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    So I went on holiday and forgot my computer TwT… that’s why I haven’t posted.



    She was tall. She towered at eight feet. Her hair was a matted red mess, her skin was a mottled grey. She was wearing a lame scrap of stained cloth across her flat chest. Her eyes were pitch-black. Her teeth were poisonous fangs. She radiated negative energy.
    “Intimidated much, Danae Prissstine?” (im having way too much fun with that) hissed Serpentina.
    “No,” said Danae, trying to stop her shaking and trembling.
    A fat, slimy, cold cobra with sand-coloured scales wrapped itself around her leg. Danae concentrated with all her might to stop any air getting into its lungs. Finally, the cobra went limp and Danae hurtled it off the side. It hit the bottom with a thud.
    “You fool! That wassss my besssst guard!” screeched Serpentina. She lunged forward and grabbed Danae by the waist, throwing her off the side of the platform.
    Danae helplessly shot spells up to try and grab her–eyes watering, she saw Serpentina advance on an unsuspecting Taurus–
    A vine grabbed her waist. Shocked, Danae saw that Virgo, with his wound, had managed to crawl along the platform and summon a vine to grab her. He gently pulled her up, set her down and nodded at Serpentina’s back. Get her, he mouthed.
    Danae grinned. Slowly, she began to choke her. Virgo stuck her to the spot with moss, vines and started to change her scales to bark.
    Within seconds, Serpentina was dead.
    “T… that’s it?” Danae panted, eyes wild, looking between Serpentina and Virgo.
    A few moments of silence and–
    “KILL THEM!” screamed all the snakes, lunging for Danae and Virgo.

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