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    Hissing with confusion, the snakes parted. They dragged their dead and wounded to the side. A path went through the jungle.
    “Stay until your wounded are healed,” hissed a red snake, less bright than Yejhix, younger-looking and smaller. “We wish for no war. Both my mother and grandmother wouldn’t appreciate it… but…”
    Several days had passed. Everyone had healed. They walked on.
    The group felt empty. Two were dead so far – Sagittarius and Cancer. They travelled for several days.
    One day, most of the group were asleep. It was dark. The light glowing from Leo and Haruto’s chests was enough to dimly light up the tunnel. Danae was watching Taurus weakly encourage moss to sprout from the rocks they were all propped against.
    “Hey, Taurus,” whispered Danae. Taurus jumped. “Sorry. But… how many more people are going to die?”
    Taurus turned her almond eyes to Danae. “I do not know, Libra, I do not know.”
    “Morningtime!” sang Pisces cheerlessly, splashing water on everyone’s faces. “La, la, la, morningtime!”
    “Stop it, Pisces,” groaned Haruto, sending a spray of fire at her. Water hit fire and hissing steam appeared.
    “No fighting!” said Taurus sharply, seeing Pisces irate face, seeing her draw back her hand, scalded. “No!”
    “We’re going to walk on,” said Danae, rubbing her hands together.
    TRIBUTES! (a gay, excited male voice broke the silence, a slight ‘sssss’ to every ‘s’) Morning time, as dear Pisces here says. Wake up! I have a message from dearest Sepentina Serpentine. (here a smooth, female voice took over) ‘Feeling your useless power grow, Tributes? You can’t control it, the Jungle Colony tells me! If you could… well… ten killing machines. That would be scary. But… now? Watching you stumble blindly, not knowing where you’re heading. Uh-uh. Not scary. I’ll give you a hint – Once you find North, go forth.’ ( here the gay voice came back) Aaand… beep! Done! Bad luck! Hehe! Get it, get it?’

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