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    She got to the crumbling castle just as she heard Gemini scream.
    “GEMINI!” Danae screeched, running in. It was… massive. It went way underground, a massive drop with winding staircases. She saw a cobra rear back from a bleeding Gemini to Danae’s right.
    “STAY AWAY FROM HER!” screamed Danae, twisting her hands, levitating the snake by it’s slithery neck.
    “L–Libra?” stammered Gemini, eyes cloudy. “Nevermind. Go help Taurus in the healing den.”
    Danae’s confidence deflated. “But I can fight!”
    Gemini grabbed Danae, hissing, “Don’t you get it? You aren’t reliable. We can’t depend on your power!”
    “YOU KILLED CAPRICORN!” screamed Gemini, pushing her off the side.
    Plummeting down, Danae screamed until she felt something sold grab her. A thick vine, gentle bringing her to where Taurus was.
    “Help me heal Virgo,” said Taurus, nodding to Virgo lying in the corner.
    Danae grabbed the herbs Taurus offered her and crawled over to Virgo.
    “Hey, you gotta eat these,” she murmured to him.
    Bleary-eyed, he peered at her.
    “You killed Capricorn.” Virgo frowned.
    “I’m sorry,” Danae whispered.
    “Let me die.” Virgo rolled onto his side.
    A determination coursed through Danae. “No.” She shoved the herbs into his mouth, took a small vial of golden oil from Taurus and dripped it into his wound. “You’re going to live.”
    “Well, well, well,” a familiar smooth female voice. “What do we have here, dear Tributesssss?”
    Danae couldn’t turn around. “S-Serpentina?”
    The smooth voice cackled. “Yessss, my dear.”
    Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Taurus’ eyes widen.
    “Come fight me, dear Tribute–”
    “Fine.” Danae stood up.

        arbour replied 5 months, 2 weeks ago

        thats so good!! waiting for chapter 26 🙂

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        this is so good!

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