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    soulreaper posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 1 month ago

    [for previous parts, click on the smiley 🙂]
    I’M BACK. Aric and I have been fixing things, so I really had to leave, BUT I COULDN’T LEAVE THIS STORY UNDONE. That’s why I decided to come back. *nods*
    This is such a shyytt update, pardon me if it’s mediocre for some update you’ve been waiting for.
    Taglist: *do tell me if I missed anyone* @arian2 @artemisetoile @luna101 @puyre98 @caramelprincess @icey4605 @dot111 @ninja002 @fairytalegirl123 @heilnofheltia @hortlover @flaw @mistytales @msgrammar @bella777 @ariniegold @boomboompancakes @cuteypie1mint (forgive me if I forgot anyone in the tag list. are you guys even still here)
    but yeah enjoy this huge comeback. c:
    -Uncle Kas

    Part 31:

    “I-I don’t understand,” Lukas stuttered. He was still trembling, minutes after they had kissed – the first time since Flynn was hauled off to the Doom Room more than a week ago. “What about Mist?” He had to hold himself together, wrap an arms around himself, to keep himself from shaking too much. He was obviously confused, and there were a million questions running through his head at that very moment.

    The other boy just leaned over and let the cold hair run past the two of them. His face was dimly lit by the moonlight and the stars that Lukas loved so dearly, as he stared off to the distance. “Funny how memories can just snap back to you in an instant, brought about by events which do not seem too important, eh?”

    Lukas just watched him.

    “I wonder how Agatha and Sophie fixed their broken bonds,” he continued murmuring. “Maybe there was something that Dean Sophie must have seen for her love for Agatha to come back.”

    Then there was silence. Lukas never found how and why Flynn was standing right beside him, but he didn’t complain. The questions in his head can take another day, but right now, he wanted to savour the beauty of being with his beloved – there was no telling how long this moment would last, or if it would be over too fast.

    Flynn stared at the dim stars near the horizon where the Endless Woods met the sky.


    “Mr. Gressmann, I hope you get well soon, and don’t attempt another stunt such as that.”

    As soon as the doors of the Hospital Wing closed behind him, Flynn dropped to the floor, pale as the moonlight. He gasped for air as his violently shaking hands clutched his wet shirt. Memories were flooding back to him at an insane speed, like an enormous storm that has been brewing in his mind for years that had just poured into tonnes and tonnes of water. The tears threatened to spill but would not come, as the pain was all inside him.

    Flynn slowly walked back to the Ever Ball, where the rest of the Evers were still in the middle of merrymaking. Mist was in their assigned table, talking to her friends, being pretty and happy. She looked at the direction of the door and smiled at Flynn, who could not bear staring back at her. He felt like throwing up – everything was coming back to him, and at an alarming rate.

    He couldn’t believe that he had just spent- no, wasted the nine days he was supposed to spend with his beloved. And that beloved was not Mist, but Lukas Faust. The boy that he had seen crossing the dividing line in the Clearing. The boy that he had seen glowing in the Halfway Bridge with his knight before the Circus of Talents. The boy with whom he watched the stars. The boy with the tattoo up his arm.

    The crying boy he held in the library when he learned of the boy’s fear of heights and flying.

    The boy with the ashen hair, now jet black like his, and the dull blue eyes.

    The boy whose lips he lived to kiss.

    The boy whose freckles he tried to count every time their eyes met.

    The boy whose hand he was supposed to be holding during this ball.

    Not Mist.

    “Flynn, love, something wrong?” His trance was broken by Mist’s voice. After he had left her to bring Lukas to the hospital earlier, she had opted to return to the ball and wait for him there. “You seem out of it. Tell me,” she continued, already standing in front of Flynn as if she had teleported from more than ten meters away. She raised a hand in an attempt to place it on his cheek, only for it to be slapped away.

    His eyes were wide and twitching, tiny emerald pupils staring in horror. “I don’t know who you are,” he replied in between deep breaths, much to Mist’s horror. “You’re not L—”

    “What are you saying?” she cut him and tried to pass it off with a chuckle, nervous. “It’s me, Mist. Your girlfrie—”

    Before she could finish the word, Flynn had run off. Knowing her time was up and she had failed already, Mist did not bother chasing after him. At least she had her own time with her crush. It was time that Lukas, the rightful one, had his.

    Flynn rushed through the corridors and back to his room in the Valor Tower where he stayed cooped up for hours on end, before deciding to go to the Groom Room. He didn’t care about the curfew – he never did anyway – as he bathed himself, much to the chagrin of the faeries who still helped him bathe anyway.

    “I can’t believe what’s happened to me,” he told Faerie 24601, though he knew the faerie was uninterested. “I’m a complete mess, and I’ve just nearly let the love of my life take his own… his own…” He couldn’t dare say the next words. Sighing in defeat, he went under the water and stayed until he could no longer feel anything.

    Fair enough, the sensation of drowning and going numb made him feel at ease… for a few seconds.

    He resurfaced slowly and looked at the ceiling, wondering what to do next or how to approach Lukas again. He got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around his waist, not bothering to dress up, as he walked back to his room.


    “Why did you try to, you know, jump off?” he asked Lukas. They had spent the next hour still there on the Bridge. Lukas was still in a state of shock, sat down on the floor and leaning back against the railing. He could not believe what just happened more than an hour ago – they just kissed. Like k-i-s-s, with the lips touching and all that. Lukas tightened his grip on Artemis’ doll out of nervousness.

    He couldn’t answer. “That’s not important,” he said. “Why are you here? How did you find me?”

    “Well, that’s pretty easy, you know.”


    He ran everywhere.

    Class was boring and he just had to see Lukas. The problem is he didn’t know if he could. What if the boy hated him already? The moment they were dismissed that afternoon, Flynn zoomed to the door and was quick to get to the Hospital Wing. Surprisingly or not, Artemis and Chess were already there. Lukas was on the bed, his jet black hair—when did he have black hair? Wasn’t it grey before?– a scruffy mess against the white sheets.

    Flynn somehow felt relieved that Lukas wasn’t alone, but hesitated to come near. He’s been like that yesterday too, and just stuck to watching the three interact. He’d been too scared to approach the boy, but wanted so bad to talk to him. Hopefully the boy liked the glass faerie he sent the other day, at least he had reached Lukas one way or another.

    That night, he couldn’t sleep. All he could think of was Lukas all alone in the Hospital Wing. Maybe they could talk now? He got up slowly and walked out his room, quietly so as to not wake his roommates up. Closing the door, his bare feet carried him to the Hospital Wing.

    To his surprise, the door to the hospital was left ajar, the crack enough for him to slip through easily. He approached Lukas’s bed, expecting to see the boy sleeping, but found the bed empty. He looked around. There were no signs of faerie activity, and no signs of Lukas either.

    He went out and headed to the Main Hall, hoping Lukas would be there. The door was locked.

    In a nervous frenzy, he made for the library. Every step of the way, he’d find himself recalling his footsteps in the dark back then, when he chased after Lukas. When he got to the library, he looked at the corner where they stayed the night, and saw sparks of light. It was just his imagination, but it felt like Lukas was there, the same vulnerable Lukas he found crying. He felt the chill in the air. Lukas wasn’t there.

    Flynn ran to the Clearing, where he first saw Lukas – the very first day of school, when the boy tried to cross the dividing line – and looked around. The same sparks of light were there, on the bench where he’d always find Lukas sitting. Tears started to fall. “Lukas, where are you?” He looked up at the sky and saw black. Oddly, or not, it was covered in thick clouds, and he could not see anything. He expected stars – and that was when it hit him. At this point, there could only be one place.

    He rushed to Merlin’s Menagerie – which was conveniently open to the students at this time, for some reason – and prepared to fall through the portal. Looking up from his fall, he saw Lukas talking to his reflection. A wave of relief surged through him as he gulped.

    “I had a feeling you’d be here.”


    if you’re reading this one, you have to comment “Javert graces dreams with his lovely beard.” before your actual comment. Just so I know you actually read it. (i’m not obsessed with javert, btw)
    Thanks! -Kas

        arian2 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Christ, Kas, don’t you ever leave for that long without letting me know. I genuinely thought I would never see you again. Your writing was always really good.
        Javert does inappropriate things to people in their dreams with his beard. Or something.

        mm7h replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man….
        YOU’RE BACK! You’re actually back! I liked your story. And I guess you’re right you couldn’t just leave it incomplete I was begging for you to return

          mm7h replied 3 years, 1 month ago

          Oh wait whoops I forgot “Javert graces dreams with his lovely beard.”

        kenziecrystai replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Javert graces dreams with his lovely beard.
        Oh my god. I’m shaking. You have no idea how many goodbye posts I’ve read, and watched people disappear from the site. And you’re actually back… firstly, thank you.
        Aaaaaaand secondly, could you please tag me? This story is absolutely incredible, and I want to see how it ends! 🙂

        elysianne replied 3 years, 1 month ago


        But this was an amazing chapter ahahahaha :))) i need moar

        caramelprincess replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Javert graces dreams with his lovely beard.
        You’re back Kas! Yes! And magnificent chapter. Always a please to witness the product of your beautiful story making mind. 🙂

        cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Javert – erm – enters dreams with his beard.
        So glad you posted. I really need to catch up on your story. Like, really. Anyway, great job!

        heilnofheltia replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Javert graces dreams with his lovely beard. KAS! I am so glad that you are back!!! Also, thank you for not leaving us on that cliffhanger.

        catsareawesome2006 replied 3 years ago



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