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    sofiaishazel posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago

    These are the people I’m tagging today anyways if you want to be tagged write tag me in the comments and please if you want to include a new character in my story then write it down in the comments whether it’s from good or EVIL. Please also check out the first 5(i think chapters of SIrens School) So without further ado let’s begin Sirens School chapter 6.
    I fainted when I saw The Theather Of Tales. I Millie and Cyrus was the only ones in our new decked out uniforms we got there two seconds late due to the fact I had gotten us lost in the entire floor of Valor, meanwhile, Millie dragged us all the way down to Honor Room forty-seven too see that everyone was gone. I was SO TIRED of all the distractions that I got so angry and a mini whirlpool of water was coming out of my ring finger But I was so distracted by Millie and Cyrus to even notice. then the mini whirlpool of water that had been forming on my finger washed over me Millie and Cyrus and the next thing we knew we were smack dab in the middle of the welcoming assembly. We were literally in the middle of the stage. unable to know what I was doing I panicked right in front of the entire School for Good and The School For Evil. meanwhile, While I was panicking all the ever boys were staring at me open-mouthed not because I was freaking out but they were thinking of which boy would throw a rose to me. Because well… when I panic everyone says I look super cute. Then I just fainted. “a true princess,” a never boy said mockingly. If I could go back in time I would definitely faint even better cause that’s what made me popular at SGE or maybe just the school for good cause the nevers at the school for evil weren’t very forgiving. Anyways through all my stage fright, Cyrus was frozen and Millie threw a bucket of water on me, which woke me up. Anyways, I got up and Pollux finally got the courage to speak on the mic. “now let’s welcome are gifted and Talented students Siren Of Exlirea, Millie of Slumbira, and Cyrus of Jaunt Jolly.” Let’s just say we got a warm welcome. The Evers all cheered and clapped for us but the Nevers as Usall booed and started a chant like this “EVERS STINK! EVERS STINK!” but good came back and said “GOOD IS GREAT!” and you now that kind of stuff until Castor came in and said “IF YOU DON”T STOP THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE, ALL OF YOU TOO THE DOOM ROOM!” “EVEN EVERS” and that shut them up. After that Castor and Pollux continuing their long speech usually with Castor interrupting. After that, we went back too are dorms only too see that they had been wrecked. (the gifted and talented students was a new program they had started at SGE) that’s all for today bye!!

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