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    The Tale of Callis, Maven, and Cal
    Chapter 8- Part 3
    Callis’s POV
    1. History of Heroism with Professor August Sader’s dots, supervised by Professor Malissa Sader (August’s daughter)
    2. Princess Etiquette with Pollux
    3. Animal Communication with Princess Uma
    4- Beautification- Professor Emma Anemone
    5. Lunch
    6. Good Deeds with Dean Dovey
    7. Surviving Fairy Tales with Casey the Centaur group 5

    This is my schedule…
    “Callis.” Paige says. “Are you done drooling over your schedule, or are you going to start snogging it?” I hear playfulness in her tone.
    I give her a glare. She smirks back. Sabrina, Paige and I stand up and go to Beautification.
    “You had to do that? In front of him?” I ask Paige.
    “Yes I did.” she says.
    “Which him?” Brina says. “Cal, Tristan, Logan, or… EVAN.”
    “Him” I say plainly.
    Paige and Brina groan.
    “Definitely not Cal… Evan?” Paige says.
    “Really. That’s the best you could do?” I say.
    “Okay then not Evan. Tristan?” she says. I know she anticipates the blush, but it doesn’t come and I know why.
    “Wait…” Brina starts. “Logan?”
    Then the blush comes. I’ as red as a tomato when I enter the room. They walk past me, smirking while they go to… Crud. I can’t remember.
    History. Very interesting. We entered into The Tale of Sophie and Agatha. I honestly don’t know why I started crying.
    Paige and Sabrina find me in the hallway and we go to Princess Etiquette It’s very boring while we have to balance books on our head. My father made me practice for some reason.. I get first, Brina gets second, and Paige gets third.
    Oh boy. Here comes Animal Communication. It was great at first and then… Well, I’ll just explain it to you.
    I walked outside into the clearing with Paige, Sabrina, and all of the other evergirls.
    “Good morning class!” Princess Uma says in a sing-song voice (Picture Effie from Hunger Games and you have the right idea. 🙂 ) “Whistle.”
    We all stare at her.
    “Like this” she says and she does a very complicated tune. “Of course you don’t have to do the same exact one. Oh good, here she comes.” We all turn to see a beautiful deer galloping towards us. Several girls ohhh, but she runs right past them to Princess Uma. Uma pets her and she comes right up to me. I smile softly at the fawn.
    “What’s her name?” I ask.
    “Mea” (N/A pronounced Mia) one of the girl’s says. “As my talent I can tell what people’s and animals names are.”
    “Hi Mea.” I say. Mea walks through the gaggle of girls and goes back to Uma.
    “This is Mea, daughter of Bambi and Nyxie (not in Bambi’s tale) and she is my animal guardian/companion. That is what we’re doing today, finding your animal friends.” Princess Uma says. “You’ll go one at a time. Willow, you whistle first.”
    The evergirl that I assume is Willow lets out a small whistle, that fits her look. She has caramel skin, looks a bit bigger than me; maybe 95 pounds? She keeps her arms slightly extended from her sides like a bird, and she just has the feel of the 3rd season, fall. A girl hedgehog comes running up to her and jumps into her waiting arms.
    “Your name is…” Willow pauses. “Harley.” Harley jumps again, approving of the name.
    Mia gets a gerbil named Dash. Sally got a Ferret named Klide. Most of the other girls got a bunny named something weird. Like Uto and Zoelx. I don’t even know how to pronounce Zoelx. Maybe it’s zoo-elks? Brina whistles. Nothing comes for 1 minute. 2… We are about to go on when a cute baby male otter comes flopping up to her.
    Sabrina giggles. “I’m going to name you Orca.” She smiles at Paige and I. “Your turn Paige!”
    Paige whistles and out of nowhere, a peregrine falcon comes zooming towards her. She’s even faster than me!
    “Hello darling!” Paige says. “Your name is… Riley.” Riley does a twirl in the air to approve of her new name.
    “Last but certainly not least, Callis.” Princess Uma says. No one is really paying attention, they are all playing with their new friends. I don’t care. My animal will be mine anyway. I let out a piercing whistle, unlike all the other girls who let out a soft whistle. No one except for Uma notices.
    I wait for about 28 seconds and spot 2 animals coming towards me. 2 swift foxes to be exact. One girl and one boy. They look no older than 2 months old. There’s a girl and a boy. I can tell that these are real foxes, not people who got turned into one. I don’t know how, but I just know. Twins, I suddenly think. The girl is a little smaller than the boy, but I can tell she’s younger. She’s also cleverer than him. I can see it in her eyes. The boy is definitely stronger, but she’s way smarter. Both their coats are red-orange with flecks of gray. She has white-tipped ears, paws, and tail, while he has black-tipped ears, paws, and tail. He has bold blue eyes and she has emerald-green eyes. I look at them in delight. “You,” I say pointing to the little girl, “are going to be named Missy. And you,” I say looking at the boy, “are going to be Hunter.” Princess Uma is looking at me with pride.
    “No one has ever gotten 2 animals before in my class.” she says. I look up and see a rose gold 1 over my head. Paige has a 2, Brina 3, and Willow 4. The girl who named her bunny Zoelx got last…
    “Okay girls, you can go watch the boys for the remainder of class!” All of the girls cheer.
    “Race you there.” I yell at them.
    “Princess Callis! Princesses don’t rac-. It’s pointless isn’t it.” Princess Uma says to Paige.
    I am up the Honor Tower stairs and in the swordplay room before any of the evergirls are in the castle. I find that Logan just snuck up on my brother and has him pinned against the wall, his sword to Cal’s throat. I sprint over to them, grab a wooden training sword off the wall, switch it out with Excalibur which was in Cal’s hand, and push Logan so that he’s the one pinned. I make sure my hoodie is covering my face to Cal. Logan has an astonished look on his face.
    “I really think that I need to be part of this class, don’t you?” I asks Logan. He nods. I notice Cal looking to find all the evergirls staring at the boy’s who have no shirts. I can tell that he’s looking for me.
    “Who’s this and what are you doing here?” Professor Samurai asks me.
    I grin and take off my hood. “I’m Princess Callis of Camelot. My brother is Cal. I would like to be a part of this class.” I say.
    “Well I’m sorry Prin-” Professor Samurai says.
    “I wouldn’t finish that sentence Professor.” Cal interrupts.
    “Cess but this class is for boys only.” He had just blinked and when he opened his eyes he saw a very odd sight. I was pinning him to the wall, sword to throat.
    “May I help you?” Professor Samurai asks me very politely.
    “I would like to be a part of this class.” I say, taking the sword away and looking at my reflection in the blade. Cal glances down and notices the wooden sword. I turn to him and grin.
    “Smart and cunning. And fast. Definitely fast.” Professor Samurai says, noticing the sword ‘misplacement’. “I think we can make arrangements.” He smiles and I mirror it. “UMA!” he yells.
    I hear heavy footsteps and turn to find a guy running straight at me. I disarm him easily, and another bloke runs up to me, I spin and I there’s a loud clash of swords. Soon there’s only Evan, Tristan, Logan, and Cal left. The rest of the guys stand off to the side, staring like lost puppies. I walk up to Evan and Tristan and they just stand there while I pluck their swords from their unresisting fingertips. Princess Uma walks in just in time to see me disarm Logan.
    “Princess Callis! I demand that you stop this this instant!” Princess Uma tells me. I ignore her.
    “UMA!” Professor Samurai says. “She has a talent for it. Honestly I think that she should come join this class instead of Animal Communication.”
    “Every princess NEEDS to take my class. Think of how many animal friends she’ll miss out on having. And what about the new friends she’s ma-”
    Cal looks at me and I smile. It’s his turn. All the girls, including Princess Uma gasp. He thrusts and ducks. I spin and ******. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. For about 48 seconds. Somehow he’s moving me toward the back wall. He has me pinned to it in less than 10 seconds. His sword blade is an inch away from my throat and his foot is on my hand against the wall to keep the sword in my hand still. I know he would never hurt me, but it’s still frustrating. All the girls gasp again. Well all except for Paige. She’s smiling. The boys start chanting Cal’s name. I start squirming. It reminds me of our fun at home in the mornings. He could easily throw me off, but he kept it fair since I’m only 89 pounds. I can’t throw off an 115 pound 13 year old boy. It’s not possible for me… I give up struggling as I remember something. I’m smiling now at the confused look on Cal’s face.
    I let out a piercing whistle and Missy and Hunter run into the room.
    The brief moment that Cal looks away to look at them, I kick my legs out from under him and he lands on the floor. I put Excalibur to his stomach. All the boys groan and all the girls, except Princess Uma, cheer.
    “See! She still needs Animal Communication! Look at the wonderful animals who like her!” I hear Uma say.
    “She needs to be trained so she doesn’t have to depend on some prince to come save her, because sometimes they DON’T! You’d know better than anyone Uma.” Professor Samurai says. Princess Uma winces at this.
    “I… I guess she could maybe spend the first half of the session at my class, and the rest of it here.” Princess Uma finally whimpers.
    I smile and run over to my foxes. Cal slowly walks over to me.
    “Soo… Congrats on making it in here.” Cal says, smiling. I know it’s not a forced smile.
    “Thanks!” I says.
    “What are their names?”
    “Hmm?” I’ve gotten distracted by them. They are play-fighting, tumbling over each other.
    “What are their names?” he asks a bit louder.
    “Oh. This one’s Hunter.” I say pointing to the boy. “And this one is Missy. They’re twins.”
    “I noticed” Cal says. “They’re super cute. How did you find them?”
    “Well, Uma told us to whistle to find our companions. So I whistled and these two came running up to me. I don’t know why, but I think they’re orphans. The rest of the class, except for my roommates got things like bunnies and guinea pigs.” I say.
    “That’s really weird.” he says. “Bunnies aren’t as cute as foxes. And guinea pigs are small. What did Paige and Sabrina get?”
    “Paige got a Peregrine Falcon. It’s SOOO fast.” I say.
    “Faster than you?” he jokes.
    “Definitely. And Sabrina got an otter. It’s super cute, just like her cat.”
    “Her cat? She has a cat? Here?” Cal asks, confused.
    “Yes her cat. Not here silly, at her home. She says that they will get along great.” I pause. “Now that I think about it, do you think that Fluffy and Sully will get along with Missy and Hunter?”
    “Fluffy yes, devil cat maybe.” He replies.
    “He’s NOT a devil cat!” I say. I’m getting angry. He should know not to push it now.
    “Any relative of Reaper is a devil cat.” Cal says, wincing. He looks down quickly.
    “I’m sorry, it’s just that Sully and Reaper aren’t exactly angels, you know what I mean right?” He says hurriedly. It makes the situation worse. I’m about to start crying. I love that little cat.
    Paige and Sabrina run over to help.
    Paige straightens her dress and bends over to help me up. “I’ve been thinking Cal.” she says uncomfortably to him. “I’ve been thinking…” She looks over to Sabrina, and Sabrina gives her a slight nod. She gains some confidence. “I… I really like you, but I don’t really know you, so I was thinking that maybe we could hold off on the date until I know you better…:” Her voice trails off. “An-and Callis want’s to do this with Tristan too, so if you don’t mind telling him, seeing as she’s not in a fit state to do it right now.” She looks down uncomfortably. “Thanks” she mumbles. She finishes helping me up. Now Missy and Hunter are standing protectively in front of me.
    Cal just stand there dumbfounded as we walk away.
    They help me to Beautification, which goes by in a breeze. I easily win 1st in the challenge for the perfect smile. Paige got 2nd and Sabrina got 3rd.
    Then we go to lunch. We avoid the boys and sit with Maven, her roommates (which was kinda awkward), and the other evergirls. I keep spotting Cal, Tristan, and Logan looking at us. Tristan looks kind of sad, so I assume Cal told him what Paige and I discussed.
    I finish eating and feed my foxes. Then I let Missy go play fetch with the other girls, while Hunter snoozes on my lap. I try to talk to the other girls, but end up giving up. The wolves howl and fairies chime the end of lunch and I walk to my next class, Good Deeds.
    All Professor Dovey talks about is the importance of doing good to everyone, because it’s Goods job. While evil puts people down, we’re supposed to help lift them back up.
    Well, you followed Good’s rules perfectly didn’t you Cal…
    Next I had Surviving Fairy Tales with Maven, Cal, Tristan, Logan, Paige, a quiet red haired girl named Lily, Nort the son of Hort, a rude nevergirl named Alex and a couple other people. Oh and one of Maven’s roommates, Mara. Paige and I walked over to group 5 to find almost everybody there. We’re not allowed to bring our pets so we left Hunter, Missy, and Riley back in our dorm with Sabrina’s otter, Orca. Only the nevers were missing. I turn around to find Maven and Mara talking with Alex. Nort and 2 neverboys right on their tail. They got here and Casey encouraged us to say our names and what school we are in. 3 evergirls- Lily, Paige, and I. 3 everboys- Cal, Tristan, and Logan. 3 nevergirls- Maven, Mara, and Alex. 3 neverboys- Nort, Eli, and John. All divided up evenly.
    “Alright guys, I know that it’s kind of early in the term to do this, but I thought it would be interesting.” Casey says with a smile. We start walking to the other side of the clearing, away from the other groups. “There are 6 coffins and when we get there I want each girl to get in one. Don’t close the door, I’ll do that myself to make sure it’s sealed all the way. I want the boys to turn their backs so they can’t choose the coffin that they pick. Everboys, you should feel your heart being drawn to the coffin of your true love, neverboys, wait till all of the everboys have chosen a coffin and then go pick one. The coffin’s will not open automatically, to make sure that everyone has picked one. By the way, girls, you will be able to see out of them, but boys can’t see in them. They are completely soundproof too. Girls can hear out of them, boys can’t hear in them.” she says. “Boys turn your backs. Girls pick a coffin and get in.”
    We all rushed to a coffin. They were lined side by side. I chose the 5th one and laid down. I saw that Paige got in the 1st one, Lily got the 3rd one, Maven got the 6th one, Mara got the 2nd one, and Alex got the 4th one. The tops magically closed all at once.
    “Boys, go pick your coffin!” I heard the centaur say.
    I personally hope that Tristan doesn’t pick mine… (if you do the math, you can tell who Callis likes)
    I saw Cal take Paige’s, Nort take Maven’s, Eli take Alex’s, John take Mara’s, and… YES!
    “The coffin’s will open in 3… 2… 1…” Casey says.
    Paige’s opens and her eyes light up. They hug, now knowing that they were destined for each other. Mara’s open’s and she just sits there about to fall asleep. Lily’s opens and stares at him, a smile forming on her face. Her prince looks surprised but happy. Alex’s opens and she just walks off joining Mara, not bothering to see who got her. For some reason mine gets skipped over. Maven’s opens and she just looks at John, who just walks off. Then mine opens and I see the *****-blonde haired and hazel eyed prince looking at me, a smile on his face. I grin and he leans down and hugs me.
    “Callis.” he says looking at me. “When did you start liking me?”
    “Breakfast.” I say. “When did you start liking me?” I ask him.
    “Ever since I saw you first.” he says.
    “Soo. Since breakfast?” I ask playfully.
    Logan laughs lightly. “Sure. Or maybe it was when I went to your castle when I was 7. Your brother got so mad that you were bragging about winning again.”
    I smile remembering that. “I remember! Your parents thought we were perfect for each other, but I felt like brother and sister.”
    “We knew each other so well. Then we grew older and apart.” Logan says sadly.
    “Yeah. I’d like to catch up sometime.” I say.
    “So would I.” He walks away to the princes, and I walk to the clearing and I talk to Paige and Sabrina about the day’s events…
    *I hope you guys liked it!

        bluewolf replied 3 years, 8 months ago

        cool chapter @smartcleverbunny560 🙂 🙂

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        Awesome chapter!

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        Great chapter!

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        Thx guys!

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          So it’s supposed to be Callis and Logan not Callis and Tristan? Also who did Tristan pick? It was good!

          smartcleverbunny560 replied 3 years, 8 months ago

          @celeste28 its supposed to be Callis and Logan. Tristan picked lily

        smartcleverbunny560 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I’m sorry I forgot the tag list!!! I’ll put it up on my next chapter!!

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