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    sofiaishazel posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 7 months ago

    I heard a heart stopping sound, the sound of clashing swords and cracking medal.
    “Sky, let’s use the portal to get to where the princes are, I think I hear them.” “Ok, whatever you say but I don’t really care about princes or boys” she replied. “Well fine but at least show me how to get to where the princes are and we can meet back here at Merlins Mengarie tomorrow and travel.” “ok” she answered. “So first you think of where you want to go and knock on the mirror two times, it will start to turn purple when it does step inside and you will appear exactly where you wanted to.” “Thanks, Sky!” I answered. “No problem,” she said. “But before you go I have one question can you be my friend? Because well I’m not very popular and you are and you’re just so cool and fun and kind…..” “Sky, of course, I’ll be your friend Anyways to prove that we’re friends come to my room Purity 36 tonight, I’m sure Millie and Cyrus will understand.” And with that, I went to the mirror and I thought of handsome beautiful princes all fighting swords clashing as they danced with their weapons. I knocked on the mirror two times and it turned purple, I stepped in cautiously my leg sank right through it I put my other leg in the mirror and then my whole body, and I landed right on an ever girls picnic blanket. There I saw it handsome princes with all their swords flying through the air, dancing on the wind, but there was one who was better than all the others and pinned them all down as fast as lightning. It was Nest, and when he was done he stood victorious in the circle of princes then all the princes stood up and each took out a rose from their pockets and threw them. Nest through his but It was caught by an **** never girl named Ethel. I caught Jet’s rose and about every other princes rose as well. EXCEPT FOR NEST’S ROSE. I let out a disappointed sigh. Lunch was over by the time the “rose throwing” was over. I checked my schedule, I had a free period since I got “A”1 in beautification. So I decided to look around. I went to the bushes to find Merlins Mengarie only to find a never girl staring at me through the trees. “Ahh” I exclaimed who was this! “Uh, who are you?” I asked. “I’m Elvira” she replied. “Hello Elvira,” I said “did you get an “A” 1 too?” “YUP” she answered. I asked Elvira a bit more and I figured out me and she had a lot in common. (thank you to @princessrachael for telling me about Elvira in the comments) “Elvira” I finally said, “I’ve been meaning to tell you this but can we be friends?” “I mean I know it’s a little awkward considering that you’re a never and I’m an Ever but you’re actually really nice.” “I was about to say the same thing about you, but won’t everyone else make fun of us if we’re friends?” she answered. “I DON’T CARE we can be friends in secret,” I said. “Great idea!” Elvira said, “I wish I should have thought of that, I’m so stupid!!” “No, you’re not” I answered “then how did ya get “A”1 this morning??” “It was a fluke” Elvira answered I just got really really REALLY angry at Ethel during special talents and the next thing I knew she looked really hurt and she was bleeding and everything.” “WOW” I answered. And then the period was over. “I have to go lets meet back here the next time we both get a free period.” Elvira nodded then dissapeared in to the shadows.
    I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Sirens school . Also I have a youtube channel called Hazel artist 30342

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