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    Chapter 26
    (I was getting impatient. So yeah, huge time skip. But it’s good, I swear.)
    *Time skip: 5 months*
    Five months. Five months since Tedros left. Five months since Guinevere, Callis, and Lancelot came back. Five months of mourning. But the festival was needed. It would show Camelot she was done mourning. She was ready to rise up and be their queen. She just couldn’t give up hope that Tedros would come back. But now, that hope was weighing her down, filling her with endless possibilities that may never come true. That hadn’t come true, in the past five months…
    He ran. Towards the palace gates, towards Agatha. He had done it. He had made it out. He was ready to see her, ready to apologize, ready to be hers again in every aspect of his being. But an unwelcome sight awaited him at the palace gates…
    Knocking softly, Guinevere opened the door. “Agatha? Are you ready to go?” Noticing Agatha was still in bed, not having touched the beautiful black dress that lay at the foot, she came in further and sat down. “It’ll be okay, darling. I’ll let you rest a moment longer. You need your strength…”
    “What do you mean I have no authority? I live here!” Tedros exploded, meeting the eye of the new guard who would not let him into his own palace. The guard looked at the man with scorn. Disheveled, *****, bruised, in need of a bath, this man who claimed to live at the palace was surely lying. “Well, then, at least bring me Agatha! She’ll recognise me!” The guard left for a minute to talk to someone else. “Sir, Queen Agatha is resting at the moment. She would rather not be disturbed. She will be making an appearance at the festival later today. You need to leave the premises.” Two more armed men came and started roughly dragging him out of the way.
    “Resting? What’s happened to Agatha? WHAT’S HAPPENED TO MY AGATHA????” His voice rose to a scream as he was dragged out of sight…
    Tedros found an inn in town and bathed, shaved, exercised, and bathed again. He looked presentable. Now it was time to follow the crowd and find this festival… and Agatha.
    Agatha sat nervously in the throne on top of the raised podium, clutching Callis’s hand. She scanned the faces but saw nobody she was hoping for. A man (she thought his name was Willam?) walked to the stand and spoke. “People of Camelot! We are gathered today to celebrate the birth of a new princess! May Princess Clarissa Guinevere live a long and happy life! The Queen wishes you to go and partake of the food and games!” The crowd meandered towards the booths. Tedros tried to fight the rising tide, but it didn’t matter, anyhow. Agatha stood up, ****** her baby in Guinevere’s arms, and ran towards the rushing crowd. She found the face she had been searching for and they collided in a hug that led to a sweet, pure, lingering kiss. Perhaps hope wasn’t that bad after all…
    Dang, this is long. Wow. It is good, though. I haven’t been getting comments lately? I really appreciate any feedback I could get. Also, chapters 1-10 and then 1-6 are up on Wattpad, so go comment and vote there too!

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