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    Hello!! I hope you enjoy chapter 3 part 1. If anyone wants to be tagged or untagged just let me know in the comments! Also, feel free to leave any constructive criticism, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Chapter Three Part One

    The rest of the night had been uneventful, except for Heather and Katelyn whispering to each other about the cute boys who had given them roses. A boy named Adrian gave Heather a rose, and a boy named Taldan had given Katelyn his rose. They didn’t stay up long however, we were all tired from the excitement of the day.
    I wished I could have joined them, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind would not settle down. While usually thinking through my problems helps me to process, tonight all it did was make me anxious. So instead, I resorted to reading Animal Speech 1: Barks, Neighs, and Chirps.
    It was actually quite interesting and within an hour, I had calmed down enough to go to sleep. Not that I slept well, but it was still sleep. To my surprise when I woke up early in the morning after a night that lasted forever, my roommates were already awake. They had changed into their uniforms and were now doing their makeup.
    I got up out of my comfortable, warm bed, said good morning to them, and stepped into the bathroom to change. Sadly, the frilly uniform hadn’t gotten any better overnight. Not that I truly expected it to, but a girl can wish.
    I sat back down on my bed and decided to read again while I waited for my roommates to finish their hair. When they were done, they just stared at me. I glanced up at them over the top of my book, and asked “Yes?”
    “Abby, are you going to do something with your hair? You have the prettiest black curls and your hair would be just perfect with an added braided or something.” Heather said. It took me a second to realize she was talking to me, I had never been called Abby before. My brothers preferred to use Gail as my nickname, it allowed me to fit better in with them. Being the only girl with four brothers, I just wanted to be treated the same and if a nickname helped me do that then I didn’t really care what it was.
    “Um, no?” I replied. They both frowned. Not wanting to upset my new friends I added, “but, if you want you can do something with it.” That time they grinned.
    A few minutes later, they had braided one side of my head into the most intricate braid I had ever seen. I had to admit, it did look cute. Heather and Katelyn smiled approvingly at their creation and we headed down to breakfast together.
    I had a chocolate muffin, while all Katelyn ate was eggs, and Heather didn’t eat anything. She said it was because she wasn’t hungry in the mornings, but I suspect she believes that breakfast makes you fat. A common belief among princesses.
    After breakfast we headed off to Beautification which we all had together. Professor Anemone asked to see our best princess smiles as the first challenge for the class. The girl who had received eight roses during the opening ceremony got first rank and I learned her name is Ellis. I received sixth rank, I was surprised I did so well as I had never purposefully practiced a smile before.
    Both of my roommates headed off to Princess Etiquette, while I made my way towards my next class, Animal Communication. I was disappointed to find that we wouldn’t be practicing any animal calls, but instead be sticking our fingers into a pond of wish fish. By the time it was my turn most of the girls had already gone, they mostly wished for boys or everlasting beauty. However, one girl claimed she was terrified of fish and refused to go anywhere near the pond, immediately failing the challenge. I figured I couldn’t do any worse than that.
    But as I dipped my index finger into the pond, I suddenly became extremely nervous. What was my wish? Did I want my own prince? Did I want to become one of Good’s greatest sorceresses like the Lady of the Lake? Or did I just want a simple life on a farm in Foxwood? I still wasn’t sure.
    That’s when I realized the fish were staring back at me confused, flashing every color of the rainbow. I turned to look at Princess Uma, not knowing what it meant, but she simply shook her head and declared, “Foggy mind.”

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        Amazing!! 🙂

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        ohohoho such a good friendship

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