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    sophiesecretlover posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 7 months ago

    (Sorry, I meant to do this bio first!)
    Name: Journie of Camelot
    Age: 13
    Status: Princess of Camelot/ Savior of Camelot
    Address: Royal Road, Camelot Castle, Camelot
    Family: Great Granddaughter of Queen Agatha and King Tedros, Daughter of King Phillipe and Queen Amber of Camelot.
    Fingerglow: Gold with streaks of white
    School: Good
    Love Interest: Liam of Bloodbrook/ Prince of Bloodbrook
    Appearance: Golden hair, green eyes, tan/fair skin.
    Power: Can create light/ Talented in Fingerglow magic.
    Problem: She #10 Has weird powers that no one has heard of. #2) Is in love with a Prince of a Never Kingdom. #3) Does not want to rule Camelot when she turns 16 in 3 years.
    Best Friend: Loretta of Camelot (Citizen of Camelot that Journie met when she secretly/illegally stole out of the castle and visited the Camelot Public Library.

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