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    Well, my entire collection. The last time I published this was like forever ago, so…

    Chapter 1: Sophie
    She only agreed to date Hort because she needed someone. Rare visits to and from Agatha and Tedros weren’t going to fill the empty place in her heart. But it grew into something much more serious. She spent all her free time daydreaming about him, and at night she dreamed of their wedding. So when Hort took Sophie to a fancy place, her heart fluttered. Hort pulled out a velvet box, and asked “Sophie, will you marry me and be my Never After?” she screamed “Yes!” so loud that they could hear it for miles. He carefully slipped a black ring on her finger, adorned with a large black diamond. They began planning the largest Never wedding in history.
    Sophie frantically put makeup on. The wedding would take place in a couple of minutes, and she had to look her best. She had on a black veil, embroidered delicately. On her head, there was a simple black veil. She walked down the aisle in 4 inch heels, and met Hort at the alter. They were married, and as Sophie looked through the crowd, she spotted her best friends. There was Agatha, blue dress stretched tight against her pregnant belly. There was Tedros, carefully supporting Agatha, golden crown tilted on his head. There was Hester, Anadil, and Dot, looking as if they just wanted to go home. Sophie knew that she had finally reached her Never After.

    Chapter 2: Agatha
    Agatha desperately wanted a happy Ever After, but Camelot was in such disrepair, there was no time for fun. So imagine her surprise when she got an invitation to Sophie’s wedding! Tedros said she couldn’t go. With the baby due any day now, they couldn’t risk the long trip to the School; and back! But in the end, they finally went. Agatha rejoiced at seeing her friends happy. She spotted Hester, Anadil, and Dot among the crowd. At the first chance, she raced over to talk to them. “Hester! Anadil! Dot!” she shouted, and raced over, Tedros following close behind. “I am so happy to see you.” They didn’t respond quite the same way. They slowly shuffled away from her. “Dot, what’s going on?”
    “Well, we’re villains, and they think that it’s bad for our image if we’re seen with the Queen of Camelot.” Agatha flinched. She still hadn’t gotten used to that title.
    On the ride back, Agatha couldn’t understand why they were shutting her off. Just last week, they were exchanging letters! “Agatha!” Tedros’ voice jolted her back to the present. Merlin had an amused glint in his eye. “My girl, he asked what you wanted to name the baby.” Merlin chuckled. “Oh, I don’t know.” Agatha started to think. If the baby was a girl, what should she name it? After people, or a new name? Then, the name that came out of her mouth surprised her. “Callis. If the baby is a girl, of course.” she said. “Boy?” Tedros asked. “Arthur.” she replied.

    Chapter 3: Tedros
    “Tedros! The baby’s coming!” They had just gotten back from Sophie’s wedding. They had just stepped inside the castle when Agatha shouted. The doctors took her away, and Tedros paced across the hall. He waited for news of her. “My boy, calm down. She’ll be fine.” Merlin said, but Tedros couldn’t hear him. He was too caught up in his own thoughts. What if she dies? I can’t live without her. What if I’m a horrible father? And the last one, he hated to admit, but it was there: What if the baby is Evil?
    “Calm down.” Merlin said again, and pulled hot chocolate out of his hat. “I can’t!” Tedros screamed.
    “King Tedros? Your wife is calling for you.” the nurse said. Tedros raced to where they had taken Agatha. “Sir? She’s this way.” He raced in the other direction, and collided with someone. Emerald eyes, blond hair. He knew her.But he needed to get to Agatha. Tedros pushed her out of his way and raced to Agatha. Once again, he saw the blond haired lady. This time, he recognised her. “Sophie?” he asked. “Where’s Hort?”
    “Outside.” she answered. “I came on a stymph as soon as I heard. Where’s Aggie?”
    “This way,” he replied. They ran to where she was. “Sophie? What are you doing here?” Agatha asked. “Merlin sent for me. Where’s the baby?”
    “Over there.” Agatha said. “She’s a girl.”
    Tedros went over to look at his daughter. She had black hair and emerald eyes. “Callis Sophie. That’s her name.” Tedros said.

    Chapter 4: Hort
    Hort couldn’t understand it. One minute, they were happily married in the tower. The next, Merlin came and he had to take her to Tedros. Again. Tedros really had a way to take Sophie from him. But it was important. He guessed that a baby was important. But he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go in with her. She claimed he would “mess things up” whatever that meant. He wasn’t allowed to be around children? He would have some of his own though, someday. Sophie came out of the house and got on the stymph. “How did it go?” he asked.
    “Oh, Hort, her middle name is Sophie!” she squealed. “Listen, Soph, I want a kid.”
    “Well, that won’t happen for a while. Maybe next time you can see little Callis.”
    Hort’s face brightened. “Come on, let’s go back.”

    Chapter 5: Agatha

    She was beautiful. Her own daughter. “Callis Sophie. That’s her name.” she heard Tedros say. “Let me hold her.” Agatha said. They gently placed her daughter in her arms. She looked like a mix between her and Sophie. Her Aunt Sophie. Agatha couldn’t get over the fact that they were sisters. “Sophie, let me take you out.” Tedros said. “I can!” said Agatha, while struggling to get up. “You stay and rest.” Tedros commanded. Agatha focused on her daughter. She was just waking up and slowly blinked her long lashes. She looked confused, like she didn’t know where she was. Agatha got out of bed and began to show Callis around.
    Chapter 5: Agatha

    She was beautiful. Her own daughter. “Callis Sophie. That’s her name.” she heard Tedros say. “Let me hold her.” Agatha said. They gently placed her daughter in her arms. She looked like a mix between her and Sophie. Her Aunt Sophie. Agatha couldn’t get over the fact that they were sisters. “Sophie, let me take you out.” Tedros said. “I can!” said Agatha, while struggling to get up. “You stay and rest.” Tedros commanded. Agatha focused on her daughter. She was just waking up and slowly blinked her long lashes. She looked confused, like she didn’t know where she was. Agatha got out of bed and began to show Callis around.

    A couple years later…..

    Chapter 6
    “Aunt Sophie!! Why are you here? Can you play with me?” Callis asked. She hadn’t heard anything. After all, she was 3. Nobody told her anything. “Sorry, Cal, I need to speak to Aggie. But Hort can play with you.”
    “What?! I can’t- Sophie!” Hort ran off after her. Sophie headed around the castle. She had been here so much she knew her way around. “Sophie!” Tedros said. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
    “Neither did Cal.” Sophie went around Tedros and headed to Agatha’s room. Once outside the door, she stopped. “Hort, listen, you can’t come in. It can only be me.” Hort left to find Tedros.
    Knock. Knock.
    “Aggie?” Sophie silently pushed open the door. “Are you okay?” Agatha was curled up on the bed, crying. Tedros started to walk in, but saw Sophie and slowly walked out. “Aggie? What’s wrong?” Sophie slowly made her way over to the bed. “Everything!” Agatha shrieked. Then she realized who she was talking to and calmed down. “I mean, it’s so hard trying to be a queen. Everybody is watching your every move. And there’s Callis-”
    “Is Callis being bad? I can talk to her-” Sophie said. “No, she isn’t. But it’s hard to be a mother, and sometimes I just feel so sick, that I can’t even talk. Soph, I don’t think she likes me very much.”
    The girls continued talking, until-

    End of Part 1. Part 2 will be published later. Btw, I am an Ever…..

    Part 2
    The girls continued talking, until Sophie ran to the bathroom and puked. “Aggie, I am so sorry.” she apologized. “Let’s get you to the doctor.” Agatha said. They came out and bumped into Tedros and Hort, both waiting outside the door. “Agatha, what-” Tedros said, but he saw Agatha’s face. They took Sophie to Camelot’s doctor, and waited outside. Agatha saw a hooded figure approaching them. “I am the new doctor.” the figure said in a thick accent. There was something familiar about the person, but she couldn’t quite place it. Then they pulled off their hood. “Mother?!” The figure was Callis Sr. “What?! How?” Agatha said. “Sit down, and I’ll tell you.” she said. “When the elders pushed me down, they gave me a request. Either escape from Gavaldon, or die. I chose the first. You see, the Elders knew all about it. They knew the shield would fully crack. So while you were running after Sophie, I mogrified and left. I spent the time in Avalon’s safe house. Nice place there.” Agatha was so overcome with emotion, she fainted. Tedros, once again was there to catch her.
    “I thought you were dead!” Agatha shouted when she came to. “So did everyone else.”
    “Mother, I found out.” By looking at Agatha’s eyes, Callis knew what she was talking about. “How?” she whispered. Agatha told her the entire story of what happened while she chased Sophie. “How did you find us here?” Agatha asked, but Tedros interrupted. “That’s enough questions. Let’s go check on Sophie.”
    “Agatha, Tedros, and- wait, Callis? I thought you were dead?” Sophie asked. Callis proceeded to tell her what she told Agatha. “Well anyway, I have something important to tell you guys. I’m going have a baby!’’

    Chapter 7 Part 1
    “A baby? Sophie, that’s amazing.” Agatha said. “But Mother, I don’t understand how the Elders knew.” she said, turning to her mother. “Get ready, this will be long.” Callis said. “Okay. Remember Darius? Became an Elder 60 or 70 years ago? He wasn’t from here. The thing was, Gavaldon didn’t know. His actual name was Jeffery. I grew up with him. I assume you know how I left? Well, I didn’t know, but he had Mogrified and came back with me. He hid from everyone, but came to me in the graveyard. I argued, saying finger glows didn’t work here. He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I did the truth. Agatha,” she said gravely, turning to her daughter, “the truth is, at times of Full Moon, finger glows work that night and the next day. I waited, and changed his name, his appearance. Coming with the name ‘Darius,’ he looked so professional that no one doubted him. That’s how I escaped. He owed me a favor.” They walked in silence back to the carriage. “Well, Callis, how about you stay with us for a while.” Tedros said, breaking the heavy silence. At the castle, a small figure ran out. “Mommy! Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t I get to go? Gramma’s been worried. Merlin said not to worry, but he wouldn’t tell us anything!” Callis said, finally out of breath. That was the most words her small, 3 year old lungs could handle. “Cal, calm down. Tell Mom we’re fine. And tell Merlin that he should have told you.” Tedros said, squatting down to her level. We didn’t go anywhere fun.”
    “Oh.” Callis said, disappointed. She had hoped that they had gone somewhere without her. That way, she got something out of it. “Who’s this?” she asked, eyeing the person with her parents warily. “Cal, this is Gramma Callis. We just found out she lived here.” Tedros explained. “Cal?” Callis sr. asked. “Named after someone in particular?”
    “Her full name is Callis Sophie. I came up with it.” Tedros said proudly. “You did not! It was my idea!” said Agatha. The couple continued to argue, and didn’t notice Merlin coming, watching them with an amused glint in his eye.

    Chapter 7 Part 2
    “Um, Tedros, my boy, they need you for royal business. You too, my girl.” Merlin interrupted. “Can I come too?” Callis jr. asked. “Afraid not.” Merlin said. “Just the King and Queen.” Agatha and Tedros walked to the royal meeting room. “What is it now?” Tedros asked. “Your Highness,” the advisor said, “er, more paperwork. About Avalon’s safe house. They are trying to destroy it.” Suddenly, Agatha fainted and collapsed. “Agatha!” Tedros screamed. Immediately, Sophie was there. She struggled to carry Agatha. Tedros’ strong arms lifted Agatha up and gently placed her on her bed. Callis sr. came rushing in. “She has a fever. She’s burning up. Get out. Shoo.” she said. It turned out Agatha had a rare, magical disease. There was no cure. Tedros frantically searched the library for answers. “I found something!” he shouted happily. “It can be cured, but only with the fruit from a tree. It will only produce 5 fruits. The disease has been cured 4 times. We have one chance. And Agatha has to come. The fruit withers 3 minutes after it is picked. There’s no way out of it.”

    Chapter 7 Part 3 (and final part of 7)
    They began preparing for an adventure. Callis protested it. She said Agatha was too weak to go. But she had to. They met in council, with Sophie, Callis sr, Tedros, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Hort, and Hester, Anadil, and Dot. Nobody knew why Hester and the crew were there, but they were. “Listen, I have a question. Who’s going? Me, of course.” Hester said. “Hester? You? I thought…” Dot replied. “I changed my mind.” she snapped. “Um, okay?” Tedros said, with no idea of what was going on. “Well, Callis is going to take care of Agatha. Sophie-”
    “Is going.” Sophie finished. “No, you can’t!” Hort said. “What about the baby?”
    “It’ll be fine, Hort.”
    “If Sophie goes, I go.” finished Hort. “Mom, you can’t go. You and Lance need to take care of Cal.” Tedros said. “Merlin, you should go. You know where this tree is, and, let’s be honest, none of us are good cooks. I’m going, obviously. Anadil and Dot, you guys can go along with Hester. So, we have-” Cal burst in. “I wanna go too Daddy!” she shouted. “Merlin! What did you tell her?” Tedros turned to him. “Well, last time you told her to tell me that I should have told her where you were going, so this time I told her.” Merlin explained. “Merlin! You weren’t supposed to tell her this!” Tedros shouted. Merlin had a mischievous glint in his eye. “Cal, sorry, but you can’t go. You’re too little. You get to stay with Gramma Gwen and Grampa Lance.” he said gently. Then, gentle nature aside, he began packing for the long trip ahead.

    Chapter 8
    The group trudged along slowly in the Endless Woods, fueled by Tedros constant mumbles that they were almost there. Finally, they saw it. It was a tall tree, with thousands of golden leaves on the chestnut brown branches. They could see the fruit. There was plenty of fruit, but only one that could cure Agatha. It was near the top of the tree. The fruit was golden, sparkling in the bright sunlight. Tedros started to climb up the tree, but slipped down the smooth trunk, for the branches were all at the top. He desperately tried again, only to find another figure reaching for the fruit. “Who are you?” he asked. “Please, sir,” the figure replied. The mysterious person was a girl, somewhere between the ages of 10 and 12. “This is the only way to save my life. I am very sick. This is the only cure.” The girl pulled off her hood. She had waist-length brown hair, tied back in a tight braid. Her eyes were ocean blue, with small specks of gold. She was wearing a dark red cloak, and black boots. “I am Sirena of Neverland, daughter of a mermaid and my father was a human. Who, might I ask, are you?” Tedros grew red with rage. “Do you not recognise me? I am King Tedros of Camelot. I am with the Queen!” “Please, King, I am not well educated and have never been out of Neverland.” Tedros softened. He looked confused. “Who gets the fruit? They can’t share…” He turned to Agatha. He realized what she was thinking a second after he saw her. There were tears pooling in her brown eyes. “Agatha… you can’t… no…” he whispered.

    Chapter 9
    “I have to, Tedros. Can’t you see? I must… She has a full life to lead. Maybe this is her fairy tale, right now.” she said softly. “Let her… let her go…” Tears welled up in both Tedros and Agatha’s eyes. Tedros slowly backed away from the tree. “Take it-” his voice cracked. “Take it now.” Sirena scrambled up the tree and ate the fruit. “Merlin, please, there has to be another way.” Tedros was sobbing. “Please. Callis, how much longer…”
    “A few weeks, at most….” Callis was sobbing harder than Tedros. Hester, due to a change in behavior, had stayed back with Cal. She was a very powerful witch, and there were plenty of cures she knew about. They rushed back to the castle. “Hester, is there another way?” Tedros yelled when he found her. “Well,…” she faltered. “There is a stone that can cure anything, and it will only reveal itself to the person whose life is in danger and about to die.”
    “Is that our only hope?” Tedros asked. “Well, yes.” Hester replied uncomfortably. “Then we wait.” he said determinedly.

    Chapter 10
    Agatha was getting worse by the minute. Merlin forced Sophie away, saying she had to be there for the Welcoming. Cal didn’t quite know what was going on, and took to playing with the daughter of a maid. Tedros thought that that was improper, but nobody was around to stop her. Agatha couldn’t stop thinking about Sirena. She knew she had done the Good thing, but was it right? The inhabitants of the castle waited for the stone to appear. And finally, it did. The stone formed in midair above Agatha’s bed. Tedros grabbed at it, but it gently drifted down and filled the room with a golden glow, so bright that they all had to leave. A few minutes later, the door opened. “Tedros?” Agatha whispered. Tedros ran to his Queen and embraced her, pulling her and Cal close. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear. Cal pulled away. “Ew… gross.” she said. Agatha’s eyes were sparkling with tears as she looked at her little daughter. “Now, Cal,” she said. “It’s almost your birthday.”

    Chapter 1
    “Ok. We gotta have lots of cake, balloons, and presents. Lots and lots of presents.” It was Cal’s birthday, and she was ordering everybody around. Merlin chuckled. “You know Tedros, you were like that when you were little.”
    “I was not!” Tedros protested, chasing Merlin around the room. “Oh, and a unicorn. I want another unicorn!” Agatha looked at her daughter in amazement. “Cal, you have a unicorn.” she said. Cal’s eyes were sparkling and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. “Can Aunt Sophie be here?” she asked. “Sure,” Tedros replied. “I’ll send her a letter.” Tedros bent down and rumpled her hair. “I wanna little sister!” Cal screamed. Tedros and Agatha exchanged glances. “You’ll have a cousin in March.” Agatha said. “I have to go, Cal. Business,” Tedros explained. “Agatha, come with me.” Agatha hurried after Tedros. Merlin heard a thud outside. “Aunt Sophie!” Cal squealed. “I couldn’t resist seeing my niece on her birthday,” Sophie said. “Open your present.” Cal tore open the box to find a beautiful doll. “Thank you, Aunt Sophie.” she said. “Mommy! Daddy! Look!”
    Agatha and Tedros came rushing in. “Sophie!” Agatha exclaimed. “Aunt Sophie, are you coming to my party?” Cal asked. “It’s fifteenth.” Sophie looked crushed. “Sorry, Cal, I’ll try, but that’s the Trial.”

    Chapter 2
    Agatha hurried off, following Tedros, extremely confused. “Tedros, what’s going on?” she asked. “I know that there isn’t any business to take care of.” Tedros shushed her. “Just come with me.” he said. They stopped. “Was that Cal?” Agatha asked. “I think so,” Tedros said. They raced back the way they came. “Sophie?!” Agatha exclaimed. Agatha had things to tell Sophie, but they could wait. “Aunt Sophie, are you coming to my party?” Cal asked. “It’s fifteenth.” Sophie looked crushed. “Sorry, Cal, I’ll try, but that’s the Trial.” Agatha looked at Sophie. “Sophie, come with me. Is Hort here?” Agatha looked around for him. “No, he’s at the Tower.” she replied. Agatha lead the way to her bedroom. “Ok, tell me. Why are you here without Hort?” she asked. “It’s your anniversary.” Sophie let out a long breath. “Dovey’s getting on my nerves.” she said. “And that is new, how?” Agatha asked. “Dovey always gets on your nerves.”
    “Ugh. She’s constantly bugging me about how when Hester finishes her quest I’ll have to move out and how wouldn’t it be better to move out now? She also says when the baby comes, I won’t focus on my duties as Dean. I bet that she won’t let me go to Cal’s party.” Agatha was lost in thought for a minute. ‘Maybe,” she said, “Maybe you should tell Dovey how much she’s bothering you.” Sophie’s face lit up. She took a deep breath. “I’ll try.” she said.

    Chapter 3
    Sophie headed home, feeling more confident in herself than ever. She unknowingly passed by the Shield. It was open. That was because Readers were going to the school. She glimpsed a familiar face on the edge, watching someone come back in. “Father?” she gasped. “Sophie?” he said, bewildered. Stefan ran to his daughter, the one he had unappreciated but took for granted. He had no way of knowing how hard life would be without her. She could see someone running to Stefan. “Hello, Sophie.” Adam said. “Adam! Where did you come from?” Sophie said. “Your school,” he answered. “Adam got into the School for Good.” Stefan said, beaming with pride at his son. “Come in, see your family.” Sophie followed Stefan, a bit wary, but bursting with happiness at seeing her family. She stepped in the house. It was bigger and better than before. After she stepped inside, Honora embraced her. “Are you here to stay?” she asked. “No,” Sophie answered. “Just visiting.” Jacob came running from the backyard. “Adam!” he screamed with joy. “Oh, hi, Sophie.” It was almost an afterthought, but Sophie didn’t care. “I better be going,” she said. “No, Sophie, you have to meet Ruby.” Stefan said. They led her to a small room, obviously newer. “This is Ruby. Ruby, meet Sophie.” Honora said. Sophie knew immediately. Ruby looked just like Stefan. She was his spitting image. They had replaced her. Choking back a sob, she fled the town. She ran all the way to the School Master’s Tower to find all her priceless items thrown out and in a heap on the Evil side of the moat, the statue torn down. She knew what that meant. Dot, Hester, and Anadil had succeeded in their quest. She had failed.

    Chapter 4 part 1
    Agatha tucked Callis into bed that night. “Good night,” she said. “Night, Mommy,” Cal replied sleepily. After making sure Cal was asleep, Agatha quietly walked out and found Tedros. “Tedros, why did you need to talk to me yesterday? We did all the business when Cal was asleep.” she said. “First, you have to tell me where you learned that song.” he replied. “What song?” she asked. “The one I was singing to Callis? My mother taught me that.”
    “You’re beautiful.” he said. “Don’t you mean the song was beautiful?” she laughed. “No,” he answered. “Now come with me.” Agatha followed him to the highest tower. “We have to tell her at some point.” he said. “Not now,” she protested. “She’s gonna find out,” he replied. “But we don’t need to tell her now,” she said, hugging him.

    Chapter 4 part 2
    Sophie went back the next day. She didn’t know what to expect, but she needed to know why Ruby was there. “Sophie!” Stefan exclaimed. “You came back… again.” He looked annoyed to see her there. “Sophie, you’re fat.” Jacob said. Sophie tried not to wince. She had worked so ******* maintaining her figure, and Jacob was right. All that hard work down the drain. “Sophie, do you have something to tell us?” Stefan asked accusingly. “No,” Sophie said, and this time she didn’t hesitate. She ran all the way to the Camelot Castle.


    Sophie arrived in Camelot out of breath and panting. “Agatha,” she gasped. Agatha took her best friend in her arms. “Sophie, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Stefan… shield… Ruby…” she panted. Tedros tried to make sense of it. “The Reader Shield was open, you saw Stefan, and there was a girl named Ruby?” he guessed. “His daughter.” Sophie looked relieved. “Yes,” she said. “He… replaced me. With her.”

    Chapter 5
    Cal’s Party
    Tedros shouted something to Agatha. “What?” she shouted over the roar of the party. Cal was supposed to only invite her class, but the entirety of Camelot had gotten together to celebrate the birthday of their favorite (and only) princess. “I said, where’s Sophie?” Tedros shouted. “Let’s go to somewhere quieter.”
    “Shouldn’t we stay with Cal?” Agatha asked. Cal was in the middle of the ballroom, giggling.
    “She’ll be fine.” Agatha and Tedros slipped away from the party and into an old, unused room. “Sophie’s probably getting ready for the Trial, Tedros,” Agatha said. “Oh, right.” Suddenly, the door opened. “Finally, I found you.”
    “Wow, it’s loud out there.” Sophie said. “I thought the Trial…” Tedros said. “Oh, that’s over. Good won. Like normal.” Sophie sighed. “Anyway, it was nice to be here, but I better get back. Dovey is already mad at me.”
    Chapter 6
    (Note: This is in March)

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Tedros asked, as Agatha boarded the carriage. “Yes, I’m positive,” she replied. Agatha stepped up into the carriage and ordered the driver on.
    After a long carriage ride, Agatha stepped out, gasps from the students all around. There were whispers from students all around. Obviously, the students were in the Clearing for some reason. Agatha could see a board of student’s names, and 20 students’ names were on 2 boards. The students were wearing cloaks… Oh, the Trial! Agatha realized. She hurried to the School Master’s tower, only to find all of Sophie’s things not inside it. “Agatha? What are you doing here?” Professor Dovey asked. “I’m here to see Sophie,” she replied. “Where is she?” Dovey directed her to a tower in the School for Evil. Agatha went up to the tower. She spotted Sophie. She was standing with her back to Agatha. “Sophie? I have something to tell you.” she said. “Shoot,” Sophie answered, not turning around. “I’m…” Sophie turned around. “Meet Katherine,” she said.

    Chapter 7 part 1
    “Did you tell her?” Tedros asked, seeing Agatha’s arrival back in Camelot. “Um, no?” Agatha replied. Tedros sighed. “Agatha, you went to tell her. What happened?”
    “Sophie had her baby.” Agatha blurted out. “She told me to wait for it to be a surprise. Sorry.”
    “Sophie said she was coming today.” Tedros mused. “Where is she?” The pair went outside, accompanied by Callis. Suddenly, they heard a scream.

    Chapter 7 part 2
    Agatha called the carriage driver back to the castle. They hurried in. Callis was forced to stay home, as it “could be dangerous” and “she was just too young.” She protested every word of that. Agatha and Tedros hurried away, following the sound of the scream. It was a long ride, and the thought kept coming into their heads that it was Sophie. The carriage drove along a dusty, bumpy road, nooks and crannies catching the wheels. The carriage jolted, up and down, up and down. Finally, the screams were right ahead of them. Agatha took a step out and almost slipped in the pool of blood. The thing was face down. It screamed again. The scream was hauntingly familiar.

    Tedros stepped out of the carriage. Agatha had gone pale. “Agatha, is everything-” He stopped as he saw the figure. Tedros carefully turned it over. “Oh no. Oh, no.” he whispered, as they saw who it was. He pulled Agatha close, trying to shield her from the awful sight, but it was too late. The image had been seared into her brain forever. It was Sophie.

    Chapter 8
    Sophie had been lying facedown in a pool of blood, long claw marks across her entire body. Agatha looked closely, and she could see a message scratched into the dirt. If she squinted, it said ‘Revenge is served.’ “It… it was the Beast…” Agatha choked out. “She must have killed it… revenge…” Tedros pulled Agatha back into the carriage. “I’m staying here. You go back and get your mother.”
    “No, I have to stay.” Agatha replied, as she got out of the carriage. Tedros whispered something to the driver, and pushed Agatha into the carriage, locking the door. He looked on with a pained expression as the carriage drove away.
    Agatha called for her mother as soon as the carriage arrived in Camelot. Callis came rushing out with a worried look. “It’s Sophie.” she cried. Callis hurried into the carriage, locking Agatha out. “Mother, let me in!” Agatha shouted. Her mother said nothing, only ordered the driver on.

    Chapter 9
    Agatha ran up to her chambers, searching for something. She tore through the drawers, until she found them. The royal portraits of the friends of old royals. She searched until she found the portrait of Ella. Agatha wouldn’t admit it, but she missed her old mentor. She took a closer look at the portrait. Ella wasn’t alone, but she wasn’t with the prince either. There were 3 girls. Agatha saw that there was a slip of paper. She read it to herself, and almost fainted. This changed things.
    This is of Ella of Maidenvale with her daughter, Hope, her granddaughter, Rose, and her great granddaughter, Ella the second. The portrait was painted shortly before Ella of Maidenvale disappeared, presumed to be with the League of Thirteen.

    Tedros walked into the room, seeing his wife paler than she usually was. “Agatha? What-” He stopped, finally seeing the portrait of Ella on the table, and the note beside it. Tedros spotted something Agatha hadn’t seen. He carefully turned the note over, and read the back out loud. Merlin, hearing the noise, stood quietly outside of the door. “Help,” Tedros said. “What does that mean?” he wondered. Merlin came in. “It means that Ella the second was in the castle. And she needs help.”

    Chapter 10
    Sophie woke up and blinked her eyes groggily. She tried to sit up, but immediately felt a wave of nausea that quickly forced her to lay back down. She blinked, trying to figure out where she was. Then, it all came back to her. The Beast… She knew she had to remember what happened, for this could mean big things for Camelot. She was taking her carriage to Camelot to take Tedros and Agatha the news about Katherine. Then, her carriage was set aflame. She had looked up to see a beautiful woman, with hair so dark purple it was almost black, look at her with cold eyes. She had seen a Beast, in command if the woman. The woman had cackled, and trapped Sophie. The Beast had left long scratches along her body, and the woman scratched a message in the dirt with her wand. She bore a striking resemblance to someone Sophie was positive she had seen before. She didn’t know anything else, because she had blacked out after that. Tedros and Agatha cautiously stepped into the room. Agatha looked like she had something she was itching to tell Sophie, but she held it in. “There was a woman… with the Beast…” Sophie choked out. “Sophie, calm down, and you don’t need to tell us right now.” Agatha said. “Just rest.” Agatha went over to sit by her best friend’s side. “You’re in the Camelot hospital. I wrote a letter to Hort-” Hort came storming into the room. “SOPHIE!!!!!” he shouted. “I told you not to go, and you went anyway and I just got a letter from Agatha saying that you got totally hurt, and-” Hort only stopped because he ran out of breath. He went and sat in the chair that Agatha had previously been sitting in. Tedros and Agatha walked out of the room in each other’s arms, the two couples reunited at last.

    Chapter 11
    Agatha went to Dovey. Hort was staying with Sophie, and nobody had told Dovey what was happening and she was probably very confused as to why her fellow Dean had disappeared. Agatha knocked softly on the door of her office. “Dean Dovey?” She walked in to find her reading a letter with a grave face. Dovey looked up. “Agatha!” Her face broke into a smile. “It’s good to see you.” She quickly hid the letter under a stack of papers. “Tell me, how is Tedros and Callis?” Dovey asked. “I need to talk to you. It’s about Sophie.” Dovey’s smile faded when Agatha mentioned Sophie. “Where is she?” she asked urgently. “I haven’t seen her since she left.”
    “Calm down, Sophie’s fine. Or as fine as someone can be when they’re hurt… Sophie kinda got attacked?” Agatha said. “She said she was attacked by a beautiful woman with hair so purple it looks black.”
    “So that’s it then. She’s back.” Dovey whispered. “Who? Who’s back?”
    Dovey gestured to a chair. “Sit down,” she said. “It’s a long story.”
    “Long before you were born, Leonora Lesso wasn’t the Dean of Evil. Crimson Dovey was.” Dovey held up a hand so Agatha wouldn’t interrupt. “Crimson was my Evil twin. For you see, for every pure of soul in Good, there must be a pure soul of Evil. Crimson, like Sophie, desperately wanted to be with me in Good. She wanted it for the wrong reasons. Crimson wanted a castle. She thought that she could rule a kingdom alone. But, as every Ever knows, your Ever After must be two.
    “Crimson, when called to be Dean of Evil, served with me for two years. The School Master thought she wasn’t Evil enough for the job. She was fine when Leonora was called, until Lady Lesso and I became friends. She was angry at how a princess could become friends with a witch, for our family had discarded her, branded her as Evil, locked her in the attic.
    “Crimson was angry, very angry. The entire world searched for her, but they never found her. Her powers are fueled by emotion. Crimson has unusual powers…”
    “Of fire,” Agatha finished. “Crimson sent me a letter today,” Dovey admitted. “She told me that she was back, and she would take over the entire world.”

    Chapter 12
    Clarissa walked along in the Woods, discouraged after trying to talk sense into her sister. Then, she felt fairies tugging on her dress. Not wanting to rip the dress, she followed them, straying farther and farther from the road. Scared, the young princess tried to pull away, until she saw the glinting black eyes, waiting to catch her and make her their evening meal. “Where are you taking me?” she cried. The fairies shushed her until they reached a clearing. They pushed her behind the wall of bushes, thorny bushes that tore Clarissa’s dress and tangled her hair. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
    Crimson threw her head back and cackled. The young witch relished in the fact that with Maidenvale’s rulers dead, the kingdom would crumble under the rule of the young prince. The problem was, she couldn’t get over the eerie feeling that she was being watched…
    (fast forward 40 years)
    “Why are you helping me?” young Ella of Maidenvale asked. “I don’t want-” The much older Clarissa Dovey shushed her. “My dear, the prince will have no choice but to choose you at the Ball.”
    “See, that’s the thing. I don’t actually want-” The young girl was quieted as Clarissa began waving her wand around. “Go, have fun! But remember, the gift will only last until midnight.”

    Ella ran with her baby bundled in her arms. She had just found out that the prince had had her stepsisters killed! She could hear voices in the distance, the King saying, “Let her run,” the prince saying, “After her!” The king must have said something, for everyone stopped shouting. Awakened by the running, the young baby began to cry. Ella ran until she could hold out no longer, and stumbled into an abandoned house. She set her child down, and fell into the deepest of sleeps. And unbeknownst to Ella, her Fairy Godmother was watching, crying, at the destruction she had caused.

    Agatha shook Dovey until her eyes lost the glassy stare they had had a few minutes before. “I had a flashback…” Dovey whispered, clinging to her former student’s arm.

    Chapter 13
    Tedros was furious as he learned that his Queen had gone to update Dovey and ask her for advice on the woman, without his permission. It was a dangerous time, and he wanted nothing more than to keep his family safe. He immediately called for a horse, venturing out in the Woods, alone. He knew it wasn’t safe, after what had happened to Sophie, but he had to get Agatha back. He made it to the gates of the School, realizing he didn’t have a way to get in. Magically, the gates opened. He looked around to see who did it, and saw her. Crimson.
    Agatha watched helplessly as Dovey fainted, the energy drained from her body. Then, the door opened. “Agatha! She’s coming!” Tedros yelled. Agatha stood numbly as Tedros pulled out Exalibur, ready to protect her. Crimson appeared in the doorway, hands shaping ***** of flame. She looked stronger than when Sophie described her. “Your Nemesis grows stronger as you grow weaker,” Agatha realized. “Crimson is Dovey’s Nemesis.”

    Chapter 14
    Agatha dodged gigantic ***** of flames, while trying to protect Dovey, knocking her desk over, barricading the flames. She saw a gigantic ball of fire coming straight toward her. Crimson sent another one, cornering her. Agatha braced herself, waiting for the fire to engulf her. But it never did. Now awake, Dovey saw her students fighting for her. Agatha peeked open an eye, seeing the fireball that was about to hit her gone. Dovey was shaping ***** of water in her hands! “Agatha, Tedros, go.” she ordered. Tedros hurried out of the room, clasping her hand in his. The carriage Agatha had taken was burned. Tedros lifted her onto his horse, swinging up beside her. The couple galloped through the Woods, unaware of the pair of eyes that was watching them….
    Hort sat in the chair by Sophie day and night, waiting for some sign of healing. She was often asleep from medication, and one night, he saw what no one else had been able to see. Long burn marks all over her body. He had left Kathrine with Princess Uma, detesting every second of that bubbly voice. Agatha and Tedros had left when he arrived. Sophie woke up. There was a frantic look in her eyes. Sophie’s eyes met Hort, and the look was gone. “Hort…” she whispered. He held her hand tightly. “Sophie, try to sleep. I’ll be right here, waiting.”

    Chapter 15
    Tedros guided the horse to Camelot, never stopping. The horse gasped for breath, finally arriving at the palace. If you could call it a palace. After years of dedicated work, the kingdom was in better condition, but the castle wasn’t any better. They did have working plumbing TedTthough, which was a bonus. Tedros came out a minute later with Cal. He called for a carriage, and put Agatha and Cal in. “Tedros, what are you doing?” Agatha cried. He said nothing, only blocked the windows and padlocked the carriage. He got in front and led the horses while Agatha shivered in the pitch black. Eventually, they arrived wherever Tedros was taking them. He let them out of the carriage, and whispered to the water. It formed a whirlpool, one he pushed Cal into. She disappeared under the water. “Tedros, what are you doing?” Agatha screamed. Then she recognised the place. Tedros was trapping them in Avalon’s safe house. “Tedros, you can’t do this! Please!” she cried, hoping that he would let her stay. “This is the only way to keep you safe,” he whispered, a hint of sorrow in his eyes. “I’ll let you out when it’s all over,” he promised. Then she was fully pulled under the water, and he returned home, tears in his eyes.

    Chapter 16
    Agatha sat in a corner and sobbed, wondering why Tedros could leave her like this. The four year old princess didn’t know how to comfort her mother, and took refuge in the small house, away from the sound of the crying. Agatha refused to eat, for Merlin visited every morning with food, enough for the day. Agatha avoided him, sure he was part of the plan. But one morning, he found a letter to Sophie and Hort, saying what she had not. Agatha was pregnant. She continued to cry, until one day, she couldn’t. She found her daughter, and realized one thing: Agatha was incredibly hungry. She found that Callis had been saving food for her mother in the pantry, knowing, though young she may be, that her mother would eventually eat. Agatha wolfed down the food, grateful for her daughter’s resourcefulness. She curled up on the couch, Cal snuggled next to her, and learned things about her daughter, the things that she had been too busy to learn.
    Tedros knew he would have to explain to everybody where Agatha was, but he had to find Merlin. He knew that Merlin could use his magical hat to provide them with food. “Merlin, I have to talk to you,” he said, sitting down next to Merlin. “I took Agatha and Cal, and they’re in Avalon’s Safe House. It was the only way to protect them,” he explained. Merlin thought for a minute. “So, you want me to give them food.” Tedros looked relieved. “Yes! Will you?” he asked, looking into the next room for fear of someone overhearing. “You realize, my boy, that there are other ways of protection,” Merlin chuckled. “But yes, I’ll do it.”

    Chapter 17
    Callis paced back and forth, wondering when her mother would come in. Merlin came the next morning. “Good morning, princess,” he said, smiling affectionately. “Where’s your mother?” Merlin looked concerned. He was sure Tedros hadn’t realized the effect it would have on Agatha. “She’s outside. She left a letter for Aunt Sophie, though.” Merlin cautiously stepped outside, and walked to where Agatha was sitting. “Agatha?” he asked. Agatha whirled around, her eyes red from anger and grief. “Go away! You knew the whole time, didn’t you? Tedros told you, and he never tells me anything! I’m always the last one to hear! Just go away! I don’t want to talk to you, Merlin!” she screamed. Merlin backed up, holding his hands over his head. “Okay, I’ll go now.” he promised. He quickly ran back to the cottage. “Sorry, Cal, I have to go.” he said, and vanished. Callis stiffled a scream. Her one way out was gone. She knew it would be Evil to leave her mother in such grief, but she missed her mother’s comforting touch. She looked up at the stars, and made a wish, a wish for her mother to come back.

    Chapter 17
    Tedros knew he was in trouble when he arrived at the council meeting without Agatha. “Where’s Agatha?” Guinevere asked. “And I haven’t seen Cal in a while.” Callis added. “Tedros, what did you do?!” Lancelot accused. Tedros was tired of them always accusing them for things. “Stop. Just stop. You have no idea how hard it is for me. Agatha and Cal are in Avalon’s safe house- don’t look at me like that! You know Agatha is in no condition to rule a kingdom, and with all the death threats, I put them somewhere safe!!!” he fumed, and stormed out of the room. “Meeting canceled.” Merlin exchanged glances with Callis, and stood up. “I’ll go talk to him.” he said.
    Agatha eagerly awaited news of their departure, but no news came, until the morning when Merlin came with food. He pulled Agatha aside to talk to her. “Merlin, what’s going on?”
    “You’re talking to me again,” he quipped. “That’s one thing.” He saw the exhausted look on her face and quickly grew serious. “Tedros wants you back. He’s grown into a state of depression without you, Agatha. Tedros misses you.”
    “So, Cal and I will return to Camelot?” she asked. “Well, here’s the thing: Tedros wants Cal to stay here, where it’s safe. He doesn’t want you to come out at all, but he needs you.” he explained. “Merlin, I can’t do that to my daughter! Leave her alone, in this place,” she yelled. “She’s not going to be alone,” he said softly. “Guinevere and Lancelot are coming to stay. The way Camelot treats them, she thinks that they’re better off here. She says that it’ll be better for you and Tedros.” Agatha hadn’t realized how badly they had been treated. She knew that the kingdom shunned them, but she had no idea it was that bad. She went to tell Cal, her heavy heart knowing that this was what she needed to do. When Agatha went to find Callis, instead saw her peeking out from a corner, for she had been listening to the whole conversation. “You aren’t leaving me here!” she yelled. Agatha felt her heart sink. “Sweetheart, try to understand. Your father-”
    “I don’t care what Daddy wants! I want to get out of here.” she screamed. Agatha’s heart sank lower. Her daughter had grown up too quickly, a older girl stuck in a younger body, and it was breaking her heart. “Callis Sophie, listen to me. You are staying here with your grandparents, and I don’t want to hear another word about it.” Tedros said. Agatha hadn’t realized that he had come. “Tedros!” Agatha yelled, running to meet her prince. He swept her up and kissed her, a long, slow kiss. “I missed you so much.” Tedros said nothing, he was too busy staring into her eyes. Merlin threw his cloak around them, and they disappeared, heading into the Celestium, together, at last.
    Hort was exhausted, but he couldn’t leave Sophie. He had finally gotten her, only to see her close to slipping away, forever. Her eyes fluttered open as she slowly woke up, medication wearing off.

    Chapter 18
    Callis sulked in the corner until her grandmother came in with a large, cherry red storybook. Cal recognised it immediately. It was The Tale of Sophie and Agatha. “Don’t tell your mother, okay?” Guinevere whispered. “I thought it might cheer you up.” She opened the book and a portal appeared, transporting Callis into the one storybook she was never allowed to read…

    Callis was amazed by her mother’s story, and confused by the part where Agatha had doubted her role as Queen. Her mother had always seemed so fearless and confident. Perhaps the story had more layers than expected…
    “You did what?!” Agatha shouted, arriving to check on her daughter, finding her nowhere, and learning that she was in The Tale of Sophie and Agatha, the book she was forbidden to read. Agatha knew what was in the book, and she didn’t want her daughter learning about her past. “I thought it might cheer her up,” Guinevere answered meekly. “She was depressed. It’s not healthy at her age.” Agatha was furious. “You deliberately went against my best wishes, and showed her my past? She’ll be scarred for life! She’ll never look at us in the same way again!” Tedros came in and put a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “Agatha, maybe it’s for the best. We can’t hide it from her any longer.” Agatha’s face softened. “I thought I could tell her when she was old enough to understand, when she was ready… no, when I was ready. I’m not ready for her to know. Do you know the nightmares I’ve had, falling asleep to be back at that place, Sophie a witch?” Tedros knew it wasn’t the best time, but he chuckled. “Yes, you wake the entire castle up, love.” She buried her face in his shoulder and punched him. “We best be getting back now,” Tedros said. “Oh, and Mother?” Guinevere turned her head up. “Callis never sees that book again.”

    Chapter 19
    “We need to get Callis out of there,” Agatha told Tedros, after arriving at Camelot. “She’s safer there!” Tedros argued. “I don’t want her knowing anything else! I’m not sure if I can trust your parents!” Agatha retorted. “Lancelot is not my father!” Tedros yelled. “Don’t you think I want Callis out of there as much as you do? Especially since your mother is going back to Netherwood?!” Agatha looked surprised. “What?” she said. Tedros smacked his hand against his head in frustration. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you yet,” he said. “She wanted to tell you at a better time… it just slipped out…”
    “You’re going back to Netherwood?” Agatha asked, seeing her mother in the hallway. “And you didn’t tell me?” Callis sighed. “Agatha, I don’t belong here. I’m going to find my family. Don’t you think I want to see them again? I lived with my mother and sister. I’m not coming back to Camelot.”
    “I’ll miss you so much,” Agatha whispered. “I’ll miss you more,” Callis replied, stroking her daughter’s hair.

    Chapter 20
    Agatha had put all thoughts of Ella of Maidenvale out of her mind, but now, with nothing to do, for Tedros was commanding the Army, she kept returning to the thought that Ella the Second was in the castle, or in Camelot, and she needed her help. Mulling this over in the royal garden, the one thing that didn’t die over the years, her thoughts were interrupted by heavy footsteps. She looked up, about to yell at Tedros, and discovered that it wasn’t Tedros at all. Fear formed in her eyes. “How did you get here?” she whispered.
    Ella walked into Camelot’s gardens, amazed at the beauty. She saw a figure on a bench, looking into the distance with a dazed look. She was about to jump behind a tree, but then saw the black hair and bug eyes. She ran over, relieved, but then the person looked up. Ella could see the fear in her eyes. “How did you get here?” she whispered.

    Chapter 21
    Agatha was frantic. Bumping into Tedros in the hallway, her long scroll unfurled, the end stopping a few feet away. She scurried to pick up the papers she had dropped, relaxing only when Tedros put his hand on her shoulder. “Agatha,” he said, “what are you doing? Calm down.” Agatha sighed. “Tedros, there’s so much to do! Study-abroad students are coming soon, and none of the guest rooms are ready, Sophie’s going to stop sending us students, Ella wants a job, and-” Tedros cut her off. “Merlin’s been taking care of the study-abroad program, Ella was hired as a maid, she cleaned out all the guest rooms, and-” he peered at her list “-nobody has heard a thing about Crimson for the past weeks. Sophie is safe, your mother is almost to Netherwood, and Mother says Callis is fine.” Tedros sighed at her long list of worries. “Most of those things have been taken care of, Agatha, okay? Just rest.” Tedros had been feeling overwhelmed himself, but with their second child on the way, he felt as if Agatha shouldn’t be over-exerting herself. Lost in his thoughts, the young king gazed into space, interrupted only by the sound of trumpets.

    Chapter 22
    Agatha and Tedros hurried outside, confused as to what the trumpets were for. Then, they saw the carriages, SGE’s swans on the sides. The tops of the carriages were open, and a young prince waved at the people of Camelot, his hand clutching his princess’. A large smile on his face, he was sure of their love. Unlike her and Tedros at that age, thought Agatha bitterly. Tedros must have been having the same thought, for he stepped up beside her. “Presenting Adam of Woods Beyond and Sirena of Neverland!” the trumpeter exclaimed. Agatha’s face softened as she remembered Adam, Stefan’s son and Sophie and her half brother from Gavaldon. It was no wonder he was Good. Then, the second name, too, registered itself in her mind. Sirena. The name echoed itself in her ears as her knees buckled and she crumpled to the ground.

    Chapter 23
    Sirena didn’t realize that they were going to Camelot until is was too late. Adam had convinced her to join his study-abroad program, claiming he knew a person that ran it. They almost didn’t get to go, with loads of other students entering, but they got in, and by the time Sirena realized they were going to Camelot, it was too late. By the time they got there, she realized it might not be so bad; surely Queen Agatha knew they were coming. Indeed, Agatha’s face softened as she heard the names, remembering Sophie’s (and her) brother, but then on her face there dawned a look of recognition, and Sirena was helplessly watching as the young queen crumpled to the ground…

    Chapter 24 (I think)
    *A/N: Sorry this took so long, I had an entire notebook, but now I’m going into a whole new direction*
    When Agatha came to, Tedros was standing over her, pacing. “Tedros? What’s going on?” she asked. Tedros couldn’t bring himself to quite look at her. “I need to go,” he said gruffly. “Out of here. Away. For a long time.” Tears quickly started to form in Agatha’s eyes. “What about your kingdom? What about your family, Tedros? Why would you leave Callis, your precious daughter?” She struggled to get up. “Don’t you understand, Agatha? We’re so young. Callis was a mistake. We’re 22. We were 18 when she was born. We don’t know how to be parents! We aren’t ready.” Agatha looked up, tears streaming down her face. “No. I don’t believe you. The Tedros I know would never do this to his family. Maybe… maybe you should leave.” Tedros stormed out of the room, pushing past a small figure neither had noticed huddled in the doorway, a small figure with long black hair and green eyes. Before he left, Agatha was able to meet his eyes once. They were not his normal shade- they were bright red.

    Chapter 25
    “You IDIOTIC *****!” Crimson screamed for lack of a better word to use in trying to keep this under PG. “How could you do that? We were SO CLOSE. RIGHT THERE. And you went and ruined everything!” The small figure she was screaming at winced. ‘But, but, ma’am, the Queen is right where we want her. Right there, ma’am.” Crimson whipped her new whipping boy- Tedros. “You let her see your eyes! Now if we possess him again and he goes back, the first thing she checks will be HIS EYES, *****! She’s where we want her, but there’s nobody in the castle to finish the job!” The figure cowered. “I am sorry, ma’am, truly, but all we need is more time to position someone else inside the palace.”
    “Sorry doesn’t cut it,” Crimson snapped. “Nobody else we position will get as close to her as he could! Now go whine in your room or I’ll reveal to Mother that you didn’t die after all!” He nodded and stood up, revealing his leathery tail and wings. “Yes, sister……”
    “Callis?” Agatha asked, looking up. “Baby, when did you get back?” The child came and sat on her mother’s bed. “Merlin brought me back. Momma? Is Daddy coming back?” Agatha nearly broke into a fresh round of tears. “I don’t know, baby. Daddy has some… things going on right now. But he’ll be back when he can. He’ll be back when he can.” Stay strong. Do it for Camelot. They need a queen. Do it for Callis. Do it for Callis.
    This is for all those newbies who didn’t get the chance to read it from the beginning awhile back.

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