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    spyingclimber posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter Eight: Myra
    The only thing I remember from the battle is Sabrina turning into some glowing frost warrior and her fainting. Everything else was a blur. Now I’m in the nurse’s room waiting with Aala. Several students have injuries from the battle, the worst is one other than being dead is a severed Valkyrie wing. They need their wings, as it contains their life force. When one is gone, you may as well be gone. I sit next to Aala who is watching Sabrina with a very distraught look on her face. The nurses are bustling around the students trying to help as many as possible. I get up and go over to the nurses and ask what I can do. She says the only thing I can do is wait. So, I wait and wait. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know someone is shaking me awake and says that Sabrina is awake. I bolt up and rush over to her bed where she is sitting up.
    “Are you okay?” She nods.
    “I am afraid she is a little disoriented right now but soon she will be better, in the meantime both of you” the nurse points to me and Aala “better go to Ms. Blackwell’s office.” We look at each other and shrug. Everyone knows that you can’t ignore the Headmistress. We head over to her office and open the door. Inside she is waiting for us.
    “Girls, I have received a letter of great importance. And this letter concerns both of you.”
    She slides the crinkled sheet of parchment over to us. It shimmers with all of the colors of the rainbow.
    “Wait, isn’t this prophecy parchment?” Aala asks. The headmistress nods.
    We both look back down at the paper and read.

    Champions three
    Have a journey bound
    You must protect the key
    And make sure it will never be found

    Forces of evil awake
    The truth, hunt, and snow
    Will come together and fight against the snake
    Deathly battle is coming, and you must know

    We stare at each other in shock while everything sinks in.

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