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    A plump, crumbling cobblestone castle overgrown with ivy and moss, which looked like it was from the Tudor times, sat, sagging, in the middle of a clearing. Snakes darted in and out of the building. A spirit-sinking glow was being emitted from it.
    “What is that?” said Danae, awestruck.
    “Serpentina’s castle, of course,” said Gemini, rolling her eyes.
    Sagittarius would have said that , thought Danae, and somewhere inside her, she felt a stirring of grief, which surprised her.
    “When are we going in?” asked Danae nervously.
    “In about two days.” Gemini got up and left the stone they were sitting on. “We’ve got to prepare for… war. Serpentina isn’t the jungle colony. She’ll have five times more snakes. And we’re only ten people.”
    Only ten? came a familiar voice behind Danae. Danae turned, sure it was Sagittarius, but no one was there.
    “Did you hear that?” said Danae, spooked.
    “Hear what?” said Gemini, frowning.
    “Nothing,” muttered Danae.
    ONLY TEN? You forgot about me!
    And then Danae saw her, a ghostly, see-through appartition of Sagittarius, the same big red eyes and chestnut brown hair.
    You did! You can’t fight a war without me! You can’t pretend I’m dead!
    It seemed that Sagittarius didn’t know what had happened to her.
    “Sagittarius,” began Danae in a whisper, “you’re dead.”
    Am not!
    Danae sighed, turning away. After the war, Sagittarius would figure it out what had happened. By herself. Even if only Danae could see her.

        evilerruler845 replied 5 months, 2 weeks ago

        oof. vv nice chapter!!

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