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    The children of Acrisse are being forced to listen to a disturbing soundtrack of screams, whispers and murmurs of the dead, brainwashing them so the school, which is secretly working to rid the world of all memories with a company called New Start and “start afresh”, can control them. Sadly for New Start, you guessed it, some kids can’t be controlled. Fifteen children, to be precise. Five are freakish kids with powers. Another five are powerless, but masters in alchemy. They can make fireworks out of sulphur dust and toothpaste, and any kind of thing related to chemistry (soap etc) in swirling colours, and another five ,powerless again, have survival in the wild encoded in their DNA. Literally, they’ll tell you ‘oh don’t eat that, it’s poisonous’, and it will be, even though they’ve never seen it before. Can they shut down New Start before the company begins to brainwash the entire world, telling the planet to listen to that soundtrack?

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