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    sophieagatha7 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Chapter 3: The Red Witch
    Luna’s POV
    I walk out the door, super excitedly. I head toward the center of town, where a fountain carved with a sculpture of Snow White, a famous fairytale princess who once lived here. I walk towards the florist’s garden, which I know has a passage to the Flowerground, from watching Good girls disappear into the ground here year after year. I stand on the exact spot that has ****** many Evergirls to the School for Good. I take a deep breath as I am plunged into the Flowerground.
    When I wake up, I bloom out of the ground like, well, a flower. I guess that’s why they call it the Flowerground. I see other girls blossoming out of the dirt around me. I start to giggle. It’s ridiculous. It’s like someone planted a garden of beautiful girls. I notice other girls are staring at me, so I stop giggling, but that doesn’t stop them staring at me. I look down at my ***** old dress, realizing that’s what they’re staring at. I try to brush the dust off, but my efforts are in vain. “Quite *****, isn’t she?” a tiny, melodic voice sayd in my left ear. I turn around to find myself face to face with a small, glimmering fairy. “Don’t forget, Cinderella started this way too,” another fairy’s voice murmurs in my other ear. “And besides,” the second fairy continues,”we don’t want to make her late for the Welcoming Ceremony, Anare.” The first fairy nods, and in a blink, I’m being dragged toward the main entrance, fairies muttering in my ear. I look over to the murky waters over at the School of Evil, and catch a glimpse of a girl dressed in black and red swimming towards the shore as the fairies drag me into a crystal hallway, then gently drop me.
    Cindy’s POV
    Earlier that day, I was sitting in my favourite cemetery, the one by the lake, minding my own business, when suddenly a piece of crumbling black paper that read:
    Please come home and do your chores.
    Love, Mom
    I groaned and tossed the paper away. Another one of Mom’s creative ideas to get me to do my chores. I decided to visit my second-favourite graveyard, which, unfortunately, was on the other side of town. Great. More people to stare at me and whisper, “She’s the one who will be taken for Evil.” I waved an arm and illusioned myself into an ordinary village girl. Honestly, I thought, it wouldn’t be so bad to get into Evil. At least people wouldn’t stare at me. No sooner had I made to the cemetery, than a bony stymph picked me up and swooped over the Endless Woods. I screamed and waved an arm to un-illusion myself. Finally the stymph emerged in front of the Schools for Good and Evil. It took a sharp turn towards Evil and dropped me into the muddy moat. And that brings me to where I am now. I tread water for a few seconds, then swim to the equally muddy shore. I pull myself onto shore, the ominous black castle piercing the sky. Two wolves snarl at me. I smirk. They don’t look like they have half a brain put together. I walk into the main hall, which is filled with portraits of fairytale villains, but the only one that catches my eye is that of Witch Sophie, with two pictures above a plaque that reads:
    The picture on the left shows a pretty blonde girl against the background of plain old Gavaldon. The picture on the right shows Witch Sophie with an evil smirk on her face, while Evers around her turn **** and Evil, their pink and blue uniforms fading into ghastly black robes, their smooth skin bursting with boils. I hear the chunk of a chisel and turn around. A dwarf is hammering into the wall a portrait of me, with a plaque below it reading:
    The picture shows me with a wicked grin. I smirk. Sophie may have been bad, but I’ll be worse.

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        Sorry, I was in a rush

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        its fine, also great job

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        Awesome job!

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          Thank you!

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