those around him, making him appear cold and unfeeling. Bastien also can become fixated or obsessed with certain tasks, things or even people, and finds it difficult to let them go. Although he doesn’t often show it, he cares deeply for the people who surround it, and truly has a good heart. Bastien means well, but in a job like his, people can become harsh and callous, something that would break not only Bastien, but those he cares about most.
    – Force-Sensitivity: Bastien is Force-sensitive and has a rather strong connection to the Force. Though he has not received neither Jedi or Sith training, he is able to harness his powers and use several Force Abilities. These include Force jump, Force speed, Force stun and Force whirlwind, neutral abilities show in Force-adepts. Though, Bastien, on rare occasions, is also able to use Force lightning, Force choke and Force void, skills predominantly shown in Sith acolytes. Although Bastien follows neither the light side or dark side of the force, he is able to use powers from both sides to great effect. With his stolen lightsaber, he is often mistaken for a Jedi, though when on the receiving end of it, Bastien’s anger and **** prove that he most certainly is not.
    – Outfit: Bastien mainly wears clothing of darker hues, and focused more on armour than on style, though even still, his muscular figure manages to make almost anything look good. However, his most common outfit featured a Warrior’s Vest, a gray item of medium armour with red and silver shoulder plating, over a simple black tunic, a pair of deep gray Armourweave hide leggings, silver Nagai combat gloves, a pair of burgundy Drelliad boots, and most memorably, a looming, protective Shadowsilk cloak. No matter what he wears, Bastien looks quite foreboding and intimidating, even in simple clothing. But people who can see past his initial appearance are able to view the kind, caring man underneath.
    – Weapon/s: The most memorable of Bastien’s weapons is certainly the lightsaber he stole from a Dark Jedi, fitted with a Blackwing crystal, producing a dark, smokey ash blade and a black hilt. He is incredibly adept in using it, surprising due to his lack of training. The lightsaber itself is double-bladed, and can be held in a deadly staff, or be separated into smaller, dual blades. Using a style that’s fierce and unpredictable, Bastien practices a form similar to Form VII, also known as Juyo or Vaapad. He also carries a concealed Tehk’la Blade, similar in design to vibrodaggers and features both a serrated edge and vibration generators to aggravate damage when withdrawn from a wound. Most Nagai carry the blades, and Bastien is no exception. If necessary, he’ll use it during close combat, with devastating results…for his enemies.

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