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    *Warning there is bloodshed*

    I hope you guys enjoy this!
    – Becca

    Chapter Seven: Sabrina
    The next morning, I wake up to light streaming through open gold blinds. Wait, gold blinds, that is when I remember I’m sleeping over at Myra’s. I sit up and quickly roll up the sleeping pad. Every dorm floor has 1-2 giant rooms with sleeping mats, sheets, pillows, and blankets for sleepovers. I make a neat pile outside if Myra’s door and go back in. Myra and Aala have just awoken so they are moving very slowly. I get my toiletries and head over to the bathroom. I undress and turn on the water.
    A cold steady stream hits my skin and I start to clean. I use my snow-pine shampoo and wash my hair. I’m so focused with my thoughts I don’t notice that the glass has a thin layer of frost over it. But a sudden knock on the door brings me back.
    “Sabrina, the rest of us have to shower.” Yells Aala.
    I turn off the water and take my towel. Once I’m dry, I grab the shirt that I chose. The fabric glimmers just like frost, since the shirt is ice blue, I pair it with black skinny jeans. My wings bend as I put on the shirt. Soon, we are all ready to go. I put on my wedged black sneakers and grab my bag.
    I’m enjoying my breakfast when the sound of glass shattering surprises all of us. Everyone’s hand goes towards their weapon. Aala takes an arrow and gets ready to shoot. People all dressed in black robes with masks that have an aura of pure evil around them. The person in the front yells “Freeze,” with such force and power I can’t move.
    The leader takes a couple steps forwards and gives some signal to the other reapers. The reapers leap into action, they swing their swords and before I know it at least one student has died. I unsheathe my sword and flap my wings. Swooping in between people I stab and slice reapers. I don’t notice a reaper coming up behind me and with their sword they slice some of my wing. The normally white feathers are now pooling with blood. A trickle slides down my wing and hits the floor. For a moment I am too stunned to move but when I see a reaper with their sword at Aala’s neck, fury strikes me. People say things about seeing red, but I see white, a blinding white. I let out a scream and I can feel something happening to me. Frost spreads over my wings and stops the bleeding, my skin grows a thin layer of frost and my sword, well, it now has a strange pattern of snowflakes on it that were not there before.
    I am filled with fury, at the reaper, I swoop down, and I don’t really know how I did it, but the reaper is now frozen solid. I take my sword and swing, killing them. The last thing I remember is a woman who looks like she is made out of ice appearing and saying something. Then I blackout.


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        wow, that’s really good!!

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