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    sonny posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years, 1 month ago

    I thought I would repost this as I haven’t been on in a while and this is the last character profile I conducted before I went away.

    Name: It is a historical mystery that she has no naming. To classify her, people call her by the name “Reader”, as in mind reader. Her gypsy name, however, is Moonbeam, as all the names are of astronomical and fantasy heritage.
    Nicknames: None.
    Ever/never: Never
    Age: 17. Her birthday is on Friday the 13th.
    Gender: Female
    Alias: The mind reader of Howling Grounds and Gypsy Gem around the corner.
    Weapons: Carries a box of matches everywhere she goes. She also has a liking for poisonous snake, one is her pet.
    Clothes: She used to wear casual khaki shorts and a grey, worn out shirt as a child, but then she changed. She now wears a midnight blue, velvet gown, that trails along the floor, and swooshes as she swishes. She has thick gloves reaching up to her elbow, and dark blue heels, made from crocodile skin, with sharp spikes on them, a contrast to the subtle clothing. Around her neck hangs a Rosary, which she cherishes dearly.
    Talent: She reads minds.
    Appearance: Ghostly, pale skin and white, wispy hair. She is very frail, so delicate that at a single touch, she could break a bone. She is very skinny, and her arms and legs are like bones with paper wrapped around them. She walks lightly and can semi float above the ground, but only for a short time. Her eyes are a pale pinky grey and she is accustomed to wearing pale pinky eyeshadow, and grey eyeliner. Her lips are greyish and thin, and nearly sink into her skin. On one hand she has rings scattered around all her fingers and on the other she only has a stubble, because her hand was bitten off. She wears a pearl necklace always, a diadem from her adventures.
    Personality: Even though she is young, she acts very mature, and when in concentration, she becomes very possessed. When around other people, she flinches, as their touch can cause her to melt, see backstory for more info. She is very wistful and sometimes stares off into the distance, in the middle of doing something or being spoken to. She has a very empty mind, and follows no rules. Because her mind is so empty, it is so easy to clear for meditation. She is a strong believer in God, for the gypsies, and is very religious. She despises hippies and backpackers walking through the woods, and likes to think of he self as a well respected proper gypsy.
    Backstory: All down her family line, gypsy like traits were found and passed through generation to generation. When she was born, her mother and father passed her through the traditional ceremony and she was blessed by the Senior One. However, she was not like other gypsies, for she had not received her calling. She dressed a bit like a bogan and talked in slang. She had tan skin and blonde hair, and all the other genies, bar her parents, said hurtful things behind her back. Finally, she got her spiritual calling at the age of twelve, and she changed. Her skin paled and her hair turned white. She became mysterious and her voice went an octave higher. She dressed like a queen and could afford the highest quality. Her caravan was bedecked with expensive materials draped around all her furniture, and all other gypsies respected her. But one night, a beast all gypsies believe in came at midnight, and bit her hand off. At least that is the “story” of what happened. From then on she had to use one hand to do everything. Her parents were devastated for her and brought back a priceless pearl, which she crafted into a necklace. She was then accepted into the SGE, before it was destroyed, and learnt a wide variety of evil traits. She is most extraordinary, because she is cold blooded, and when a person touches her, the skin begins to melt. This is why she has to be very careful. She usually wears an extra layer of magic skin to protect her. Because she can read minds, she knows what people are saying and thinking of her, which is a good and bad thing. It is difficult for her to trust anyone, when she knows what they really think of her.

        princesslucyofplatiumsyreni replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        She’s so cool!

        princessprimrose replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Wow. I’m in serious aww right now. 0_0 this bio makes me wanna be a Never

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        You should RP as her.

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