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    sophiesecretlover posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 7 months ago

    Introduction: A Baby Is Born
    On January 1st at Midnight, a baby girl was born from Amber and Phillipe of Camelot. As soon as the proud parents locked eyes with their first child, they knew she was special. Sure, every new parent says that, but this pair was smart and diligent, and almost never got anything incorrect. What also helped, was the fact that their baby produced a single ball of light from her tiny hand when her parents looked at her.
    “Journie . . . that will be her name!” Amber pronounced, swaddling her new baby in a white blanket. Phillipe looked at his wife lovingly, and hugged her.
    “Perfect, honey! This child will be special, I just know it! She will make a perfect addition to Camelot, Amber! Our people will love her!” Amber’s nurse maid, Delilah, walked over to the Nursery Room window, and pulled open the drapes. Immediately, cheer erupted from below their 100 foot window. Amber, too weak to stand, was pushed in a wheelchair outside to the gold and marble balcony by Delilah. Phillipe grabbed his newborn child from his wife, and followed behind her, smiling from ear to ear. Amber and Phillipe waved to the adoring crowd below them, holding Journie in between them. Journie looked up at her father and grabbed for his crown. Phillipe laughed, and took it off, placing it on Journie’s tiny head. Journie laughed, when the crown slipped down to her shoulders. Phillipe looked out into the crowd and held a silver star up in front of him. This silver star was gifted to him from his father, who was given it by his father, Tedros of Camelot. Phillipe glanced at his wife, who nodded for him to go along.
    “Citizens of Camelot, it is with my greatest pride and pleasure to announce, that there is a new addition to the Royal Family of Camelot. Just minutes ago, Queen Amber gave birth to a healthy baby girl, that we gifted the name Journie to.” Phillipe paused a moment, as cheers roused from the crowd. He heard a woman yell:
    “A new savior of Camelot is here to save us all!” Phillipe chuckled. Being King was not easy! And he knew it wasn’t easy for his wife, wither. Amber had grown up in a small village in Jaunt Jolie, where she wasn’t having to show every bit of her to citizens of her kingdom.
    Amber smiled at her husband, and leaned up to kiss him of the cheek.
    “I believe in you!” She whispered. Lately, Phillipe had tried creating an image of himself to his people. It often caused him to seem absent at dinners and when company was over. Amber hoped that Journie would help let him realize that he is perfect the way he is.
    Phillipe winked, and grabbed his baby from his wife. He breathed in and out, and held up the child for his citizens to see. A cry leaped out from the crowd. Phillipe blinked, and wondered why.
    Then, he saw it. Journie had cupped her hands, and was producing a ball of gold light. Slow, it grew larger and larger, until it surrounded the Royal Family.
    Suddenly, the light was gone, and the Royal Family was breathing in and out.
    “What . . . just happened?” Amber wheezed. The couple looked at Journie. Amber looked at her husband questionably.
    “I think we just gave birth to the next Savior of Camelot.”

        mermaida1 replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        Cool! Gd story 😉

          sophiesecretlover replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Thank you so much! I love writing and the stories of Camelot and magic, so I thought this would be a fun idea to do!

          kiera1468 replied 1 year, 7 months ago


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