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    Chapter 27
    Agatha and Tedros walked into the castle hand in hand, before Sophie came barreling out of a room and stopped them. “Sophie’s here?” Tedros asked in surprise. “Since when?” Sophie pivoted on her heel and glared at him. “Since you left, five months ago!!!!! I get that you were kidnapped and all, but it’s been four months! Why didn’t you come back before then? She can’t keep you possessed for five months. Honestly, she can’t. I researched it. So what in the endless woods kept you from returning to your family?! Nothing was stopping you. You have no clue how broken Agatha was! This makes at least three times that you’ve left her!!! You don’t deserve her! You don’t deserve the goodness in her, the kindness that forgives you OVER and OVER and OVER! You in no way can live up to that!” Tedros gaped before his shock and horror turned into pure rage. “No, you don’t know! You don’t know what it’s like to be chained up and beaten, to be delirious for a MONTH and have no way to escape! So don’t complain to me that I was taking a while to get back! Don’t yell at me that I missed important things. I can’t deny it, but I tried my hardest. So go and yell at someone else, go be your vain, witchy (not a typo for you ingrained cursing people out there) self SOMEWHERE ELSE because YOU don’t know ANYTHING!” Sophie glared at him again and ran out the doors. “Sophie!” Agatha called, making to run to her sister, but Tedros gripped her arm with a vice like grip. “Don’t. Let her go. She’s nothing but a self-serving witch.”

    Due to the lack of interest in my fanfictions, I’m letting you guys decide whether or not I should continue. If there is a lack of response, I will put it on hold until next late May- Early June. Also, don’t blame Tedros for the way he’s acting. Bad experiences make people act in ways they never would before. I know that when a good friend started saying really mean things about me earlier this year, I became incredibly sad and actually cried once- which I never do.

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