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    Am I the only one who thinks Tedros was such a meanie to Agatha at the beginning of the book? Like honestly Agatha is my fav character and the way Tedros treated her was just i d k wrong? However, Agatha was still loyal to him. And isn’t Nicola just the best I love her character she is such a strong person? But I don’t think she has a school . . .

        cattyrose replied 2 months ago

        I’m not a huge fan of Nicola, but I think she’s a great example of a halfer

        snickerdoodling replied 3 days, 1 hour ago

        I think that was kind of the point, Tedros spent his whole life thinking looks were everything. So did most of the characters, even Agatha herself. Then she proved them all wrong and changed the way everyone saw themselves. Tedros became a better person because he stopped caring so much about looks.

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    I can’t wait 4 the movie! But I wish I knew when it was coming out lol.

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        samee i hope they release like a teaser trailer soon that would so coool

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