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    sophieagatha7 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 10 months ago

    Some stuff before you read my chapter:
    This is my first chapter in my RP. Sorry if I do something wrong. Or have bad writing. I’m apologizing in advance just in case.
    The Zodiac
    POV Ashlyn
    I can’t stand this place. I just can’t stand the total lack of imagination and creativity. Gemini could have, should have, built a city where every house looked like a palace, sculptures were around every corner and were carved beautifully, and not everything was for survival. But instead, he had one of his stupid mood swings, and created a city in which everything was oh-so practical. My parents took away everything from me that they deemed “unpractical”. That apparently included my great-grandmother’s music box, my paintings, and my paints and paintbrushes. The one thing I managed to keep away from them was my shirt with the small rhinestone bird on it, and even hiding just that was difficult. I know I should be downstairs right now, bidding farewell to my father, who has never served in a war but is leaving to fight nonetheless. I know I should, but I can’t bring myself to pretend I miss the man who never loved me. He never has showed me affection, so why should I do the same for him? Suddenly, I hear a loud sobbing noise. It must be Mom. I’ve never heard her cry before. I put my ear to the dusty floorboards. “I don’t want you to go,” I hear her say, and start to feel a bit sorry for her. “I have to be alone with that terrible daughter of ours,” she continues, with a sniffle, and any sorrow I had for her vanishes as fast as it came. That’s it. I’m leaving this place. I will not stay with HER any longer. But where could I go? I ponder this until I get a brilliant idea: that island with the ruins of something or other. I heard about once from a friend who heard it from someone else. Hopefully it’s real. I lift my head from the floor and glance at my old, worn-out backpack. I stuff my things in it and sling it over my shoulders. I run to my window and peer out of it to the ground below. Not too far a fall. Or maybe it is. What does it matter? I jump out the window, wind ruffling my hair as the ground comes closer and closer. I try to land on my feet, and I do, but I think I sprained something. “Owww,” I groan, rubbing my ankle. “What was that?” I hear from inside. Fueled by pure adrenaline, I get up and brush the dirt off my hair and clothes. I run over to my stolen motorbike, twisting my hair into a ponytail as I do so. I get on the motorbike, put my helmet on and buckle the chin straps. I look out to the wilderness beyond this boring city and grin, my heart pumping excitedly. This is gonna be fun.

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        I only just saw this, but it’s cool!!! In the future, please tag everyone in the Zodiac so they can see the POV more easily.

          sophieagatha7 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Oh, sorry! Maybe I should have made her want to go to Leo ’cause that’s where everyone else is going

        sophieagatha7 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        This why I apologized in advance 😛 I knew I was bound to do SOMETHING wrong

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