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    sophie205 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 2 months ago

    hi! i’m new here and my sister @sopie999 told me about this web!
    i am soooooooo happy! i mean i finished the books ages ago but i didn’t know it had a web!!! #OMG
    well, i’ll be starting my rp tomorrow so…. peace out

        espilce replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Hi and welcome to level 0

          sophie205 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

          thank you! @espilce
          i ‘m hoping to get to know you!

        espilce replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        You’re welcome

        fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Welcome @sophie205 ! The Elders and your sister will guide you if they haven’t already. 🙂

          bella777 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

          No one has still so…
          Hi! My name is Isabela and welcome to Level 0! First thing to get started is to make a character bio. It usually consists of the following:
          Fairytale Lineage/Parents:
          And anything else you might want to add! After that, you can start your RP story. The next thing to cover is tagging. You seem to already have it down, but just a tip: if you tag someone in a post, they will be notified, but if you tag then in a comment, it does nothing. So, if you need anything, feel free to tag me, @bella777, the elders (Kas and Leo) @arian2 and @soulreaper, or anyone else on the site. They will more than likely willing to help you out! So… I think that’s it! Once again, welcome to Level 0 and Good Luck! 😉

        lindathefangirl replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Hey @Sophie205! I’ve seen you around, and I’m also new here. See ya!

        soulreaper replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        New here?
        (tutorials??? down below, READ READ READ)
        I’m one of the two elders here on LEVEL 0, (The other one is @arian2 *shrugs*) and I’m here to take you on a tour around the Clearing :> I’m going to tell you how to get away with murder started here:
        1. Welcome! The Clearing is the welcoming place for any Ever and Never. Being on LEVEL 0 doesn’t exactly indicate your RPing skills. You can be in L0, L1, L2, even in L3 at the same time :>
        2. To start your adventure, you must create a character and his/her/their bio.
        A typical bio consists of the following:
        Faerie Tale Lineage/Parents:
        side note here: ANYONE can be a parent. Two women? Two men? Muggles? Unknown people? Disney? It’s your shot, don’t throw it away.
        And other stuff you might want to add :>

        You can create as many characters as you want, and even share characters with other users (with their consent, of course). Just make sure that you can handle them all!
        3. You write the story of their time in SGE. It can be pre-book, book-era, or post-book, you decide! In writing your story, there are no boundaries – write however you want, and put in whatever you want. Let’s get creative!
        Next, keeping up with the chapters. You can just wing it and type your chapters in the box up there…. or you can put everything in a document and just copy-paste things into the box! (That’s what some of us do, just saying :>)
        4. Tagging. This is important if you want a specific person *winky wink* to be notified of your post. It can be useful too if you want to see someone’s activity (just click on their tagged name and you will be taken to their page. Then you can look at their activities and stalk them.) To tag someone, use that @ symbol and then add your desired recipient of the tag. For me, it’s @soulreaper :> What about yours?
        5. This website uses basic HTML, so if you know it, then you can use your knowledge to style your text and add pictures :>, yes darling, that includes images.
        If you have any questions, feel free to tag me, @soulreaper, in your post. I will be happy to help. Oh, and please don’t spam the forum – that’s why we have the Open Chat. :> -Kas
        If you’re looking for a sample of a character bio, here is a character of mine (it’s going to be a long post after this one, so if you’re not going to look at my character, then my work here is done and you can stop reading :> *flies away*):
        Name: Lukas Faust
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Gender: Male
        Finger-glow: jet black with white streaks, unlocked at a rather untimely afternoon as he was having a bad day. He unlocked it before class, when his tea made his bagel all wet and soggy, and him very frustrated that his fingers started to glow a dim light, and then suddenly, his finger-glow was unlocked.
        Parents/faerie tale lineage: A very unimportant Ever for a father, and an unknown mother who was not a princess and was not even a student from the School for Good and Evil.
        He was a bast*rd, an illegitimate child born from his one of his father’s playful nights with the maid in her quarters.
        Pet: He never liked animals – they stole food, needed constant care and attention, annoyed their owners in the most uncute ways, and made their owners work day and night for them.
        Crush: [TRIGGER WARNING: homos*xual, if you’re uncomfortable] So he used to have a slight massive crush on his best friend, but well, stars happened. There’s this nosy – like, really nosy – boy with whom he spent time under the stars and with whom he learned about constellations and other stuff in the sky. What was that boy’s name again? Viv—Vive le Flynn? Oh, Flynn Vivalar.
        Talent: He can hold grudges. Quite well. And he is an adequate swordsman (he does better with his fists). He can conjure a knight’s ghost with his sword, and he can control this ghost – something like an extension of himself – and make said ghost fight in his stead.
        Typical outfit: (this I shall not think about because I am too lazy to do so.)
        Appearance: His hair is ashen, a messy pixie cut that was clearly meant for girls. His face is pale, with freckles all over his face. His lips always formed a thin line – somewhere between a straight face and a frown. He was overly tall for his age, apparently, and his voluminous hair really helps with his height. Pointed ears, a button nose, and a sharp chin. His eyes used to be a bright and sparkly shade of blue, until he started to lack interest in the world and he just became plain and lifeless. On his left arm, he has a very minimalistic tattoo of three asterisks in a row, and he calls said tattoo ‘Vive’.
        Personality: Well…how can I begin to describe him? Lukas is a rainbow – a greyscale rainbow. It’s either he’s sad, he’s bored, or he’s mad. Usually at himself. Rarely, very rarely, the rainbow gets a tinge of blue, green – surprise, excitement – and red – love. adoration. veneration. admiration. He rarely showed emotion except disgust. He disliked Good, and interacting with Evers was torture to him. He used to wish he was in Evil or something, but it lessened when he met various people in his life. He really likes to be alone, or sometimes he was seen with few people. A few select people. He talks to himself a lot, more like soliloquys really, and he does not realize the genius residing in him. He self-loathes, and is a skeptic. The only thing he believes in is a newly-brewed cup of tea. He has yet to find a reason to stay in Good. Oh, and his newest addition to the very short list of his likes: stars. He is suddenly into stars so much that he draws Orion, his favourite constellation, on every surface he gets his hands on.

          sophie205 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

          oh, aren’t you sweet? *pinches cheek
          you are soooooooo funny

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