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    smileyface365 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello!! Thanks to everyone who wanted to be tagged, I really appreciate it!
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    Chapter Two

    My hopes and dreams came crashing down as soon as I saw the pink, frilly uniform. There was no way I was wearing that.
    I had been the first to arrive at my dorm, my other roommates nowhere to be seen, so I inspected the room. There were murals of princesses and princes in Ever After on every wall, a nice sentiment, but what fairy tale was actually that perfect. There were three beds and three dressers, but the only other thing that obscured the beautifully painted murals was mirrors. I never liked mirrors. All they show are imperfections.
    At least that was what I thought before my roommates came in and I saw their reflections. They didn’t seem to have a single blemish on them. Luckily, I recognized Katelyn who I had met in the clearing in front of the school and she remembered my name.
    “Abigail, right?” she asked as she walked further into the room.
    “Yeah, and I recall your name is Katelyn,” I replied. She nodded in agreement.
    The other girl was rather short with sparkling lilac eyes and gorgeous blonde hair. “Hi, this room is so pretty,” she marveled, before she added, “the name is Heather by the way.”
    “Nice to meet you,” I said as I took a look around the room again.
    That’s when Katelyn noticed the dresses sitting on each one of our beds. “Oh, look how darling our uniforms are!” she gasped. Heather squealed in excitement as she rushed over to another one of the dresses.
    I looked over at the only bed left now, and as I approached the pink uniform, I realized how much I hated it. I never liked wearing dresses at home, let alone pink ones, I found them impractical. Everyday at home I would work in the fields and then spar with my brothers using sticks as weapons. Wearing a dress didn’t exactly help me with those tasks. The only reason I was wearing one now was because my mother had convinced me I needed to blend in with the others.
    As I was staring at the dress hatefully, my two roommates dashed into the adjacent bathroom to change. They came out quickly, eager to head to the welcoming, but when they realized I was still staring at the dress, they frowned. “What’s wrong?” Heather asked me.
    I wasn’t sure how to respond. I certainly didn’t want to be rude, but I also didn’t want to lie. So instead I simply shrugged, grabbed the dress and walked into the bathroom to change. I hadn’t gotten a good look at the bathroom yet, it was huge compared to the bathroom my family shared at home and it had a large bathtub in one corner and a shower in another. The walls were a bright pink, which didn’t surprise me, but I still found it a bit intense.
    I realized at this point all I was doing was procrastinating putting this dress on. Funny how it’s not the fact that all the other girls, who are no doubt prettier than me, aren’t deterring me from reaching a happy ending, but this dress. I sighed loudly, still trying to think of a way to go around wearing this dreaded uniform, but I quickly realized I wasn’t that lucky. So, instead I resolved that I wasn’t about to let an issue as silly as clothes stop me from reaching my full potential, whatever it was, and I slipped on the dress.
    My roommates were patiently waiting for me in our room, and we walked into the hallway eager to get to the welcoming. It was at that moment that a silver haired nymph handed us our schedules.
    Abigail of Foxwood, Good 1st Year, Purity Tower 34
    1. Beautification – Prof Anemone, 2. Animal Communication – Princess Uma, 3. Princess Etiquette – Pollux, 4. History of Heroism – Prof Sader, 5. Lunch, 6. Good Deeds – Prof Dovey, 7. Surviving Fairy Tales (Forest Group #3) – Yuba the Gnome.
    Some of the classes seemed pointless to me, but others I was excited for. I would love to be able to speak to animals, and I have loved learning about history for as long as I can remember. Not to mention, I couldn’t wait to unlock my finger glow in Surviving Fairy Tales.
    I was still lost in my thoughts, as I usually am, when my roommates and I took a seat towards the back of the Theater of Tales. Most of the evergirls and nevers had already found their seats and now we were just waiting for the everboys.
    They strode into the Theater all at once, each holding their own rose, and found the girl that stood out to them the most and gave them a flower. The entrance was too dramatic for my taste, and I just found it funny. Some girls ended up with multiple roses, one even had eight, but to no surprise I didn’t receive one. I was kind of hurt, but it’s not like I was counting on finding a prince to complete my life. I looked over at my roommates and they were giggling with each other, both of them had earned a rose and a wink.
    I was about to turn my attention over to the faculty members on the stage when a boy came and sat next to me. He had fair skin, not much of a tan, freckles, blue eyes and perfect brown hair. I unintentionally blushed as he smiled at me.
    I looked away quickly, hoping to distract myself, this wasn’t what I came here to do. It’s not like I got his rose anyway, but as I glanced down in my lap, I noticed a beautiful, red rose. I looked back up at him and he smiled at me again. My cheeks turned an even darker shade of pink. He was about to introduce himself to me when a two headed dog at the front of the theater began speaking.
    “Welcome to the School for Good and Evil,” one of the heads said.
    Their speech went on with no interruptions, it was incredibly boring to say the least, and many of the students had fallen asleep. I tried to focus on what they were saying, however the boy sitting next to me wouldn’t stop glancing over. I figured I must have had something embarrassing on my face, but when I asked Heather, who was sitting on the other side of me, she said there was nothing there.
    Could this boy actually like me? There was no way. Every girl here was prettier than me, he probably just gave me his rose to be nice, but then why was he staring at me, I wondered. I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out, or ready to find out, so when the distinctly meaner head of the dog told us to return to our schools, I practically ran out of there.
    I was here to focus on learning magic and how to survive the woods, not fall into some kind of fairytale. But deep inside of me, I heard my heart whisper, “What if?”

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        Thanks for tagging me! Your writing is amazing yet again! I feel so hooked in right now and I really want to know what happens to Abigail next! Can’t wait for Chapter 3!

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          Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments!

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        GASP!!!! Sooo goood!

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