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    sophieagatha20145 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Ok I’m going to try writing a bio. it’s not going to be the best 😉
    Name: Tigerlilly
    Age: 13 1/2
    Gender: Female
    School: Good
    Fairy-tale Family: Reader, she lives with her amazing cousin (her parents died)
    Finger Glow: Peacock Turquoise
    Personality: She has a lot of friends including her cousin Leilani aka Leia, and her BFF Chenoa. She also loves animals, has a beautiful 5-octave singing voice, is a complete bookworm, and is a great listener, friend , and person to be with!!
    Appearance: She has light eyes that change color depending on her mood (i.e. light purple is happy, peacock blue w/ twinkle is mischievous, ect), and long wavy auburn hair, a small nose, and an exquisite smile.
    Clothes: She wears fashionable yet comfortable clothing sometimes, but mostly wears clothes that blend in with nature, or clothes that come in colors that exist in nature.
    Talent: She is a great listener, can speak/turn into animals, cooks mouth-watering food, and is very intelligent on Evers and Nevers.
    Friends: BFFs Chenoa, cousin Leilani aka Leia, Agnes, Dianne, Evangeline, Violet, Jordan, and Ventura are some of my friends.
    Crush: None boys are the trouble in this world *ahem, ahem, brothers ahem*. 😉
    Pets: I have numerous animal friends, but I don’t keep them in my house. I let them live in their natural habitat.
    Well, I’ll write more later. Please give feedback!

        rikki237 replied 5 years ago

        That’s amazing!! I really like how descriptive you are with her appearance. There isnt anything you should change, because you are so descriptive. But, If you want feedback, you might wanna add (all of these are completely optional) likes/dislikes, magic item(s), and/or weapon(s). It’s completely up to you 🙂

          sophieagatha20145 replied 4 years, 11 months ago

          thanks!!!! sorry I haven’t been on for a while; password problems 🙁

        fsa161 replied 5 years ago


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