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    smoothies posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago



    “That’s… encouraging,” mumbled Danaë. “Once you find North, go forth. You know how to find North?”
    “Easy-peasy,” said Haruto, striding across the cave. His eyes flashed different colours and mesmerised Danaë–
    Snap out of it! Now
    He left the cave and pointed toward the rising sun with his left hand. Then he turned so he was pointing to it with his right hand. Then he pointed forward. “That’s North.”
    “You sure?” said Danaë.
    “Of course!” snapped Haruto. “You don’t need to be so doubting, Libra.”
    “You’re saying I should trust the guy who tried to kill me?” yelled Danaë, standing up and going over to him, fists clenched. “No thanks, very much, dear Aries. Everyone seems touchy about their name. You want yours revealed?”
    Haruto’s eyes widened.
    “Pro tip, Aries – if you don’t want private information spilled, don’t threaten and try to stab one of the few people that know it!” growled Danaë.
    “Haruto?” whispered Taurus, almond eyes round with fear and horror. Revulsion. Disgust. The expression of being betrayed.
    Haruto’s face changed, and Danaë realised there was the itsy-bitsy possibility Haruto liked Taurus.
    “ENOUGH ARGUING!” yelled Gemini, snapping her fingers so a gust of air pushed Haruto and Danaë away from each other. “We’re going North. Aries, thanks. Libra… yeah. Talk to me later. I want to know about it.”
    Danaë blinked. She barely believed what Haruto had done herself. How was she going to tell Gemini, another Tribute she barely knew?

        smoothies replied 6 months ago

        I want to do bios for each character still remaining, so you can visualise them. Would I post that here or in my activity? (there would be, like, nine bios)

        carrot123 replied 6 months ago

        You would post them here, because they have to do with this story, and it’s on this level. Also, nice job!

          smoothies replied 6 months ago

          thank you for your help. in the bios, their names are going to be revealed! *exciting music plays*

        carrot123 replied 6 months ago


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