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    Three chapter’s in one day. WHOOOOOHOOOOO

    9: Sophie
    We have been riding for a half-hour now as the palace rests on a hill overlooking Scarlet City. But I still don’t the girl’s name.
    “Excuse me,” I say.
    “It’s just that you never told me your name.”
    “Oh, I’m Sakura .”
    “Thanks Sakura for letting me ride with you.”
    “No problem.”
    Ten minutes later we are both staring in awe of the Scarlet Palace. I jump of her horse and march up to the guards and I demand to see my mother the empress. Both the guards and Sakura look at me strangely. I argue with guards for a little while till they open the gates and one of them takes us inside to her waiting room that is outside the throne room.
    “You will wait here until the Empress is ready.” one of the guards says.
    Soon the doors open and the Empress stands there waiting, and boy is she more beautiful in person. Her hair which is russet brown like mine just not wavy is currently in a two dutch braids that are braided into a french braid that hangs down just past the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her dress which has a scarlet beaded collar and bodice then the skirt looks like rose petals. Her skin just glows under the light. Her brown eyes widen when she sees me.
    “Sophie” she gasps.
    “Hello Mother, I need to talk to you.” With that I grab Sakura’s hand and my mother’s hand and pull them both into the throne room.
    “First off Mother I need to introduce you to my friend Sakura.” Right after I say that her eyes widen even more and she chokes out “Sakura as in Sakura Sapphire.” Sakura nods.
    “Waait, your Sakura Sapphire, heir to the throne and empire of Sapphire.” She nods.
    “Why did you not tell me that?”
    “Because my identity is supposed to be secret.”
    “But why are you here?” the empress asks her.
    “Because I was hoping to get a job in the military here as my father would never let me fight.”
    “I see.” the empress says “but why are you here Sophie.”
    “Because Kala is dead same with Brian they both died in a bomb and I came here after I found my birth certificate and decided that I needed to stop the war.”
    “Stop the war that is impossible.”
    “Not without help and I was hoping you would give that to me.”
    “Well what do you need?”
    “A horse to ride, some water, food, sleeping bag, and a tent.”
    “Make that sleeping bags.” Sakura says.
    “Because I’m gonna help you.”
    “Oh, okay.”
    We wait in the throne room while my mother is getting some supplies. A half-hour later she comes back with a backpack and says “Here is some gear everything else is in Regal’s saddle bags or on her back.”
    “Okay, thank you.”
    “Of course.”
    So Sakura and I leave the palace and start heading for the Scarlet Forest.

        freyalou replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        I love you story can you tag me

          spyingclimber replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Of course!

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        Oooh! I like it!

        agathag replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        omg this is so good!

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