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    sophieofsomewhere posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 4 months ago

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    Chapter 1: A New Beginning
    Athena found herself staring at the principal for the tenth time this year. She hadn’t meant to be rude; it just slipped out. While plotting against Giselle for bullying Quinn, Mrs. Tryniski had caught her not paying attention in math class. She had been asked what they were learning about and couldn’t remember. Naturally, Mrs. Tryniski got mad at her, but Athena was fed up. She replied with, “Well, maybe if you taught us something useful or new I would pay attention!” Of course, she was sent to the office after that incident. After a lecture from the principal plus a note to show her parents, she was finally dismissed at the end of the day. As Athena briskly walked home, Quinn, the very same friend she was trying to protect, caught up to her. “So…” he started. “What do you think the School for Evil will be like? Send me a letter when you’re there!” Athena glared at him, mildly confused. Quinn continued. As always, he was full of energy. “You do know you’re going to Evil? Everyone thinks you would do well there!” Athena had not known this, and ran the rest of the way home. After receiving a lecture from her parents and sitting through dinner while her brother flicked peas at her, Athena finally flopped into bed and fell asleep without taking off her boots or coat. Later she awoke to a scratching sound. She tensed and got ready to punch some idiotic prankster. Suddenly, a bird she recognized as a stymph flew through her window and picked her up! Athena didn’t even have time to scream. As she flew over the Endless Woods, the tips of her boots skimming the treetops, Athena sighed out loud. Why wasn’t she a little bit nicer? Maybe she would still be at home if it wasn’t for her mean streak. The Schools for Good and Evil loomed over her. Athena squeezed her eyes shut, expecting to drop into Evil’s moat. She felt the stymph drop her…but she didn’t drop into the moat. Athena opened her eyes and saw the Good castle gleaming majestically. Athena looked around and found herself in a grassy field. She grinned, knowing that someone recognized that she wasn’t evil after all.
    **This is my first time role-playing, I hope you enjoyed! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! :)**

        sapphy replied 2 years, 4 months ago

        I loved it! I feel like maybe Giselle will go to Evil?

        sapphy replied 2 years, 4 months ago

        I love this story! I think Giselle will be in Evil?

          galvaldon replied 2 years, 3 months ago

          Love it! I also feel like Giselle will go to Evil, or is that what you WANT us to think?

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