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    spitzenvelder posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    Sorel giggled as she watched the boys spar, commenting on all their poor forms or why they lost that battle to Freya.
    “And he didn’t have enough balance so thats why he got knocked over.” Sh whispered conspiraly to her best friend. But Freya didn’t respond, her gaze on Sorels brother Oliver, Sorel gut wrenched for no reason. Or maybe it was because she didn’t have the heart to tell Freya Oliver wasn’t interested in girls. Her gazed trickled over to David and blush flared through her cheeks. Ripping her gaze away she looked back to her brother, who was now gaining the upper hand on his opponent. An hour later, she was watching Alice giggle and gossip with her cliche. Pretending not to eavesdrop, Sorel sauntered past and caught a ****** of the conversation.
    “…. Think she is even princess material, she’ll be a shrub at worst.” Alice snarked, then suddenly glared at Sorel, who froze. Clearing her throat she said.
    “Anyways, she not worthy of any BOY, especially David, I want that snake GONE.”
    Sorel hurried away, chilled to her core.

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