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    Heeeey. I know I haven’t been on for a while, and haven’t posted a chapter in even longer, soooooooo I’m just gonna start this… but I’m first going to say something. I’m switching this to third-person.
    Connect the Realms (may change. Have been playing with titles)
    Chapter 2
    POV – Naia
    By SparklyFairy123
    Something was trapping her. She needed to move. To run. No, not to run… but get away. Fast.
    A stern and desperate voice flooded Naia’s mind. “Get up! Move! Please!” As she slowly returned to consciousness, she did. Despite her massive snow jacket, the cold wind and snow was biting. Only then did the memories return to her.
    Naia was skiing down a black diamond in the Italian Alps, even though it was turning to night and not the wisest thing to be doing. A blinding flash of light gleamed in the corner of her eye, so she whipped her head around to see. She saw a man, dog, and sled descend out of the light, and that’s when everything went black.
    She tore her eyes open to find a St. Bernard standing over her. Her skies had come off, and she was laying in the snow, in the trees off the trail.
    “Hi, buddy!” she exclaimed. Naia tried to reach up to try and hug him, but when she moved, pain shot through her. She flinched and lay back down, instead thinking about the voice that woke her up. The dog looked over behind him, and then jumped off of her.
    “Thank the… heavens you’re awake!” the same voice shouted. He muttered something under his breath that Naia couldn’t understand. “You’re lucky you woke up when you did! Now get up, unless of course you want frostbite!” She did, and finally got a good look at her surroundings. The moon was significantly higher in the sky than it was when she saw the light, and the last streaks of sunset had vanished from the sky. The man had kind features and pale blue eyes, but they were looking at her with intense worry. The St. Bernard was standing at his side by a sled with a mound of something covered by a blanket. Naia gasped.
    “You’re the ones who came out of the light!” she said.
    “I beg your pardon?! Have you gone insane?!” Naia looked at the ground, embarrassed.
    “Sorry…” she mumbled. “I guess I just-”
    “Nevermind that. Let’s just get you home. Can you walk?” She nodded, with only a little strain. “Good. Get on the sled, I’ll get your skies and poles.” She obeyed, and tried not to show her pain as she stumbled over to the sled. The man lay her ski equipment across the sled and harnessed the dog to it. He put his skies off and took off, the dog following quickly after.
    They reached Naia’s hometown ski village without any more crashes, and Callie and Anne, the two sisters that adopted her, came running out. Callie’s long, wavy red hair was down, and Anne’s light brown was up, as usual, and they were both still dressed, their pale blue eyes glinting with fury. “Naia Michaels! Where have you been?!” She noticed the man and dog with me. “Go to bed now!” Callie glanced over at the man. “Aiden. I expect you’ll give us a full report on everything that happened?”
    “Indeed.” Anne opened her mouth to speak, but Aiden, whom Naia fully intended to ask about later, cut her off. “And yes, I brought them.” A smile spread across their faces, but they saw Naia standing at the stairs and they were replaced by frowns.
    “GO!” they both yelled.
    She sulked up to her room and collapsed on to her deep blue four-poster bed. Her room was large, with a glass domed ceiling that gave a view of the stars. Orion and Sirius were the last things Naia saw before she turned over and went to sleep.
    She didn’t know how long she slept for, but after what felt like mere minutes, someone knocked on her door. Naia didn’t say anything. But she listened. Anne’s voice filled her ears. “We can’t tell her! Z… Aiden, you know we can’t!”
    “But we need her!” Aiden, who was annoyingly still there, insisted. “If she chooses to come, then no one can tell her otherwise. Naia’s the only one who can-”
    It was Callie’s turn to speak. “That’s exactly why we can’t. Tell. Her!” She realized she was yelling. “I… I’m so sorry…”
    “I know. I am too. If anyone knows about being an overprotective parent, it’s me.” Naia was leaning as close to the door as she could without falling over or getting up. Then she leaned a little too far. With flailing arms, she tried to grab on to her bedside table, knocking over a glass of water. After a long pause, Aiden spoke again. “I know you think she’s too young, being only thirteen, but-”
    “Shh!” Callie said. Naia knew what was about to happen. She tried to scramble back in bed, only to realize that the knocked over glass on her fluffy pink rug would give her away. The door creaked open, and Callie entered, a mix of shame and embarrassment on her face.
    “So what was it that you needed to tell me?”
    “What?!?!” Naia exclaimed. She looked at Aiden. “You? You’re Zeus? Nuh uh. I don’t believe it.” But she was shocked to realize… part of her wanted to. That part of her spread across her face, and Callie and Anne seemed to notice it. “I… I’ve read about you my whole life. I believed those stories for such a long time, even though Callie and Anne told me not to get to replace them with the world we live in… and I just kind of… pushed them away…”
    Aiden shrugged. “Understandable. I mean, it’s not relatable, but I’ve seen so many mortals disregard what they cannot understand.”
    “I’m still not sure I believe you. Is there any way you can prove it?” He glanced at Callie and Anne, then nodded.
    He stretched out his hand in front of her, and little bolts of electricity danced across his fingers. Naia ****** in a breath and reached for the sparks. He yanked his hand away. “Not yet. Too powerful. But someday, you will be able to touch them without being severely electrocuted.” Callie and Anne shot him a glare, and something dawned on her that made her stomach lurch. Callie and Anne, her beloved guardians, were glaring at the king of the universe. They had also been talking with him like old friends, and were familiar with his… state of being.
    “Please! Don’t hurt them! They mean no disrespect!” she cried desperately.
    “Now, child, why would I do that?” Naia didn’t know what to say, especially when he laughed. “These two are old friends. It’s not a coincidence that they adopted you practically as soon as they were allowed to. In fact, you never were in the orphanage at all, but that’s a story for another time.” Naia turned to Callie and Anne. “Ladies. Don’t you have something to tell her?”
    “Well…” Anne began. “We… Oh, for the gods’ sake!” She and Anne shimmered a little bit – well, actually quite a lot, and after the sparkly light faded, They were both dressed in bright white and gold toga dresses, their hair braided, each wearing a circlet of vibrant flowers. “You see, Callie and I are two of the nine muses, specifically Calliope of Epic Poetry and Urania of Astronomy.” Naia stood there agape, and Callie – or, Calliope, blushed.
    “So, right now, assuming that I’m not hallucinating, I have the king of the universe and two minor goddesses who have been lying to me my whole life sitting in my bedroom. I… just… I don’t know what to think.” But she did. Besides a tiny bit of anger, the only thought going through Naia’s head was “What. The. HECK! THIS IS THE COOOOLEST!”
    “There is just one more thing you need to know.” Calliope said. “Now that you know, you need to make a final decision that will impact not only your future but also many others. If you choose this path, it will mean you help many, many people, entities, and others, but it has to be your choice.” She took a deep breath. “They need you to go to Mount Olympus… and stay there.”

    So… I haven’t posted in a while… soooorrrrry… I have the ski key again. Remember, this is just what it is for where
    Bunny ***** – Easy practice hill; for beginners.
    Green – Still easy, but on an actual trail.
    Blue – Harder. This is sort of the middle ground, but some are much more difficult than others.
    Black – Hard.
    Orange – Doesn’t really count, terrain park (so jumps, rails, and other obstacle-y stuff)
    Double Black – Expert only.
    I don’t reeaally know what to say now… I feel like I was supposed to say something… OH WHATEVER. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged, and for those who are tagged, just know that I have some plans for later chapters that I’m super excited for, because what’s one way to make a story interesting? Take your problems and amplify them by a hundred. Byeee!

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