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    smoothies posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 months, 1 week ago


    (yes this includes magic. I’ve sort of taken the idea from Miraculous and Pokemon)


    Note – I’m sorry for not posting for such a long time. Personal struggles.

    Snapdragon leaped off my shoulder. The man tried to bat them, but they leaped to one side and neatly landed.
    A pair of ink-black wings rose from the back of Snapdragon’s back. They grew until their back was the height of an average dining table. They took a swipe at the officer, and he was no more.
    Using my fist, I smashed through the window, causing glass to shatter everywhere.
    “We’ve got to go,” said Snapdragon. I nodded and hopped onto their back, holding onto their neck.
    I grabbed my bag, slung it around my shoulder and took off.
    Snapdragon soared through the clouds. It was dark, and I felt like I could touch the stars. We saw the borders and stealthily crossed them via the sky.
    I opened my phone and turned on the GPS. It was telling me to go straight on.

    There she was, walking ahead of me. I had summoned Snapdragon back into cat form and put them back into their crystal to be summoned later. I had my elite Thunderwolf, a wolf that summoned lightning that towered well over my “5’7 stature.
    “Get her,” I whispered. Thunderwolf nodded and pounded forward. The Kaiflight girl barely turned around before Thunderwolf pinned her to the ground.
    “I would kill you know,” I purred, but –
    I jolted upright. There was me, lying in my bed. There was Thunderwolf, shrunk down to puppy size to avoid people whispering about how I had ‘stolen’ him. And there was Snapdragon, licking me awake.
    I groaned.
    Of course, I would never do something so brash, even if it was in a deserted neighbourhood in the dead of night.
    I looked around me. This apartment I had rented for a month was quaint. Modern, and quaint.
    I looked at my phone. Exra had asked for me to slowly torture and scare this Kaiflight, and as a renowned assassin in the criminal world, I wasn’t about to let my profile crumble.
    “Let’s go,” I said, to Thunderwolf and Snapdragon as I threw on some tight-fitting clothes. “We’ve got a Kaiflight to stalk.”

        anadil777 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        OOOH NICE

        nevemacleve2 replied 2 months ago

        Constructive criticism: leaped should be leapt

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