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    “That was beautiful,” said Danae.
    “The moral of the story is… be kind and you will be rewarded,” murmured Gemini, getting up. “We should get going. Pisces and Scorpio fish for us, while Leo and… Aries hunt stag. Taurus can make cake out of barely anything. You want me to get you some food?”
    “Yeah,” said Danae, giving Gemini back her shawl and taking out a sleeping blanket and a gentle blue pillow, with the words sewn on in purple thread, The Wolf of the Pine Forest .
    Gemini walked over to the fire and took two wooden plates, scooping fish, wild rice and cranberry sauce covered stag-meat on them.
    “Mmm, that looks great,” Danae said, taking her bowl.
    The two Tributes ate in silence. A piece of stag meat hit her foot and she guility kicked it off the side.
    “Don’t you think the prophecy is a little…” began Gemini, hesitant as she swallowed cooked wild rice. It went down her chin and she wiped it first on her hand, then on the cliffside wall.
    “Crazy?” said Danae, eyes bright. “They didn’t even help us, the teachers at school. They didn’t tell us ‘by the way, you might die!’ If they did, my mother wouldn’t have let me here.” She cringed, realising how whiny and spoiled-brattish she sounded. She wasn’t a spoiled brat. She was the strongest Tribute, who hunted and raced and swan against the strongest currents.
    “We must be getting close, though,” said Gemini.
    “How d’you know?” questioned Danae, curious.
    Gemini scoffed. “Seriously, Libra, look.”
    For the first time, Danae properly stared over the side of the cliff, and she gasped in amazement.
    It was that easy?

        thethreewichesofroom66 replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

        This is really good!

        merqueen23 replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

        That was great!

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