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    Chapter 5: An Ever’s Rose
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    Cindy’s POV
    After Pollux’s long-winded, boring speech, we all start leaving the auditorium. The red rose in my pocket rustles as I stand up. I hope none of the other Nevers notice it. Darya and I head back to our room, Mischief 46, and when we make it there, there’s a girl who’s very pale and has straggly black hair. Her eyes seem like a bottomless pit. “A bit late, aren’t you,” I say, smirking. She throws me a murderous look. “I’m Raye,” she says sharply. “I’m Cindy, newbie,” I sneer. “What’s that?” Raye asks, noticing the lump in my pocket. “It’s…uh…nothing! Absolutely nothing!” I lie, hoping she’ll be deceived. I exchange a nervous glance with Darya. This is not going well at all.
    Emmy’s POV
    When we get to our room, I notice Luna’s looking bewildered. “Luna, what’s wrong?” I ask. She shakes her head. “Nothing, it’s just…” She trails off. “I saw an Everboy toss a rose to a Nevergirl!” She blurts out. My mouth hangs open, and Natalia looks like she just saw a ghost. Natalia is the first of us to speak. “That’s crazy! No Ever would dare to give a Never a rose!” Luna nods. “I know, but he did. I saw it. She put it in her pocket.” I clear my throat. “A Never getting a rose? But that’s impossible!” Luna gives me a look that says everything. “That’s what I thought too, but apparently not. She didn’t really seem like she would catch any prince’s eye. She looked as dark and gloomy as the rest of them.” “What did she look like?” Natalia asks suspiciously. “She had auburn hair in a bob, and she was wearing a red and black outfit instead of that gloomy robe the rest of them were wearing. Why do you ask?” Luna says. “I knew a girl back in Gavaldon who perfectly fits that description. Everyone knew someday she would go to Evil, even though it was obvious her parents wanted otherwise. Her name was…Cindy,” Natalia replies. Luna nods, and starts pacing around the room. “Right, so Cindy, if that’s her name, got a rose from some black-haired boy. Why?” I shrug, saying,”I guess she caught his eye.” Luna nods and sits down on her bed. “I guess so, but…Evers don’t toss roses to Nevers. It’s strange.” “My father is from Wonderland,” I say. “Everything’s strange.”
    Darya’s POV
    Cindy’s still fidgeting with the rose in her pocket. I tried to get her to show Raye the rose, but her only response was twirling the rose under her robes thoughtfully. “Cindy?” I say, once Raye has gone to the washroom. “Mm-hm?” she says, looking up. “Evers never give Nevers roses, so do you think that it may have fallen into your lap accidentally?” She shakes her head. “No way. He was looking at me, and smiling…” She trails off for a moment, obviously daydreaming. “And besides,” Cindy says, shaking herself as if out of a trance, “I don’t think that the rose was thrown at someone else, because if the wind had blown it, it probably would have landed on the floor. And it landed perfectly into my lap. He definitely meant to throw it to me.” “Right, but Cindy, what if it were just meant as a joke?” I suggest. Cindy turns to me, her eyes blazing. “How dare you suggest such a thing! I can’t believe you, Darya!” “I’m just saying, what if it were just that Everboy’s idea of a practical joke?” Cindy glares at me, and I gulp. So she’s not 100% Evil, but she could still destroy me if she wanted to. So I hope that she’s not too mad at me. But I know that’s wishful thinking.

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