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    Deadly Lullabies
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    Whoa! Nine tags already! I can’t believe this and thx so much everyone!!!

    Chapter 3

    Amaya lies in the hospital ward, asleep. I have no clue what happened to her, but worry fills my mind. On person died, and another is incredibly sick, which all happened in my midst.
    “Thana?” The nurse whispers.
    “Uh, yeah?”
    “Its time for class”

    I stroll down the hallway, looking for the right classroom. Once I reach the door, I slowly turn the doorknob, stepping in quietly. “Thana!” The teacher yells. “You are late! I f this happens many more times, you will be turned into a plant or an animal”
    “Yes Miss” I murmur.
    I walk to an empty desk, kids staring at me.
    “Okay, class!” The teacher booms. “I am Miss Thorn, and today we will be learning what our talents are!”
    Low whispers fill the classroom, like; “I wonder what mine is going be” Or; “Ugh. Probably gonna be something boring”
    “Yes Miss,” we all chorused.
    “Now, we are missing a member today, due to a horrible sickness.” She said, glancing at me. “She will be back in a few days, or longer. Anyway, we shall now let the class begin!”
    Many people roll there eyes, (when the teacher wasn’t looking, of course)
    “So, Abbie, come up” She shifts nervously, walking up to the teacher.
    “What is something you ave noticed that doesn’t seem normal at all, only when you are present?”
    “Me? Oh, uh- I don’t really know”
    “Something that just happens, in your presence, and you feel like it was you?”
    “Well- I guess one time everything started to shift around me, and everything seemed cartoonish. It lasted for about ten seconds, and then everything was back to normal”
    “Mhmm. Can you try and to this right now?”
    “Uh- how?”
    “Focus. You focus on that one thing, until it happens”
    She closes her eyes, her veins in her forehead throbbing.
    Everything is white for a second, and then everyone is animated. “Whoa!” I hear myself saying. Everyone looks so different, so ridiculous. I shake my head, and then all is normal.
    “Okay” Miss Thorn said, this all seeming normal to her. “Abbie, you have a talent of ‘cartoon illusions’ this is when you animate all around you, creating an illusion that everything is a cartoon”
    Abbie gapes like a fish, mouth opening and closing. “Yes Miss” She nods.

    Miss Thorn goes through more and more people, weird things happening.
    Until it is my turn.
    “Thana” She said. “Would you please come up” I walked up to her desk, nervous.
    “Now” She said, voice low. “What has happened in you presence, something not normal at all, causing something to happen?”
    Dread fills my stomach.
    “Thana?” She asks.
    “Oh, sorry, uh yeah?”
    “I asked you a question.”
    “Oh yeah, I don’t really know”
    But I thought I did.
    “What is something you like to do?”
    “Uh, sing, sing lullabies I guess”
    “And again, what is something that has happened in you presence that is NOT normal?”
    Oh cr*p.
    “Uh, I sung and someone died” I blurted out.
    “If this really is your talent, you must not test it”
    “Oh, ok” I said, nervous.
    “Anything else?”
    “Uh, no, I don’t think so”
    “Here” She does a flick of her wand, and a toad appears on her desk. “Class, block your ears” she said, signalling. “Amaya, sing to the toad”
    So I do. I sing the same lullaby I did when the boy died.
    The toad struggles.
    The toad dies.
    “Amaya” Miss Thorn whispers.
    “Your talent is ‘Deadly Lullabies.’ That is the power to kill with singing a lullaby. Be careful’
    I killed someone. And I might be the cause for someone else, too. I try to forget about it, but a huge knot still makes my stomach clench.

        raylinn replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        i love how the other person can make everything a cartoon. she can make a dude look like todoroki or other people. nice chapter.

          cutenesslily replied 8 months, 1 week ago


        wolfielovesbooks replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        Well, glad we know what that’s about now! Love the introduction to find out their talents, it was nice. Transition could’ve been better, but overall, good! The suspense could’ve been better, but I liked it a lot!

        princessgirl2911 replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        Pleaseeeeee tag me!

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