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    srose2 posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 2 years ago

    When are the characters’ birthdays? Like dates and stuff. Also did you follow the Grimm fairy tales or the (ruined) Disney watered-down versions?

        hjannie replied 2 years ago

        He never told us their birthdays, at least not specifically.
        For your second question, I think he followed both, and maybe some other adaptations.

        thesgeturtle replied 2 years ago

        I asked Soman your second question before and he told me that he added a mix of both.

        For example, in the original Brother’s Grimm version of Cinderella, I believe she got her dress from her mother and her stepsisters die,while in the Disney version, she got her dress from her fairy godmother and her stepsisters live. Soman chose to keep the fairy godmother part from the Disney version but still included stepsister’s demise from the Brother’s Grimm version.

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