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    srose2 posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 1 year ago

    Will there be special editions for Book 6? I need to preorder it soon, but I’m waiting to see if there’s like a special Barnes and Noble edition or if I should just get it off of Amazon.

        itzmoviestar replied 1 year ago

        Just as a general question, why do you need to preorder the book so soon? I find that the regular editions never sell out (or if they do, it happens less than a month before it releases, not this far in advance) and special editions can’t exactly sell out before they release (they do sell out quickly, it’s true).
        I’m not Soman, but to answer your question my guess is in two+ months a special edition will be launched. I’m just pulling that out of the air though, if you want a better estimate you could look at EverNever TV episodes to see the difference between when they announce the special editions and the release date of past books.

          srose2 replied 12 months ago

          Problem is, yt is blocked for me so I can’t see them. And I want to pre order the book before I lose my gift cards or one of my siblings steals them

          itzmoviestar replied 12 months ago

          Oh, that makes sense.

        spiritdream1112 replied 12 months ago

        Hmmm, the last two books had Barnes & Noble and Target exclusives, so there’s a decent chance the OTK will also have them. This is a guess based on QfG and CoT and may not be right but the if OTK has exclusives B&N’s might have a themed poster(? I don’t actually know what it is, it’s a picture, I don’t know if it’s actually removable though) while the Target one might have a scrapped chapter or two. Again this is all just a guess based on the books track record and I could be completely wrong.

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