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    spiral336 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Miyana heard a scream that night. It sounded as if someone was tortured badly. She shot up in bed,eyes wide,sweat trickling down her back. Her roommates,Circle and (unfortunately) Via,were fast asleep,Circle even snoring slightly. She smiled fondly at Circle,then crept out slowly. Her feet ran through the soft furry pink carpet. The moonlight seeped into the room,dancing and twirling. She opened the door. Creak! Fearfully,she glanced back at the sleepy girls. Luckily they seemed sound asleep and didn’t stir. There was no sign of the tall nymphs and buzzing fairies. They,too,were asleep,ready for tomorrow’s Welcoming. But who else was awake? And who screamed? She felt all the hair stand up on her back. Then it came again. The bloodcurdling scream. Darting quickly,Miyana followed the sound,ears pricking up. She came across a room. The door was half opened and she could hear heavy breathing from inside. That was where the scream had echoed from. 我好害怕! (I’m so scraed!) a pathetic voice whimpered. Taking a deep breath,she pushed open the door with a pale,trembling hand. The silk curtains were billowing with the slight strong wind,night sky dotted with bright stars–but no sign of any person in this room. Then she saw a thick and heavy rope hung over the side of the window. Someone had escaped. Someone who had either tortured someone or screamed had escaped. A deathly chill crawled down her spine. She whipped around,ready to run–turning to face a scared dark eyed girl with straight black hair, mouth ******* with a blood red handkerchief,hands and feet bound up tightly. Getting you back was scrawled in blue lipstick above her head. This time it was Miyana who screamed,fleeing the tiny room in horror and leaping straight into her cosy bed.

        spiral336 replied 4 years ago

        comment plz

          dotofgavaldon replied 4 years ago

          DAYANG, that’s spooky!

        spiral336 replied 4 years ago

        sorry any ‘people’ not person

        jlb23 replied 4 years ago

        Spooky… But Good!

        estellinaoftheblueforest replied 4 years ago

        who is that girl :OOOOOOO
        yuss 很好,我的朋友 🙂

        megannnyap replied 4 years ago


        spiral336 replied 4 years ago

        chapter 2 Freaked out

        sephtis25 replied 4 years ago

        I love this creepy yet AMAZING

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Wow! OOOOH. . .
        Mysterious. . .
        Love it! 🙂

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