oofooty2006 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 5 months ago

    People have been theorizing that Japeth is Rafal.

    @SophieRules101 (Sorry if I got the name wrong 😬) pointed out Japeth’s initials are R.J., meaning his name could well be Rafal.

    That means two sets of brothers were called Rhian and Rafal.

    So wouldn’t it make sense for the original Lion and the Snake (See page 233 of Quests For Glory) to be…[Read more]

        evilerruler845 replied 5 months ago

        But Rafal loved Sophie… Japeth is a conniving, stuck-up, son of a f*cking m*therf****** b*tch who knows nothing about showing respect to the people who actually deserve it. Please excuse my language 🙂 I did suspect the same thing at first. However, Japeth’s behavior resembles nothing like Rafal’s. Evelyn Sader could’ve named her sons after…[Read more]

          rhianmustdie replied 5 months ago

          Woah dude chill

        arcticsorcerer replied 5 months ago

        So now there’s two rafals cuz the first one is dead

          iamadonut replied 5 months ago

          No! Not 2!

        iniyaalsethupathi replied 5 months ago

        OMG that could work!!!