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    Hello!! I hope you enjoy chapter 5. If anyone wants to be tagged or untagged just let me know in the comments! Also, feel free to leave any constructive criticism, it would be greatly appreciated!
    If you want to check out the other chapters you can click here: @smileyface365
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    Chapter Five (Abigail’s POV)

    Professor Dovey was by far my favorite teacher. She was just so kind and loving, I can see why she teaches Good Deeds. I heard a few girls whispering that she was Cinderella’s fairy godmother, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. I didn’t love the class itself, but she made up for it. But now it was finally time for the Surviving Fairy Tales class, I had been waiting all day for it.
    I was the third student to arrive, an evergirl I hadn’t met before and a surprisingly attractive neverboy with white hair and grey eyes had reached the Blue Forest before me. It was spectacular, all three of us were examining the million shades of blue as more students arrived. It was foggy, so we weren’t able to see too much of the forest, but it was still stunning. By the time I took notice of everyone else, we were only missing a few more people.
    There was Heather and Laila, two more everboys, and 5 other nevers. The neverboy who was here before anyone else said “Wow.” My sentiments exactly. He turned around, inspecting everyone else, before his eyes laid on me. His grey eyes hovered on me for an especially long time. Was he checking me out?
    I must have given him a confused look because he came up and reached out his hand. I shook it, meanwhile he was staring deep into my eyes. I looked away hurriedly, embarrassed. “My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex.”
    “Abigail.” He didn’t let go of my hand. “Can I have my hand back?”
    I wasn’t expecting that answer. “Because I might need to use it at some point?”
    “You deliver a very convincing argument,” he joked as he gently let go of my hand. I laughed as he gave me a quick grin.
    Laila and Heather pulled me away from my conversation with Alex. “What are you doing?” Laila said accusingly.
    “Just talking with one of our new classmates.”
    “Yes, a never classmate. We don’t talk to nevers, Abby. You should know this,” Heather declared.
    “Right, I forgot,” I was lying. I wasn’t going to not be friends with someone because they were a never, but I am also not going to tell any of the evergirls this.
    At that moment, I saw a boy walking through the fog towards our group. He was the last one to turn up. As he became more visible, I noticed his chestnut brown hair and light skin. It was Justin. Not the person I wanted to see. He was obviously walking towards me, but I turned around and faced our teacher, Yuba the Gnome.
    “Bad group,” he murmured. “Welcome students,” he lectured loudly, “today you will be learning to recognize the difference between Good and Evil.” He continued, explaining the five rules that separate Good from Evil. “For your challenge, you will be identifying who is who between a disguised ever and never. You will go first,” he revealed as he pointed to Justin. Yuba handed Justin a ragged blindfold, and as he covered his eyes, Yuba grabbed me and a random nevergirl and changed us into flying bats. Yuba ordered Justin to take off his blindfold, and he ripped it off, only wearing it for a few seconds.
    I didn’t even have time to think before I was flapping my arms, well wings, as fast as I could to stay floating. The bat next to me couldn’t find a rhythm for her wings and was flying all over the place. Once she finally steadied herself she turned towards me, presumably angry that I was apparently a natural flyer, and dived towards me. I tried to get away from her, I can certainly fight in human form though I have definitely never fought as a bat before, but she was in hot pursuit. Justin was watching all of this, and he shouted “That’s Abigail!” pointing at me.
    “Very good, Justin,” Yuba complimented. He pointed his index finger at us and transformed us back into humans. Once again I was shocked by the change, but this time I wasn’t so graceful and I fell on my back, knocking the wind out of me. When I opened my eyes after regaining my breath, two different hands were reaching down to me. One was Justin’s and the other was Alex’s. I didn’t know whose hand to take. They both sensed my hesitation, and Alex seized my partly outstretched hand and lifted me up. I was beginning to learn he was a very spontaneous person.
    “Thanks,” I said, speaking to both of them. “For saving me from her, and helping me up,” I clarified.
    “You’re welcome,” they said simultaneously both staring intently at me. We were all standing uncomfortably close now, and I felt my cheeks turn a bright pink. In front of me, a blue leaf caught fire. I jumped and almost fell again, but Justin caught one of my flailing hands while Alex grabbed the other and steadied me. My entire face was now a bright pink, and the leaf’s fire rose. Odd.
    I didn’t have much time to think about it, as Yuba was already disguising more people, distracting me. “I’m not normally this clumsy,” I quickly said to both Alex and Justin as I backed away and ran over to Laila and Heather, desperate to get away from that situation. Luckily, they didn’t say anything about it, which means they probably saw nothing.
    In comparison the rest of class was uneventful. Only a couple more groups were able to go before Yuba dismissed us all. As I speed walked towards Good castle, ahead of all the other evers, I planned to avoid everyone else by hiding away in my dorm room for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t be encountering any more awkward situations today if I had anything to say about it.

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