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    sofiaishazel posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 5 months ago

    ok so hey guys, I literally just had the greatest idea to do children for video game people that are famous so If you want me to write a story about them I will and If you want to write another BIO to add put it in the comments, ok let’s do this
    Parents: Rosalina and king boo
    Special talent: making a ghostly white star appearre(Just like her mom but ghostly cause of her dad)
    Kingdom: galexlera *in space*
    Backstory: Rose was born in Galexlera with a white streak in her hair for a reason no one knows….
    Family: Rose has a younger sister named Queen Beatrix or just Beatrix for short (much like her father) Beatrix is tall and has silver hair and ghostly white skin she has an imprint on her arm that is a golden star.
    Appearance: Rose has a golden hair (With the white streak) she wears a dark blue dress with silver sparkles on it and silver high heels and she has blue eyes
    Pets: she has her white star named Silk (does that count as a pet??) she also has a pet Yorkie which is black and named midnight
    Element: stars/night/galaxy
    Name: Clementine
    Parents: Mario and Peach
    Special talent: can fly and make people fall asleep with her beauty
    Kingdom: Toad kingdom
    Backstory: Clementine or Clem has always felt a connection to her aunt Queen daisy but her parents are mortal enemies with her
    Family: she has an older brother named Coven who was accepted to The School for Good with 99.0 percent good he is in year 3
    Appearance: Clem has straight jet black hair and brown lush Arabian skin and big brown eyes she looks nothing like the rest of her family but she is shockingly beautiful.
    Pets: she a golden retriever named Jack with the same big intelligent brown eyes
    Element: food/flowers/sunlight
    Name: Poppy
    Parents: Luigi and Daisy
    Special talent: growing plants and shooting green fireballs
    kingdom: blue toad kingdom
    Backstory: poppy has a green streak in her hair ever since she was born.
    family: Poppy is an only child and her best friend is her cousin Clem daughter of Peach and Mario who is supposed to be her enemies
    Appearance: Orange hair *like her mothers* and green eyes *like her father* Poppy has long curly hair and sandy white skin and wears and orange gardening dress most of the time
    Pets: a venus fly trap
    Element: Flowers/earth

        skyeoffoxforest replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        It sounds cool

        evernever24 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Name: Luke
        Parents: Link and Zelda
        Special Talent: Fast as lightning, he is as good as his dad (especially archery and swords).
        Backstory: Luke is a family member, but his mom swore that she never had a baby.
        Personality: Brave, Mischievous, Cool(popular).
        Appearance: Looks a lot like his dad, neck-length hair (always messy), hair color is Auburn (brown-ish red), he has his moms eyes (blue).
        Outfit: Just like is dads except blue and a bit more teenage-ish, denim jacket around waist or on him.
        Pets: Ogrbunny (ogre + bunny).
        Age: 14.
        Hope you like it!
        also, I’ll add you on my tag list if you don’t mind.
        Let me know if I forgot you, I can’t remember everyone!

          evernever24 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Oh, I forgot a tag,
          Hope I didn’t forget anymore!

          sofiaishazel replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          thanks @evernever24

          dritten25 replied 1 year, 4 months ago


        terranovapyro replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Not sure if this is possible in this game world but here goes-
        Name- Caleb
        Parents- Caspian and Yumiko (from Brawlhalla)
        Special Talent- Can transform into a fox like his mother. Is also good with a bow, bow has special teleporting powers(given to him by his mother) His father taught him the art of stealth and stealing. Can travel between dimensions.
        Backstory- Given endless time, there is almost always going to be a spark of love that makes you rejoice in the endlessness of it. And that is exactly what Yumiko and Caspian did. It started slowly. Yumiko would laugh a joke Caspian made, or Caspian would let her win a match- not that Yumiko needed help. One day, Caspian approached Yumiko while she was working in the lab with Scarlet and asked her if he could have bow and arrow lessons. Shocked, Yumiko complied. She taught him well and picked up a few stealing lessons from him too. They began practicing sparring together often. A few years later, Caleb was born. Effectively breaking the laws of everything, Caleb was granted immortality(with limits) and the ability to travel between dimensions.
        Personality- Shy and quiet, overall happy demeanor. He enjoys sparring with his best friend, Scarlet and Isiah’s daughter, Chrissy.
        Appearance- Basically a teenager male version of his mom. His father gave him a pair of gauntlets at age 10, which he now refuses to take off except to sleep.
        Hope you enjoyed!
        PS I really want to know if anyone else plays this game, randomly curious!

          terranovapyro replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Not going to make a story, just wanted to make the bio. Cause why not.
          (I ship Caspiko very hard though)

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