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    sophieagatha7 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Chapter 6: A Never in Love
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    Cindy’s POV
    The day after the whole rose incident, a wolf drags me to Dean Sophie’s office. When he opens the door, panting slightly, Dean Sophie is gazing jealously at the beautiful rainbow-creating spires of Good. “Well, well, well,”Dean Sophie says, turning around to face me with a wicked look. “Miss Cindy, was it? I have received reports that you got a rose tossed to you by an Everboy.””I-” I begin, but am cut off by Dean Sophie. “I must admit that’s quite impressive. I didn’t even get a rose, and I always looked breathtaking!” Her lips curl into a smirk. “It seems like you’ve caught this boy’s eye. Chances are, he’ll ask you to a ball. A ball!” Her eyes close and her face lights up as she imagines the perfect ball. She opens her eyes and says in a calm, clear voice, “This is your chance to show them all that Evers and Nevers really can be together!” She clasps her hands in a dreamlike sort of way. Her eyes narrow. “Now, who exactly is this boy?” I describe his hair that’s as black as a raven’s wing, his eyes blue as the sea, and his smile that melted my heart. Sophie listens, nodding at everything I say. “That sounds just like Agatha’s son, Harry.” My eyes widen. The boy who threw me the rose was Agatha’s son? Head spinning, I almost fall over the wolf’s outstretched foot. “Are you all right?” Dean Sophie asks politely. “I’m fine,” is all I manage to get out, before everything goes as black, black like his hair…
    When I finally wake up, I’m lying on the Mischief Commons’ floor. It’s uncomfortable, but no more so then the cold stone floor in Dean Sophie’s office. Two blurry faces swim into my vision. “Raye, she’s alive!” says a voice I’m too tired to remember. Raye smirks at my partly-unconcious face. “What a shame. I was thinking of leaving it for the rats to eat.” Fury boiling up inside me, I reach up and slap Raye across the face. She looks shocked, as if she thought nobody would ever dare to hurt her. That probably is what’s going on in that tiny mind of hers. Darya is laughing and covering her hand with her mouth so Raye won’t laugh at her. A cold expression comes over her face, and in a voice cold as ice, she says, “I’m coming for you, Ever-Lover. And you’ll be sorry when I do.” Then she storms off. Darya and I look at each other and burst into laughter. I’m having a laughing fit when I realize something: I never told Raye about the rose.
    Luna’s POV
    I’ve woven my red roses with the pink carnations on the sleeves of the uniform, and let me just say that it looks stunning. I didn’t have enough roses for there to be an equal amount of roses on each side, so Natalia gave me one of her five. She said it was from a boy who she never really liked. The only downside to this is that the other girls stare jealously at my roses. I try to ignore them, though. It’s morning, right after breakfast, and Emmy and Natalia and I are headed to Princess Etiquette, taught by Pollux. When we get there, Pollux is wobbling on a goat’s body, muttering, “He said, ‘it’s my turn to have the body this week.’ ‘No, it isn’t,’ I said. But did he listen? No! If I could, I’d-” “Mr. Pollux?” I ask tentatively. “Yes? You can just call me Pollux, you know,” Pollux says, gazing down at our young faces. He claps his hands-er, hooves-and silences everyone. “Our first lesson will be…Curtsying! Miss Emmy, would you like to demonstrate a perfect curtsy?” Emmy looks startled, but nods. She stands in front of us all and does the most grateful curtsy I’ve ever seen. Although I haven’t really seen many curtsies…Whatever, I guess. So I start practicing curtsies like the rest of the girls are. But one thought haunts me. The Nevergirl with her wicked smirk. I shiver. I have to find out what she’s up to.
    Sorry it’s so short!

        evilerruler845 replied 3 years ago

        It’s ok. Great chapter!!

          sophieagatha7 replied 3 years ago

          Thanks. I know it’s short.

        hatsunemikuisthebest replied 3 years ago

        Great chapter! Tag me

          sophieagatha7 replied 3 years ago


        crazydesigner replied 3 years ago

        This is really interesting, please tag me.

          crazydesigner replied 3 years ago

          Also, I’d love to write this with you, but I’m not sure how I do things like that.

          sophieagatha7 replied 2 years, 12 months ago

          Of course! Glad you like it!

        crazydesigner replied 2 years, 12 months ago

        Maybe we can email drafts back and forth? I can be found a [email protected]

          sophieagatha7 replied 2 years, 12 months ago

          I’m not actually sure how we collab yet! 😛

          crazydesigner replied 2 years, 12 months ago

          I already have at least some of a draft done, I’m sorry I haven’t read all your bios, so I may have made Emmy and Cindy a little more daring than they’re supposed to be, but I can email it to you, if you give me your address. I actually asked around and someone said that people doing collabs should find a place to meet and brainstorm, but unless you live in Houston, we can’t do that. Sooooo I’ll probably need your email address.

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