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    sparklyfairy123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hi. I’m only a few days overdue, right? … … Well, you see, my friend came over, there was a llama wedding, and we had to do lots of research, I watched Thor, caught up on OUAT, finished Nightfall, drew a lot, watched some more movies… and now I’ll stop. I’m also changing Will to Jacob/Jake. Enjoy!

    The School for Good and Evil
    The Mermaid’s Crown
    Chapter 7
    By SparklyFairy123
    POV – Leah
    “Show yourself!” Lydia called into the darkness. “We have weapons and magic that will come shooting your way if you don’t reveal yourself.”
    “We also have a wonderful, amazing, smart, talented, magical, and humble magical map named Jake,” Jake shouted, giving all of us another glimpse of his oh-so-fabulous personality.
    Margie nocked the arrow in her hand, and I advanced with my sword. Jake zoomed into the treetops and rustled in the leaves above our unwanted companion, probably assuming that they would notice a massive map above them. We heard a yelp from where the twigs broke, and not one, but two girls about our age emerged from the blackness. The one on the left had long, brown, waterfall curls and green eyes, and the one on the right had shoulder-length, curly, blonde hair and blue eyes, reminding me a little bit of Alice from Alice in Wonderland (and other places). Both were wearing Evergirl uniforms. I vaguely remembered them as Margie’s other friends that she talked to in classes we weren’t next to each other in.
    Margie put back her arrow, but Lydia and I kept our blades out, in striking position. “Bella? Kyla? What are you doing here?” she asked.
    “Following you of course. Unfortunately, stupid Kyla over here decided to blow our cover, so you caught us,” the one on the left, presumably Bella, replied.
    “Why would you follow us?” I questioned them.
    “Not because Dovey told us to, that’s for sure.”
    “Uh huh. We definitely didn’t borrow an invisibility cloak and sneak out behind you,” Kyla said, right before Bella smacked her over her head.
    Jake swooped down from the trees, and yelled “BOO!” Bella screamed. Kyla yelped, but then she started to giggle.
    “Well hello there, Mister Map. You’re a funny little creature, aren’t you?” she said, giggling some more, the Alice in her shining brightly through. Before he could reply, Bella yanked her back by her dress’ collar, grumbling as she pulled her back into the Woods.
    “We’re going back to school! You’re not worth detention.”
    Jake sunk closer to Lydia and I, so that Margie couldn’t hear what he was about to say. “Ya know, I can see why the blonde girl is in Good, but that other one, phew, she could easily come off as a Never to anyone.” We snickered, earning a glare from Margie, who was listening in.
    “Just come on. We have larger problems to deal with,” Margie said, taking the lead. We discussed how exactly we were going to get Margie and Jake into the deep blue. Lydia started the conversation by pulling out her book.
    “So, obviously, the ideal situation for Margaret is a temporary tail, but it won’t last too long, and we might be able to cast it once each, but it’s a really tough spell, and she won’t be able to breath when she transforms back.”
    “What if you just cast a water breathing spell on her?” I suggested, peering over Lydia’s shoulder. “I mean, it doesn’t run out until the person it’s cast on breaks surface, and it isn’t hard to cast.”
    Margie stopped so she could… catch down with us? Is that a thing? “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Don’t you think some merpeople will freak out if they see a random human swimming around their cities?”
    “She has a point, Leah. Although, there is a light bending spell that one of us could cast that makes it seem like she has a tail. Sound good to everyone?” We all nodded in agreement, and continued to talk about Jake as he shouted out directions.
    “So, Jake should be easy enough, right? We just have to make him, I dunno, maybe smaller or more streamlined?” Margie asked.
    “Ooh! Ooh!” I squealed. “I know some spells that can turn him into a wonderful direction-giving dolphin!”
    “Woah!” Lydia exclaimed. “That would be perfect! I’m gonna need to see that spell.”
    “Hold up Amigos.” Jake said. “Did you say we’re going underwater?” We nodded.
    “You didn’t realize that earlier?” Lydia asked. Jake turned a peachy-pink color, almost as if he was blushing.
    “It doesn’t matter. I’m not going underwater. It would ruin my beautiful shine!”
    I stared at him. “Did you not hear the part about becoming an adorable little dolphin?” He muttered something I didn’t expect was polite under his breath. Something about ‘kids and their ****** ideas’ and him ‘always having to pay.’
    Luckily for us, we didn’t have to listen to his complaints much longer, because in about 10 minutes, we were in an open field, and waves were crashing on the jagged rocks below us. To the left, there was a fifty-foot drop to a narrow beach and the previously mentioned jagged rocks. On out right side, a gleaming crystal castle accompanied by a kingdom stood
    Lydia and I grabbed Margie’s hands, and we slowly floated down to the dark and grainy sand. Jake flew down on his own, refusing to help with Margie. The wind was much more fierce by the water, stinging our skin with a mix of salty sea spray and sand. We were awarded with more complaining from Jake and all of us eager to dive under the surface. To go under, though, required yet another outfit change.
    Sparkles flew. We were encased in shining light, and when it faded, I was wearing a dark magenta top with elbow-length sleeves and a pearl collar, along with a light pink, translucent silky skirt that matched my neon magenta tail well. My hair was down and flowy, looking as pink as ever, and my tiara was still perched on my head. Lydia had a dark blue short-sleeved dress that matched her hair, and it was silky and partially see-through when it fanned out around her tail. Margie had a long, cream-colored top that faded into violet as it got closer to the ruffles at the bottom, and for now, white leggings.
    She climbed into the water as the rest of us hovered above it farther out, and then Lydia sang a spell at her, and I sang one at Jake, who promptly splashed into the water as a dolphin. I cast another spell at Margie, and her legs shimmered and disappeared, leaving her with a lilac tail she would never forget.

    Aaaaaaand we’re out of story mode… NOW. I hope you liked it! Constructive criticism is very much appreciated, but please tell me what you think either way. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged, and if you caught the somewhat OUAT reference.
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        cherryo replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        llama wedding? I’m intrigued. (Nice chapter by the way!!)

        doveys-apprentice replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        great chapter!

        celloluvr replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        thanks for continuing to tag me. i finally got on

        demonicever replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Nice! Just a random question- how do they walk around if they have tails? Not criticising or anything, just curious. 🙂

          sparklyfairy123 replied 2 years, 11 months ago

          Thanks! @demonicever Did I say walk? Oops. Well, in earlier chapters, I said that they were enchanted so they could go to school with tails, meaning that they would hover over the ground and could fly. To everyone else, yeah, the llama wedding was… interesting… 😉

        cherryo replied 2 years, 11 months ago

        Interesting, you say? 😉

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