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    spyingclimber posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 9 months ago

    This is my first part of The War of Empires

    The War of Empires

    Name: Victory Fox
    Empire: Scarlet Empire
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Wavy russet brown hair that goes down to the top of her hips, light tan skin, brown eyes flecked with gold, average height and weight for her age. She has a small face and slender body.
    Parents: unknown to her but mother is the ruler of the Scarlet Empire
    Personality: She is really brave and strong. She is easily angered, when she is angry or upset she can act really rash. Often stubborn she never sways from her ideas and opinions. When given choices she goes with her gut. Not really trusting of people she steers clear. She has a very distrustful demeanor.
    Talents: can leap from tree to tree, good with animals,
    Power(s): unknown to her but she can bend blood like the original ruler of the Scarlet Empire
    Backstory: A long time ago before the War of Empires four people came together and decided to make four empires where each of them will be rulers. Those people were, Eadlyn Emerald the original ruler of the Emerald Empire, Caleb Crystal the original ruler of the Crystal Empire, Stella Scarlet the original ruler of the Scarlet Empire and, Samuel Sapphire the original ruler of the Sapphire Empire. Those four rulers ruled in peace for several years and that reign continued through their children and their children’s children and their children’s children’s children. But unease started to grow until it evolved into a giant war also known as The War of The Empires. Allies were now enemies. Now Victory’s mother sensed unrest and gave baby Victory to her trusted advisor. That trusted advisor loved Victory like her own. Victory grew up thinking that Kala Fox (advisor) was her mother and Brian Fox was her father. But that is all about to change.


    I wake up and immediately regret it. I can already tell that my hair is a disaster. I get out of bed and peer into my mirror. Just as I thought my hair is all over the place. I get my brush and drag it through all of my tangles. Once I’m done with my hair I start putting on clothes.
    “Breakfast is ready” my mom calls out.
    “Coming” I call down.
    I slide down the banister into the dining room where my dad is sipping is coffee and frowning at the newspaper.
    “Anything good?” I ask even though there won’t be.
    “Just another bombing in Brookdale.”
    “That is not to far from here.”
    “Darling, don’t you worry.”
    “ I won’t.” I lie.
    After I eat my breakfast I join my mom in the living room where she is watching Empress Selena Scarlet talk about the war. I sit down and snuggle up against my mom when suddenly the doorbell rings.
    “I’ll get it” I say.
    I open the door and on the front porch is a package addressed to my mom. I hand her the package and when she opens it she gasps and runs towards my father.
    “Honey, it’s time” I hear her say.
    “Time for what?” I ask.
    She turns to me and says “In the back of my closet there is a trapdoor. I need you to go down it and hide, until one of us comes to get you. Do you understand.”
    “Then go.”
    I run to her closet and just as she said there is trapdoor in the back. I open it and there is a lot of stairs. About twenty minutes later I reach the bottom. At the bottom there is a door, which I open and my only reaction is “Oh, Mom.”

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        cliff hanger! please tag me in the next chapter.

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 9 months ago

        I LOVE this. Can you please tag me in future chapters?

        everagathaneverhester replied 1 year, 9 months ago

        Is this like a mix of the Harry Potter world and SGE? Anyway it’s very interesting. Can you please tag me?

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        omg I LOVE this! please tag me for future chapters!

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